World Regional Geography Final exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Empire States
Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Cyprus
who is tough on oligarchs?
"land among rivers"
fertile soil with ample water, plants and animals between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
contributions: irrigation
hydraulic civilization
babylon (cultural hearth for world)
Caucaus Mountains
Between Black and Caspian Seas
Extension of Alpine physiographic system
High Relief (18,000 ft+)
Regional Transition Zone
Russia Physiographic Overall
Encircled by Mountains and Deserts
Rivers flow from south to north
Ural Mountains seperate West v. East
Lake Baykal
Volga River
Location of Al Qaida 
located in Afghanistan 
Mexican Cession
Mexican Cession- succeeded 1848 territory to Americans, Texas (not part of Mexican cession), New Mexico, Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, resources diamonds, Gold, Oil, many resources
Ural Mountains: Mineral Rich
Mineral Rich: Coal, Stones
Arabian Peninsula
Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf
Vast arabian desert
massive oil reserves
temperate climate
A temperate climate means without extremes, such as the very cold weather in the Arctic or the very hot weather near the equator.
The East is in a temperate climate.  This gives the East four seasons.
Thrashing machine
Thrashing machine used to separate grain from shaft
Major issues of Japan

resource scarcity
volcanoes and earthquakes
agricultural poverty
race in South Africa, speak Afrikaans, outnumber British 3 to 2, descendants of the Dutch

Ma, president of taiwan (republic of china)
Central Asian mountainious zone
Afghanistan, uzbekistan to Kygyzstan, tajikistan, kazakhstan
Extremely high mountains, plateaus, rugged terrain
little oil
A coast is land that borders an ocean.
Coastal areas form a landform region called the coastal plain.
What term describes a country in which a religion is the officially accepted religion of the state, such as Islam in iran
Silk Road
Central Asian crucial trade route that produced domesticated animals(horses) and crops(apples)
continental islands
islands that either are continents or were attached to continents
Population Growth during the 1850's
300,000 immigrants a year
What leaders are Sunni?
everyone except ayatollah and amminejad
An area of the earth having one or more common characteristics.
The Americas
Name the world region that was the destination for most of the slaves extracted from Africa during the European slave trade?
Political Division of the Koreas
stalinist north and capitalist south
bride burning
a major problem in India; when the bride's family refuses to pay the groom's family extra dowry, the groom's family responds by capturing and burning the bride
Chinese tactics to overtake Tibetan culture and territory: know specific strageties under each heading)
cultural destruction
changed geographic borders
changed demographics
envioronmental change
invaded with military force
destroyed 6000 monasteries, nunneries, and cultural institutions
cultural destruction
destruction of monasteries (which are culturally very significant-- places of worship, act as community centers and schools at the same time)
changed geographic borders
parts of original Tibet have been incorperated into other Chinese provinces, leaving a smaller autonomous region of Tibet
changed demographics
population transfer
birth control policy
there's a curfew
Tibetan flag can't be waved
can't have pictures of the Dalai Lama
can't protest the Chinese government
environmental change
dam construction
endangered species
nuclear waste
T/F Ma of Taiwan does not want to establish good ties with China
Creates Colonies and Colonial Boundaries
What action did European colonial powers take in order to prevent armed conflicts between themselves in Africa
Oil crisis in 1979
in response to the Iranian revolution - regime change led to drastic cuts in exports
truth and reconciliation commission 
a court-like body that was assembled after the apartheid where victims and perpetrators of racial violence are invited to give testimonials about their experiences and some were chosen for public hearings
palm oil is used in
cookie products (Keebler, Oreo, Mrs. Fields, Pepperidge Farm)
What countries did Japan want to take over in WWII?
India and Australia
What are two main physical landform regions in the East?
The Appalachian Mountains are one physical feature of the East.
A coastal plain is another physical feature of the East.
where was the third Settlement during the European Invasion
in the 1700s Jamestown Va
What is a "playback singer"?
a singer who's voice is lip-synched into a movie. actors don't do their own singing
Who is John Deere
came up with the idea of the steel plow
North Korea's famine of 1995:
Name 2 of the causes
Sucessive waves of drought and flood
loss of Soviet Union support
Russia Far East: Should be but is not an economic Powerhouse
Relative Location
No trade with neighbors (Japan, Koreas, China)
Climate: ice jams adjacent to Port
What is the Manifest Destiny
Its our destiny to go coast to coast because God told us to.
china has always had a positive what?
trade surplus (they sell more than they buy)
The climate of the South is ______ but it varies across the _______.
The climate of the south is warm but it varies across the region.
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