Charbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, and Amino Acids Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What do enzymes do?
speed up chemical reactions
What is lost in a dehydration reaction?
Water molecule
What is a monomer?
building blocks of polymers
What are the three types of Lipids?
Fats, Steriods, and Phospholipids
Polar bond=___________
What do most sugers end in?
What are charbohydrates made from?
What is the formula for glucose?
C6 H12 O6
Are lipids hydrophillic or hydrophobic?
Which macromolecule does not consist of polymers?
Polysaccharides are made from what?
What kind of linkage is used to join monosaccharides together to make polysaccharides?
What is chitin?
a stucural ploysaccharide
what is hydrolysis?
When monomer's bonds are broken down due to water
build tough walls for plants
how many amino acids are proteins built from?
What is a polymer?
long molecule consisting of similar or identical building blocks linked by covalent bonds
What is the purpose of carbohydrates?
quick energy and building material
What is the purpose of lipids
store energy
what is the purpose of proteins
speed up chemical reactions, give strucural support, storage
what is the purpose of amino acids?
make proteins and hold DNA
Why is carbon the core of organic materials?
All chemicals made from carbon which are used to make living organisms
what structure of protein is in a sequence?
What structure of protein folds or waves?
What structure of protein is 3D?
3rd structure
What stucture of protein is blob like?
fourth structure
What structual charbohydrate is found in plants?
Are charbohydrates hydrophobic or hydrophillic?
What is the building blocks of Carbohydrates?
Building blocks of proteins?
amino acids
What is a covalent bond?
The sharing of electrons between two atoms
What does Hydrophobic mean?
afraid of water/ does not like water
What does Hydrophillic mean?
Likes water
What are the main four units in human bodies?
Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Nitrogen
What happens ina dehydration reaction?
two monomers bonded to eachother due to loss of a water molecule
Building blocks of amino acids?
Building blocks of lipids?
fatty acids
Which lipid, saturated or unsaturated, contain double bonds?
What is an Ionic bond?
hydrophobic, not attracted
what is activation energy??
energy needed to break things down
What is the molecule for heridity?
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