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German submarines
oringinal name
Great War
a German submarine.
were the speakeasies hidden?
who did russia ally with
_____ invades France through Belgium.
• The ______/_____ telegrams
• The Willy/Nicky telegrams
Big Four
Woodrow Wilson-US, David Lloyd George-Britain, Georges Clemenceau-France, Vittorio Orlando-Italy.
Versailles Treaty
1919 treaty that ended WWI
Russia, France, Serbia, & Great Britain
Battles between planes in the air
mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement:
Germans occupied northern 2/3 of France. What was left of the Third Republic moved to South. HQ at Vichy and led but a confused parliament with Petain as president and Laval as premier. Signed armistice with Hitler. Was an openly defeatist regime - known as Vichy govt. In effect it collaborated with the Germans. In reality, the Third Republic was dead. Lost its slogan - "liberty, equality and fraternity." A Free French movt under General De Gaulle moved to London from where they helped to organise resistance to German occupation. In France, some collaborated and others secretly helped the resistance.
Germany made especially effective use of these killing vessels to harass cargo and naval ships.
u boats
The power to make decisions about one's own future
what did germany have to admit
war guilt
Morocco Crisis
1911. After the French received Morocco, Germany demanded an international conference. German bullying forced England and France closer. Germany gained nothing.
The tsarist secret police which was re-established and sent to execute enemies of the government
Works Progress Administration
Designed murals, wrote histories, performed "liberal art student" type jobs.
18th amendment
said that manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages prohibited
Kaiser builds up navy (battleships and destroyers).
a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes.
July-August of 1943. Brit, Canadian and American forces took Sicily. Mussolini fell and the 21 year old Fascist regime came to an end in Italy. Mussolini tried to form an Italian Social Republic in the northern part of Italy which had not yet been defeated/liberated - but it was nothing more than a puppet of Hitler's. In April of 1945, while Mussolini was trying to flee the invading forces of Allies, he was caught, shot and strung up by anti-Fascist Italians.
Command economy
An economic system in which the government controls a country's economy.
The French used these as a desperate measure to get its troops into position to save Paris in the Battle of the Marne.
who agreed to interlock military strategies after algeciras
france and britain
Army Order #1
Issued by the Petrograd Soviet. Stripped officers of their authority and placed the power in the hands of elected committees of common soldiers.
A tactic used by senators in which they refuse to leave the floor after they have started talking in order to stall a vote
Veterans Bureau Scandal
Charles Forbes headed the Veteran's Bureau and, using $200 million that was supposed to go towards VA Hospitals, flees to Europe, is extradited, fined $10,000 and sentenced to two years in prison.
double standard
flappers who dated many men were promiscuous, and when men did it, it wouldn't matter is know as the ___
Sedition Act
This forbade the use of disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces or that caused others to view the American government or its institutions with contempt.
Impact of Nationalism
Belief that national interests and unity come before global cooperation; France and Germany fighting for leadership; Russia and Austria-Hungary are rivals for Serbia; guided by an idea of national superiority, ethnic groups wanted their own independence.
a member of the communist party in Russia in WWI
" The planned genocide of the Jewish people in response to the Jewish Question considered at Wannsee Conference in January 1942. The Holocaust gathered in intensity towards the end of the war as Jewish slave laborers became less productive and the war economy began to unravel.
(On Volga R. - Southern USSR) In 1942 German forces were massing an attack on Stalingrad which was the key to transportation onf the lower Volga River. Stalin said to army to hold it at all costs. Hitler ordered his troops to take it at all costs. Red Army led a counterattack under General Zhukov - crushed the Germans and began a westward drive. Russians on the offensive thereafter. Stalingrad a turning point. NOTE: Soviet Union lost more men at Stalingrad than US lost in whole of WW II - all theaters.
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
a signed agreement between Russia and the Central Powers when Russia withdrew from the War. Russia surrendered Poland, the Ukraine and other territory.
what enabled allies to win the war
tanks and americans
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
He was the heir of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. He was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. This event sparked a series of actions that led to the beginning of WWI.
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
Germany was forced to relax its submarine warfare for almost two years or the alternative would have been to go to war with the US. Early in the second year of restriction, Germany resumed its submarine warfare, sure that their improved subs would hurt Britain before the US could come to its rescue.
Warren G. Harding
Runs on an "America First" campaign, supporting the idea of American isolationism. Employs many of his and his wife's friends who all get him into trouble.
casual dating
pursuing only women you intend not to marry
stories or images to show a point of view
Who were suffragettes?
Derisive name for members of the Women's Social and Political Union, who lobbied for votes for women.
Germany, Autria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Italy
List the countries in the Triple Alliance.
In 1937 the Japanese used the firing at Japanese troops on the Marco Polo Bridge near Peking as a pretext to the brutal, full-scale invasion of China which then came under Japanese control. The Chinese fought back only from the hinterland. League of Nations ineffectually condemned the action. U.S. didn't invoke neutrality legislation and still made loans to China BUT also was selling metals to Japan. Japan was thus profiting from the heightened level of tension in the Western world.
Battle of the Marne
A major French victory against the invading German army at the start of WWI. In reality, lost Germany the war.
Johnson Act of 1924
Limits immigration from any country to 2% of that nation's nationals residing in the U.S. in 1890.
Dawes plan
In 1924 the U.S created what plan to help Germany pay back Britain and France in order to stabalize the German economy?
What German tactic upset the US the most before they entered WWI?
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
One of the top German pilots in WWI, his real name was Manfred von Richthofen
the red baron
GB, France, Italy, Japan, and U.S.
Who attended the Washington Naval conference?
What two major developments affected the economic lives of women?
Large-scale expansiom in the variety of jobs available to women outside the better-paying leanred professions. The withdrawal of many married women from the workforce.
Ferdinand Foch and Joseph Joffre devised a plan for war with Germany called Plan _____.
Ferdinand Foch and Joseph Joffre devised a plan for war with Germany called Plan XVII
Immigration Act of 1924
Said that only 2% of the people that are only here are allowed to come in.
Iraq and Egypt: Al-Banna also insisted on complete independence from _______.
Al-Banna also insisted on complete independence from Britain
WWI: the Americans • Germany halted unrestricted submarine activity in North Atlantic- in 19__ the Kaiser renegged a submarine warfare resumed.
WWI: the Americans • Germany halted unrestricted submarine activity in North Atlantic- in 1917 the Kaiser renegged a submarine warfare resumed
American military in the beginning of WWI
200,000 men in service; weapons out of date, few professionals; 55 small planes and 130 pilots
The Treaty of Versailles: __________ was required to accept full responsibility for the war; make territorial concessions, and pay staggering reparations.
The Treaty of Versailles: Germany was required to accept full responsibility for the war; make territorial concessions, and pay staggering reparations.
The Peace Settlement: While the Great Powers were meeting in Paris, King Faysal was setting up an Arab government in ________.
While the Great Powers were meeting in Paris, Faysal was setting up an Arab government in Damascus
The key to the Schlieffen Plan was to keep the right Wing strong against the _________ Channel
The key to the Schlieffen Plan was to keep the right Wing strong against the English Channel
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