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How do scholars know that the author of Luke also wrote the book of Acts?
The Gospel of Luke and Acts have similar style, language, and organization. Both works are addressed to the same person- Theophilus. The similarity in the outline elements of the Gospel of Luke and Acts show they come from the same author.
Do scholars know for certain who the author of Luke was?
no; but The author is known as Luke, a physician who was a friend to Paul.
What was the background of the author of Luke? Did he actually know the historical Jesus? Why do scholars conclude he was not from the Holy Land?
Luke was from Antioch in Syria and died in Greece- Gentile Christian convert. He did not know the historical Jesus in person. He did not come from the Holy Land because of mistakes made about Palestinian geography.
What kind of Greek did the author of Luke use?
polished Greek
Who was Luke writing for? Why do scholars think this?
Luke wrote for Gentile Christian churches. One of Luke's major themes is the universality of Jesus' offer of salvation. Luke eliminates passages that might confuse a non-Jewish audience as well as exclusive Jewish names. Luke singles out Gentiles throughout his
What are the three sources Luke used to write his Gospel?
Mark's Gospel, the Q source, and the L source
What is the range of years during which Luke was written? What is the probable year many scholars use?
75-90; 85
Why did Luke write his Gospel
to write an orderly eyewitness account to teach the audience about Jesus. He wanted to show Theophilus and all readers that their instruction in the Christian faith is sound.
Who does Luke address his two volumes two? What does it mean?
Theophilus; love of God
Name the 5 common themes in Luke
Jesus as a prophet;
the Church continues Jesus' prophetic ministry;
the role of the Holy Spirit in Salvation History;
prayer, joy, peace;
the special role of Mary and women.
What is a prophet?
one who speaks God's will to the people. Prophets often had disturbing messages that called for change.
What did Jesus think he was to do as the Messiah?
believed he came to preach the Gospel, help people live freely, perform acts of mercy, work for justice, and celebrate God's presence in the world
When Jesus announced that he was the Messiah in his hometown, what was the reaction of the townsfolk?
The townsfolk were astonished and outraged. They questioned, "Who is Jesus? Isn't he the son of Joseph?" They found it hard to believe he was the Messiah.
What are the characteristics of the ideal Church for Luke?
Christian fellowship,
the teaching of the Apostles
What are the three dramatic stages of history for Luke? describe each
Stage one is an age of promise where Jesus announces God's covenant promises are being fulfilled today. Stage two is the time of Jesus. Jesus begins his preaching ministry in Galilee where he performed miracles. He accomplished his Paschal Mystery of love through his Passion, Death, and Resurrection in Jerusalem. Stage three is the age of the Church. The Spirit-inspired Apostles influence the Church to continue Jesus' work of spreading the Gospel.
Describe three times the Holy Spirit plays a role in Luke
The Holy Spirit plays a role in Luke when Mary becomes the Mother of God through the power of the Holy Spirit; the Spirit descends on Jesus in the form of a dove; and when Jesus prays full of power in the Spirit and teaches us how to pray for the Holy Spirit.
What role did prayer play in the life of Jesus? How did the early Church imitate this?
Jesus is the perfect example to us and teaches us to pray often as he did.
Describe three examples of the part women played in Luke/ Acts
Mary and other women play a greater role in Luke. Mary plays a key role in the infancy narratives. She has faith in the angel's revelation that she is to be God's Mother. Elizabeth shows fidelity to God and is given the ability to bear a child. Demons are exorcised from Mary Magdalene.
Give two examples which exemplify Jesus as a compassionate Messiah
Jesus is a compassionate Messiah when he identifies himself with the poor and lowly. He enters the world surrounded by farm animals and shepherds, showing that he came humbly.
How are the Beatitudes given in Luke's Gospel different than the ones in Matthew's Gospel?
In Luke's Gospel, he shows that the Beatitudes and woes balance each other. Luke goes into further analysis and challenges the rich to repent before it is too late.
Why are rich people condemned?
they feel that they do not need God
Describe the story of Lazarus and the rich man. What is the fate of Lazarus? the rich man?
Lazarus is a poor man who greatly suffered in his life; the rich man did no respond to the hungry, suffering man. Lazarus received a life of happiness in Heaven while the rich man received eternal suffering in Hell.
What are mandatory requirements for disciples of JEsus as shown in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man?
Disciples of Jesus need to show generous service of God and others with compassion for the poor and outcast. Those who have plenty in life must share with those who have less.
What job did Zacchaeus have? How was Zacchaeus received by society? by Jesus?
Zacchaeus was a tax collector; tax collectors were hated by society and considered sinners. Jesus showed love to him by reaching out to him.
Which was the only leper of ten to return and thank Jesus?
The Samaritan leper, a hated enemy of the Jews, was the only one to return and thank Jesus.
How would a Jew respond to the question,"Who is your neighbor?"
"My neighbor is my fellow Jew. The Law only obliges me to love my co-religionists."
Who does Jesus say our neighbor is?
everyone; even our enemies
What teaching does Jesus share through the Parable of the Lost Sheep?
teaches us God's love is like the shepherds- seemingly foolish in human terms in its pursuit of the one who has lost his or her way
profligate or exceedingly and recklessly wasteful
What parable teaches: the return of sinners brings great joy in Heaven. God loves sinners. ?
the parable of the lost or prodigal son
What is Luke's most famous title for Jesus? What does this title signify?
Luke addresses Jesus as "Lord" to describe the actions of the historical Jesus. Luke shows Jesus' earthly life the Easter glory of Jesus' victory over death, when his true identity is made known.
In Luke's Gospel, which two Romans find Jesus to be innocent?
Pilate and Herod Antipas
How does the gospel of a Universal Savior come full circle at the end? Who is granted entry into heaven?
A Gospel that begins with the lowly being the first to see the Promised One ends with Heaven being opened first to a condemned criminal. (look in book)
Which story summarizes the entire Gospel of Luke? describe it
the Emmaus story; This story includes an unknown stranger, Jesus, accompanying two men on their journey to Emmaus. They realize the stranger is Jesus as he breaks the bread.
Which two Christian practices were carried on by the earliest Christians?
The ritual of reading the Scriptures and breaking bread in Jesus' name was carried on by the earliest Christians.
How long was Jesus with his disciples after his resurrection?
40 days
Which prominent deacon was the first martyr?
/ 37

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