Plants as Primary Producers (Coffea arabica) Flashcards

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The process that transforms the vast energy of the sun into chemical energy and is the basis for most food chains on Earth
Coffea arabica
Made from seeds of Coffea arabica, tree native to mountains of Ethiopia, By 1700 coffeehouses throughout Europe Became centers of intellectual discourse – “penny universities”
First coffeehouse in North America in Boston
Pike’s Market
First Starbucks location,Seattle, WA
First Starbucks opened
Coffee is a small, evergreen tree with clusters of berries
coffee beans
Two seeds per cherry
higher yields
much better biodiversity
light roasted
212 to 218 °C
dark roasts
240 °C or higher
By 207 °C
starches converted to sugars; at slightly higher temperatures beans carmelize → brown
caffeol oil
Odour/oil released during roasting
Instant coffee
created by spraying hot coffee through nozzles into a tall room
General effects of coffee
Stimulates CNS, speed heartbeat, Inc blood pressure, constrict blood vessels
Positive effects
8 reasons (see notes)
Negative effects
4 reasons (see notes)
1st Law of Thermodynamics
Energy can be changed from one form to another but cannot be created or destroyed
2nd law of thermodynamics
in the tendency towards entropy—as energy conversions occur, potential energy of the system declines
Exergonic processes
where final energy state < initial, take place spontaneously
Endergonic processes
aspect of the energetics of photosynthesis; processes…requires input of energy, results in higher final energy state
James Maxwell
light is only a tiny band of the electromagnetic spectrum
George Wald
these are the only wavelengths life could possibly use ; The electromagnetic spectrum
Land adaptations
roots, stems, leaves, epidermis, cuticle, stomata, vascular system, meristems, seeds
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