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Terms Definitions
kcals/g: 4-->carb9-->lipid4--> protein
ease of repair
LT receptor antagonist
Data modeling tools
entity-relationship diagram
beta blockers
wierd ass dreams
low cost, long and variable
76) Currently, ________ costs constitute the majority of overall systems costs.
A) user
B) hardware
C) software
D) management
primary product or service characteristics
any electronic transaction or information interaction conducted using a wireless, mobile device and mobile networks... smart phones
Involves the aggregation of information and features simple roll-ups to complex groupings of interrelated information.
4 kcal/gamino acidscarbon, hydrogen, oxygen, & NITROGENsource of energy
other NT's
monoamines, AA;s, peptides, other
forecasting techniques most useful wen the product is new or there is little experience with selling into a new region
68) Organizations may elect to outsource because of:
A) cost and quality concerns.
B) supplier pressures.
C) downsizing.
D) All of the above.
24) ________ is concerned with ensuring the authenticity and fidelity of information as well as with identifying who is responsible for informational errors that harm people.
A) Information accessibility
B) Information assurance
C) Information accura
5) The information systems development approach is:
A) open.
B) structured.
C) not hierarchical.
D) undisciplined.
process control
concerned with monitoring quality while the product or service is being produced
What ensures all systems are functioning correctly and providing accurate information? 
A. Reliability
Risk Identification
First phase of Risk Management
 Defined: The formal process of examining and documenting the security posture of an ORG's Into Tech and the risks it faces
Break into computers with the intention of doing harm
Time-stamped information collected at a particular frequency.
Time-series information
Various commercial applications of artificial intelligence.
Intelligent system
4 kcal/gfiber, sugar, starchsource of energycarbon, hydrogen, oxygen
inhibits xanthine oxidase, useful for over producers and underexcreters ADR: hypersentitiity dermitis reversible upon discontinuation, can desensitize if neccisarym can be life thretening, decrease dose in renal infufficiency
part of Fen-Phen, increases the release of 5HT, anorexant agent,
tracking signal
a measurement that indicates whether the forecast average is keeping pace with any genuine upward or downward changes in demand
Two Deminsions of Collaboration
-People and skills
-Project Nature
27) If the inbound logistics and operations use different systems, information cannot readily flow between these two departments. This leads to:
A) a highly inefficient process for operations personnel, who must have access to two systems in order to ge
54) The global reach of computer networks has raised concerns over:
A) copyrights.
B) privacy.
C) security.
D) All of the above.
68) The supply chain ________ module in SCM packages reports key measurements in the supply chain.
A) collaboration
B) event management 
C) exchange
D) performance management 
41) Companies typically either opt for ________ control or allow particular business units to govern themselves.
A) distributed
B) decentralized
C) centralized
D) shared
activity direct costs
Costs associated with expediting activities
service guarantee
a promise of service satisfaction backed up by a set of actions that must be taken to fulfill the promise
the difference between the highest and the lowest numbers in that sample
intranet collaboration
can use intranet to facilitate collaborative efforts within divisional areas of the organization. also, can empower employees to communicate with each other and executives in a secure nonpublic forum.
denial of service
when electronic intruders deliberately attempt to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service, often by using up all of a system's resources. intruders create zombie computers by infecting computers that are located in homes, schools,etc, with viruses or worms.
t/f: Web services are the capability of two or more computer systems to share data and resources, even though they are made by different manufacturers. 
What is encryption? 
B. Scrambles information into an alternative form that requires a key or password to decrypt the information
the process of gathering and organizing information from users, managers, business processes, and documents to understand how a proposed information system should function
requirements collection
An exact copy of a system's information.
pteridine is what part of folic acid
To do actions that benefit another, "to do good"
uricosuric drugs
block the transporter responsible for reabsorption of uric acid in the proximal tubule, DONT use in over producer =kidney stones, adjust dose with impaired renal function
Venous thrombus
associated wtih stasis of blood, platelets only a minor component
weeks of supply
preferred measure for supply chain efficiency when distribution inventory is dominant
A group of components that interact to achieve some purpose.
34) ________ is software that runs on your computer, collecting information which is then transmitted to another party.
A) Cookies
B) Spyware
C) Spam
D) Spim
42) One of the areas related to control involves the consistency of:
A) business activities.
B) policies and procedures.
C) transactions involved in each department.
D) legacy systems used in each department.
11) The goal of systems planning and selection is:
A) to identify a project from all possible projects that could be performed.
B) to identify and purchase a project from all possible projects that could be performed.
C) to identify and select a pro
58) The term "hacker" was first coined in the 1960s, and it was originally used to describe MIT students who were expert computer users and programmers who roamed freely through computer systems out of:
A) curiosity.
B) malicious intent.
C) boredom.
67) Spoofing is a type of computer crime, and it is a scam that is used to steal the ________ of legitimate users' computer accounts.
