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Terms Definitions
dependency theory
asserts that economic development occurs in the context of an international economic system that transforms the economies of developing nations so they better support the needs of 'advanced' capitalist countries. Typically, this moves men into formal capitalistic work rendering women to pre-capitalist/domestic work at home and the responsibility of producing a work force
Social Constructivism
Categories created by social interactions, depictions of these qualities as belonging to only one group of people
The belief in a universal category "woman" that is based off the idea that all women share certain experiences because of biological similarities
Any culture that privileges men by promoting traditional gender roles
Second Wave Feminism
-Focused primarily on biological vs cultural (nature vs nurture) -began to break down the very theories upon which anthropology had been built
reduction of women to the state of material objects
Traditional Gender Roles
Cast men as rational, strong, proctive and dcisive; women as emotional, irrational, weak nurturing, and sumissive
Patriarchal women
A woman who has internalized the norms and values of patriarchy
Problems associated with the Woman/Nature connection?
-associating women with nature leads to the automatic assumption that man is tied to culture -if women are indeed seen this way, WHO is it that sees them this way?-'nature' and 'culture' are not value free, unmediated categories in the same way 'woman' and 'man' aren't
Standard of Universailty
the idea that a literary work can reflect the exprience of all readers, but really decribes experience from a white male point of view
Social learning view of aggression
-These theorists look in and across cultures for evidence -They believe if males are more aggressive it is because they have been socialized that way -the behavior has been validated and even encouraged through both direct and subtle social mechanisms
evidence to suggest PMS is a culture bound system
-it stems from the impossible-to-satisfy need for control of hormones -it leads to self-diagnosis by women-the culture shapes which variations in mood and physical sensations are noticed-it is easily absorbed into "folk wisdom" that is known and accepted by all men and women
how myths about matriarchies work to justify male dominance
-the point out an unfavorable, often "primitive" past-supports the idea that men "wrested control" over Matriarchal women because they couldn't handle the power they had-DEFINITELY not accurate or supported by historical evidence at all
3 problems with idea that only women should study women
1) It is still only one perspective (female bias exists) 2) The privileged relationship between female ethnographer and informant depends on the assumption of a universal category "woman"-most women anthropologists have been trained by men in the same andocentric way
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