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Andy Warhol
circular pictures
The Thinker
la toile
to writeescrito
two figures
Barbra Hepworth.
el edificio
the building
A shape is
Feast of Herod
Secondary Colors
Orange, green, purple
pyramid function
tombs for pharoahs
Flat, length & width
sculpture (the thing)
la sculpture
Oath of the Tennis Court
(positive process)
- the first photographic process introduced
- it is a direct 'positive' process
- photograph created is a unique original
- image is latent when first made, and must be developed in a darkroom
- image is exposed on a silver-salt-coated copper plate
- drawback: it is easily scratched & tarnished
a well developed three-dimensional sketch, comparable to a two-dimensional thumbnail sketch
primary structures
avoided handmade & overt personality
extension of post painterly self defintion
ground or primer
a preliminary coating
Cylinder Seals
objects used in visual identification
arrangement of design elements (line, shape etc.) to create a 'path' for your eye to follow around or through an artwork
Strips of lead in stained-glass windows that hold the pieces of glass together.
Contour Line
The outline of an object
combining different elements to create intrest in a work of art
Zigzag lines
a combination of diagonal lines
to stop doing (+ inf.)
dejar de
Colores vivos/ opacos
Bright color, opaque colors
an implement consisting of bristles, hair, or the like, set in or attached to a handle, used for painting, cleaning, polishing, grooming, etc.
Louis Bourgeois' "Blind Man's Bluff" is a sculpture of
the body
Refers to emptiness or area between, around, above, below, or with objects.
Unglazed clay after it has been fired
Potter's Wheel
Revolving horizontal disk that a ceramist uses to model clay objets.
The brightest area of illumination on a form, which appears on that part of the surface most perpendicular to the light source.
determine what a column style is called
having the primary purpose of teaching or instructing
the technique of using crossed lines for shading
The supervision by one individual or group over the artistic expression of another individual or group is known as
(from the word TIME) These works unfold over time.
An artistic technique in which subtle gradations of value creates the illusion of rounded three-dimensional forms in space; as termed modeling.
atomospheric perspective
using the atmosphere between us and larger objects
positive space
area that did get paint/ink on it
Liner Perspective
When artists use lines to create depth
term referring to making clay forms on a potter's wheel
Judy Chicago "The Dinner Party" 1970-80 Art Since 1960
triangle table thing
Diane Arbus
(New Doc) child with hand grenade, twin reflex lens camera, photo of fringes of society and mainstream
story of laocoon and 2 sons being strangled by snakes during trojan war
a quality of a given color that differs slightly from a primary color
linear perspective
founded on the visual phenomenon that as lines recede into the distance, they appear to converge and eventually vanish at a point on the horizon.
A person whose job is studying, understanding, and judging works or art.
Art critic
les demoiselled by picaso
influenced by african masks, beggining of cubism
symmetrical balance
1/2 is mirror image of the other half
Open Palette
is one in which all colors are permitted
Digital Venus part 2
Exploitation of women, images that affect us are composed of pixels.
Bone Dry
refers to clay which ready to be fired. all the moisture is gone from the clay, and it is VERY FRAGILE at this stage
made of wood, used to raise the actors above the stage, and to create scenery for example a porch
A reference standard of measurement of size; size in relation to other objects or to humans.
What is Scale?
Optical Color Mixture
the tendency of the eyes to blend patches of individual colors placed near one another so as to perceive a different, combined color. Also, any art style that exploits this tendency, especially the pointillism of Georges Seurat.
__________ is both a very realistic portrait of rural life in America and an icon of American art due to its many commercial reproductions on cereal boxes, greeting cards, posters, and the like.
Grant Wood's American Gothic
vanishing point
lines appear to meet at a point on the horizon line
b) Dry landscape garden
c) The garden is framed by a wall and the building
Felipe IV en traje de caza / Velázquez / Madrid2 '31-49
Transofma modelo de Ticiano's CarlosV (emfasis en continuidad)
Pendimenti/alrepetimiento - otro dibujo
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