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Terms Definitions
permitted food
Alexander campbell
merchants land owners
"Souls, or life"
P. Henry
Against Madison
the principle of non-violence
greatest prophet of Judaism
"Mahayana Buddhism. Compassionate person who does not enter nirvana in order to help others achieve it."
a city in Punjab
"surrender or submit to Allah"
What religion believes in Karma?
what is jerome's feast day
"Ancient term for 'Heaven'. Complimentary to Di which is 'Earth'"
sitting meditation, in Zen schools.
the belief, common in indigenous religions, that all reality is infused with spirits or a spiritual force and is therefore alive
ancient Confucian book of divination (1 of 5 classics)
Christians accepted persecution for a period of time as inevitable testing by God
the destroyer, more followers than Brahma, not evil, but a good destroyer
The orientation that sresses contact with the sacred by proper belief and by adherence to moral rules.
"liberation" or "escape" forever from the wheel of samsara; this can only be accomplished if you take the "leap"
Thomas Jefferson
Life and Morals of Jesus
The Human Problem
“Humans find themselves overwhelmed by asense of our alienation or of our ownweakness and inadequacy, by feelings ofhostility and estrangement, or by a profound disquiet provoked by shame, moral guilt, and failure.” (Livingstone 211-212)
Second most important Hindu goal. Economic security and power
Christians sought a holy war against muslims for religious reasons only
What cannot be done on the sabbath?
**********************************The 4 GOALS OF LIFE
1. Kama: sexual pleasure2. Artha: Material success3. Dharma: follow the rules, be good!4. Moksha: achieve that salvation be perfect!
Right Mindfulness
Becoming aware of ourselves, thoughts, and feelings
language that the Aryan people spoke in Iran
According to the Internal sense, do these brothers ascend or descend?
know the 4 paths to god (hindu)
The doctrine that all that exists is Godand God is all in all. God and nature areinterchangeable terms.
"I bow to you respectfully." It is both a word and a gesture.
the Buddhist doctrine is also known as Hinayana; progress is up to the individual, humanity is on it's own; prime attribute- wisdom; ideal- Arhat; saw Buddha as an extraordinary role model.  More conservative!!
practice of burning a widow at her husbands funeral
A sacred animal to the Hindu religion because it produces essential dairy products to life.
"A holy day to celebrate the Hebrews' escape from Egypt. Last plague was killing newborn sons. Hebrews instructed to mark doorposts with lamb blood so the spirit of the Lord passed over the homes."
An attitude of doing only the least that is required by law in our moral life
The "Rebirth" of interest in the arts, science, literature, etc. that occured in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages was called the _
In which year did Christianity become the official religion of the Roman Empire?
380 AD
Civil Religion
A belief system connected to a country that has elements of religion
The "Wheel of Rebirth"
"samsara", the doctrine that states when you will be born again
Sacred time is____
cyclical, returning to its origins for renewal.
Appearances in heaven
“Real Appearance” The way the area around you changes in heaven according to our loves
Guy Fawkes
The Catholic who plotted to blow up the King and Parliament in the failed "gunpowder plot" of 1605 was _
What is Tianming?
The mandate of heaven.  A duty that needs to be performed
Types of Mystical experience
Nature mysticism Monist mysticism Theist mysticism
Charles I
_ was the son and successor of King James I of England , and was deposed and beheaded by Oliver Cromwell
What is an Epic?
A long narrative about the acts and feaths of a legendary hero
Many scholars think that religious symbols...
point to some structure that underlines all religions.
Thirty Years War
The ultimate outcome of the _ was the division of Europe between Protestant and Catholics
god's truth is communicated through both _________ and ________
writen word of scripture and the living message of tradition
What is the fourth pillar of Islam?
Fasting during the month of Ramadon (9th month of the year)
St teresa of avila
_, one of the first women to be named a docotr of the church, was the founder of the Discalced Carmelites, an order dedicated to perpetual prayer
What was the four-fold mission of Samuel the Lamanite?
1) Know the judgements of God2) Know the conditions of repentance3) Know about Jesus Christ4) Know the signs of Christ
What was the Savior's reaching regarding the payment of Alms (tithing), prayer and fasting?
Do it in secret and he will reward you openly
What is the Torah? Which books make up the Torah? How many commandments are mentioned in the Torah?
Torah is first five books of Moses in the Hebrew Scriptures. Books = Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. 613 Commandments
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