YHS Photoshop Project 5 Flashcards

Spot Color
Terms Definitions
Color channels are grayscale
depictions of the tonal range
 for each primary color
in an image.
Non-destructive filters are not permanent; they can be easily edited or removed
When working with any selection
(including text), Free Transform
mode adds handles
that can be used to
create a custom warp.
What extension identifies a native Photoshop file?
Increasing a curve's steepness also increases the contrast.
___________ identifies
areas of detail in an image
and tries to maintain
those areas while scaling
areas with less detail
smart scaling mode
The resolution of vector graphics is determined when the graphic is _______
Smart Objects

layers that prreserve an image's source content

allow you to apply non-destructive image filters to the layer

allow you to apply non-destructive transformation to the layer
Colors that appear in opposition positions on the color wheel are called __________.
complementary colors
Spot color information is stored
in a ____________ it is not
associated with any
Photoshop layer.
The ______ tool mimics a
process used in traditional
photo development, and
is used to lighten
an area of a photograph
The _____ adjustment allows
you to change the ink
values in specific
primary colors or
neutrals without
affecting other colors.
Replace Color
You can use the __________ tool to draw a vector path.
A _________________ is a smooth transition from one color to another.
gradient (or blend)
You can apply multiple filters to a single layer to create unique effects.
Tool that retouches images by blending the area you click with user-defined source pixels?
Healing Brush
The Vanishing Point
filter makes it easy
to work with __________
Two point perspective
Which tool is used to select individual line segments or points that make up a vector path?
direct selection tool
You can toggle on ________________ to see the feathered areas of a soft-edged mask.
quick mask mode
When you work on an Alpha channel, the default
foreground and background
colors are the same as when
you work on a regular or
color channel
when using the pen tool in shape layer mode, what option is available in the control panel
shape color
Images with spot colors must be saved in the ___________ or __________ format
EPS    or   DCS
The white point is
the lightest area of detail in an image
Unsharp masking sharpens an image by ______________
increasing the contrast along the edges of an image.
An anchor point is ____________.
a point on a vector object that joins segments of a path
When working in the levels dialog box for an RGB image, dragging the Input Gamma slider to the right ______________
increases the tonal range in the darker tones
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