A) passwords
B) company's names
C) people's names
D) None of the above.
work packages
group of activities combined to be assignable to a single organizational unit
total quality management
managing the entire organization so that it excels on all dimensions of products and services that are important to the customer
intranet training
boeing employees can choose wide range of course offering like supervisor training. online catalog summarizing course offerings, allows employees to register for courses using web browsers. helped eliminate redundant courses and standardized course material. no travel costs. employees take courses on time permitting basis.
executive level
managers focus on long term strategic issues facing the organization, such as which products to produce, which countries to compete in, and what organizational strategy to follow. president and CEO, VP. deal with complex problems with broad and long term ramifications for the organization.
 Which of the following is not a characteristic of a solid infrastructure architecture? 
C. Integrity
Data that any info or material the unathorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national securtiy.
offering stolen proprietary software
warez peddling (illegal software piracy)
Provides tools to manage the creation, storage, editing, and publication of information in a collaborative environment.
Contact management system
Finds the inputs necessary to achieve a goal such as a desired level of output.
Goal-seeking analysis
food and water mixture produces by the stomach during digestion
Social interdependence
How are you framing success in rehabilitation? Does that mean someone is completely independent or should that person get someone to help w/ daily activities?
used to be available as a dietary suppliment till the japs tried to kill us, now only 5-OH-TRP available, analgesic effects, and inhibitory
non-acetylated salicylates
weak inhibitors of cox (high dose required), may involve another unknown mechanism
qualitative, time series analysis, causal relationships, simulation
4 basic types of forecasting
Automated Information System
An information system in which the hardware and software componets do most of the work
9) The ________ is the biggest wave of change according to Alvin Toffler.
A) Agriculture and Handwork
B) Industrial Revolution
C) Information Age
D) Space Age
pure project, functional project, matrix project
three organizational structures used to tie the project to the parent firm
xbar and r chart
what applications are used for variable/continous process control procedures?
low cost accommodation
uses low cost labor, outsourcing, and self service to cut the cost of accommodation
r chart
a plot of the range within each sample
pay per click scheme
firm running the advertisement pay only when a web surfer actually clicks on the advertisement... can be assessed by metrics such as click through rate (reflecting ratio of surfers who click on an ad divided by number of times it was displayed) or conversion rate (percentage of visitors who actually perform the marketer's desired action)
information systems (IS) controls should be a combo of three types of controls:
-preventive controls(to prevent any potentially negative event from occurring, such as preventing outside intruders from accessing a facility)
-detective controls(assess whether anything went wrong, like unauthorized access attempts)
-corrective controls(to mitigate impact of any problem after it has arisen)
What includes the plans for how an organization will build, deploy, use, and share its data, processes, and IT assets? 
C. Enterprise architecture
What identifies the rules required to maintain information security? 
B. Information security policies
Which infomation assets should be tracked?
(3 answers)
Procedures, People, and Data
Technology solution to control digital content
digital rights management (DRM)
Measure the performance of the IT system itself including throughput, speed, availability, etc.
Efficiency IT metric
Hypothesis generation
What is causing cues? Why is it happening this way? Don't choose final answer until enough cues accumulate.
treatment of acute gout
releave pain and inflamation, NOT ASA!, NSAIDS (indomethacin high dose 3days/ lower 7days), colchicine
specificity of the item, contract duration, intensity of transaction costs
the sourcing/purchasing design matrix access labels
How does organizational strategy determine infomation systems structure
Organization systems exist to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives
statistical process control spc
techniques for testing a random sample of output from a process to determine whether the process is producing items within a prescribed range
intranet online entry of information
intranet provides a web browser interface to facilitate online entry of info. reduces costs, shortened time, accurate and up to date info. 
Which of the following is a great example of loose coupling? 
A. Conversion of currency
corporate level strategy to create and maintain through the introduction of reliable systems processes and procedures lasting customer relationships; concentrate on downstream information flow
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
What grown on a B12 medium can serve as a B12 source?
nutritional yeast
Ethical theories: Deontology
Right and wrong are judged on the basis of moral obligation or duty. The act or means is important regardless of consequences. Let your conscience by your guide.
cost of goods sold
annual cost for a company to produce the goods or services provided to customer (cost of revenue)
Identify means to remove causes of defectsConfirm the key variablesIdentify the maximum acceptance rangesModify process to stay within acceptable range
steps in the improve process
you must develop what to be successful with EC?
a sound business model
What are the four different lenses a business must use to look at an enterprise architecture plan? 

A. Business, data, applications, and technology architecture

integrating the value chains of a company and its suppliers; upstream flow and externally focused
Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications
Risk with dignity for disability
How are you considering the provision of environmental supports that allow, but minimize risk?
"How did this stuff get here?"
Business process must work together to obtain payment cover costs, and make profit!
location based services (a form of m commerce)
highly personalized mobile services based on a user's location. 
A.A. metabolism in folate is responsible for
1. Glycine conversion to serine and serine conversion to glycine2. homocysteine converted to methionine3. histidine conversion to glutamate (folacin, B12 assessment!)
Central idea of supply chain management
to apply a total system approach to managing the flow of information, materials, and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customer
A category of AI that attempts to emulate the way the human brain works.
Neural network or artificial neural network
when you don't have access to a secure channel for sending info, encryption is best for keeping snoopers out.
encoding messages before they enter the network or airwaves, then decoding them at the receiving end of the transfer so the intended recipients can read or hear them. 
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