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king herod
Terms Definitions
No one
Who knew that Jesus really looked like?
graven images were forbidden in the Jewish Law
Why did no one draw pictures of Jesus
Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin
The four languages in Jesus' Times
Jesus spoke in what language
Jesus' education was in what language
The 4 Gospels were written in what language?
a legal document used to protect the wife if she ever finds herself alone
5 days
Amount of days it took to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem
The Roman Occupation was in what language?
What were Inns called?
outside of the city & along major trade routes
Where were the Inns located
purify himself in a ritual bath
What did Joseph have to do before entering the Temple court
How many days after Jesus' birth could Mary participate in any religious rite
The name of the ritual bath
two turtle doves
Joseph exchanged money in order to purchase what
To redeem his son's life with the life of an animal and to show that all life belongs to God
The significance of sacrifice
How many Wise Men were there
Gaspar, Balthasar, Melchior
Name the three names of the maji recognized in Scripture
Wise Men
Soothsayers, Astrologers, and Seers
What line of work were the magi in?
Haley's Comet
The comet the passed close to earth in about 12 B.C.
7 B.C.
Jupiter and Saturn were on the same sight line of earth in what year
7 B.C.
The Birth of Jesus
7 years
Amount of years the modern calendar and the creator of the modern calendar were off
4 B.C.
The year King Herod the Great died
2 or 3 years after the birth of Jesus
King Herod the Great's death occurred when
Where did Jesus grow up
Roman traditions
What was offensive to Jewish sensibilities
Jewish Religions
King Herod's Temple was the heart of...
The structure that Herod wanted to outdo
Temple of Solomon
8 days after the birth of the baby
In the Law of Moses, when would the baby be circumcised
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