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An introduction to a work
Geoffery Chaucer
Wrote "The Canterbury Tales"
There are ____ pilgrims
The pilgrims are going to
They are going to
See the shrine of Thomas Beckett
What is the season that the pilgrimage occur in
The narrator decides to join the group of pilgrims and began to ______ them
Each pilgrim tells ___ stories
The ____ sets the rules for the contest
In the beginning of the prologue the pilgrims meet in____ and stay in the_____ Inn
Southwark, Tavern
This pilgrim is one of the highest ranking om this trip. He serves as an ideal, and is the epitome of chivarluc code honor. This pilgrim is still dressed in battle clothes.
This pilgrim is not what we would expect his kind to be. He is fat and is describes as a "Manly Man" He is said to live "High on the Hog" This pilgrim loves hunting and is always dressed in expensive clothes. He also wears a lover's not.
The character perhaps the most corrupt clergyman pn the pilgrimage. This pilgrim found husbands and dowries for women he himself seduced. This pilgrim is familiar with all the taverns in the area, and parties quite a but for a religious man. He is a good
This pilgrim is articulate and opinionated, He studies all the time. He is a typical starving student in threadbare clothes; even his horse is skinng
Oxford Cleric
This pilgrim is dishonest. He prescribes medicine that patients don't need so his apothecary friends make money
Is a connoisseur of food and wine. "His house was never without baked dishes, both fish, and meant, and these so plenteous that it seemed to snow food and drink is his house." No one seems to know where he gets the money for his occupation, but judging fr
This character upholds justice in matters large and small. He knows every statute of England's law by heart. He is an officer of the court
This pilgrim is a clergyman who lives in the country. This pilgrim is meant to be seen as a model of good religious conduct. He takes very good care of his flock and lives humbly
This pilgrim is very dishonest. He is a big slopppy amd with a hairy wart on his nose and a red beard. He loves to hang out in taverns and tell dirty stories.
This pilgrim works for the church court handing out violations. His face is covered with puss-filled sores and pimples. This pilgrim is with the Pardoner.
This pilgrim is the manager of a large estate. He is shrewd but somewhat dishonest. This character is a cranky, skinny, estate manager (accountant) who steals money from his bosses
This pilgrim works for lawyers aas a kind of manager at the Inns of Court
This pilgrim sells church indulgences and fake religious relics. He has a high voice, long blond curls, and very little facial hair. He is very good at convinving people to give him money
This pilgrim is the brother of the Parson. He is another truly good character. He works very hard as an honest farmer. He always prays his tithe (10% of income that is givien to the Church)
This pilgrim lives in the city of Bath and is a wealthy weaver. This pilgrim has been married 5 times and has had many boyfriends. She has a gap between her front teeth
Wife of Bath
This pilgrim is dressed in multicolored clothes, which suggests aflluence. He is in debt because he is a poor businessman, but no one knows it. He believes in the government protecting small businesses
This pilgrim dresses in nice clothing and is very pretty. She has fancy manners and speaks French with an English accent. She has a pack of little dogs that she spoils with rich expensive foods
This pilgrim is the knight's servant. This pilgrim wears a St. Christopher's medal and is well armed. He is clothed in green and carries a great bow along with is sword, dagger and horn
This pilgrim is the Knight's son. He's passionate, vain, and talented in jousting. He is a combination of vitrues and vices.
frame story
Story containing other stories
social commentary
writing that offers opinions on society, its values, and its customs
direct characterization
straight forward statements
indirect characterization
what character says, does, looks like, ete (hints)
rhyming couplets
-every two lines rhyme
-in iambic pentameter
Chaucer's other name
The Father of English Poetry
Chaucer lived an died in
/ 36

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