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Christocentric kingship
shares in companies
reps elected by Plebians
The Captial of Massachusetts
Greek poet and dramatist.
small instrument that allowed observers to chart the position of the stars and thus calculate their own position on Earth
well preserved rice farming culture
Société des Amis des Noirs
Jimi Hendrix
United States guitarist whose innovative style with electric guitars influenced the development of rock music (1942-1970)
founder of chinese philosopher who stressed the need too respect tradition; his teachings discussed the right and wrong uses of power
Agency Roosevelt created to help industry recover
James Wilkinson
Traitorous military governor of Louisiana who joined Aaron Burr’s conspiracy to break off parts of the southwest from the United States
Due Process
Constitutional concept, embodied in the 5th and 14th amendments, that no person shall be deprived of life/liberty/property without legal safeguards.
System developed that represented each letter of the alphabet by a certain combination of dots and dashes.
Morse code
susan b. anthony
U.S. reformer and suffragist.
Edward Bellamy
Wrote Looking Backward; said that captialism supported the few and exploited the many. character wakes up in 2000 after napping; says socialism will be on top in the end
Dr. Sun Yat-sen
Chinese revolutionary and political leader
(product derived from coal) used to burn away impurities in iron ore
Capital of Eastern half of Roman empire
the place where women and children live; its a Muslim practice
body of persons adhering to a particular religious faith
10% plan: why
lenient reconstruction policy believed to encourage people in the south to join his party and weaken democrats
When indentures expire
Freedom dues--clothes, tools and seeds
addition to the Constitution that ended slavery
13th Amendment
revolution in thought in 18th century reason and science over traditional religion
mass production
production of large numbers of identical goods.
a person appointed or authorized to act as a substitute for another or others.
1897 led by Theodor Herzl as a response to anti-Semitism in Europe- goal was to rebuild a Jewish state in Plaestine
scientific management
hiring experts to study how goods could be produced more quickly
Three districts that made up the bulk of the directly ruled British territories in India; capitals at Madras, Calcutta, and Bombay (p. 573)
Used to behead nobles and other people in the 1st Estate during the revolution
yellow journalism
type of sensational, biased, and often false reporting for the sake of attracting the readers
Andrew Johnson
President after Abe Lincoln was shot, first to be impeached by congress.
imaging used to discover and research sites from aerial views
George Kennan- Mr.X article
An American advisor, diplomat, political scientist, and historian, best known as "the father of containment" and as a key figure in the emergence of the Cold War. Kennan's well-timed article appearing in the July 1947 issue of Foreign Affairs under the pseudonym "X", entitled "The Sources of Soviet Conduct", it asserted that Stalin's policy was shaped by a combination of Marxist-Leninist ideology, which advocated revolution to defeat the capitalist forces in the outside world. Kennan argued that Stalin would not (and moreover could not) moderate the supposed Soviet determination to overthrow Western governments. Kennan further argued that the United States would have to undertake this containment alone and unilaterally, but if it could do so without undermining its own economic health and political stability, the Soviet party structure would undergo a period of immense strain eventually resulting in "either the break-up or the gradual mellowing of Soviet power. "The "X" article meant sudden fame for Kennan, who became the father of the government's containment doctrine overnight
John Cabot
Venetian employed by the English who clamed New England for Henry VII.
Treaty of Versailles
the 1919 treaty that ended WWI
Annexation of the Philippines
pro-annex: economic and military benefit, another naval base and market for American goods, helped less civilized Filipinos. Anti-annex: anti-imperialist league.
civil disobedience
peacefully refusing to obey laws one considers unjust
*Alexander Graham Bell*
taught the deaf and invented telephone
Carrie Chapman Catt
Spoke powerfully in favor of suffrage, worked as a school principal and a reporter ., became head of the National American Woman Suffrage, an inspiried speaker and abrilliant organizer. Devised a detailed battle plan for fighting the war of suffrage.
Mary Edwards Walker
doctor and fighter for women's rights, served as a surgeon for the Union army
Treaty of Tordesillas
Treaty that proclaimed a Spanish title to lands in the Americas by dividing them with Portugal
triangular trade
A three way system of trade during 1600-1800s Aferica sent slaves to America, America sent Raw Materials to Europe, and Europe sent Guns and Rum to Africa
Joseph Smith
founded the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints which was known as the Mormons
Catherine the Great
- assumed Russian throne after death of husband
- proved to be an efficient, energetic empress
- known for reorganizing the provincial government, codifying laws, and starting state-sponsored education, etc
Due Process of Law
Denies the government the rights, without due process, to deprive people of life, liberty, and property.
who has the right to keep slavery out from the west?
a list, plan, or outline, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon
-Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The two Japanese cities that were targeted by the atomic bomb.
gross national product
the market value of all products and services produced in one year by labor and property supplied by the residents of a country
stream of consciousness
a technique used by writers to report the innermost thoughts of each character
What was the name of the War between the Japanese and Chinese over Korea?
Sino-Japanese War
War of A thousand Days
colombia 1899-1902. civil war between conservatives and liberals caused by a falling economy (due to the fall of coffee prices) 100,000 people die and conservatives win.
a change made to a piece of writing by correcting, adding or deleting something
Mill Dam Act of 1795
overrode common law to require farmers to accept fair compensation for their lost acreage.
National Association of Colored Women's Clubs
Where black women became the alternate voice of the black conscience.
Benjamin Franklin's Plan of Union
Plan put forward in 1754 calling for an intercolonial union to manage defense and Indian affairs. The plan was rejected by participants at the Albany Congress.
why did poeople like lincoln?
he volunteered in the black hawk war, and he was inspiring and gave war a higher cause
Americans became incensed over the XYZ affair because
the French demanded a bribe for American representatives to speak to their government.
What did the Open Door Policy do ?
gauratee rights of all nations to trade with China on an equal basis, John Hay (U.S. secretary of state) issued and declared acceptance of policy
how was charles the 1st killed and what was unique about his death
he was beheaded in 1649 but before his death they asked him if he had any last words and he gave like a 2 hour speech
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