Society the basics - Chapter 16 Social Change: Modern & Postmodern Societies Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Social Movement
an organized activity that encourages or discourages social change; requires leadership, charismatic leadership, idealogy, structure.
Social Conflict
In capitalist societies there is class inequality that causes class conflict -KM
Crowd Characteristics
Spontanious, leaderless, contagion, conceals identity
Collective Behavior
Can cause crowd behavior
Social Solidarity & Disruption
Riots, Panic, and Mobs
Gustave Lebon
French Sociologist, "The Crowd a Study of the Group Mind"
Charismatic Leaders
are perceived to have super natural qualities by their followers
Social Change
The transformation of culture and social institutions over time
Relative Deprivation
a perceived disadvantage arising from some specific comparison
an event, generally unexpected, that causes extensive harm to people and damage to property
social patterns resulting from industrialzation
the processof social change begun by industrialization
Durkheim's term for a condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals
social patterns characteristic of postindustrial societies
openness to the latest trends and fashions, often expressed by imitating others.
Class Society
a capitalist society with pronounced social stratification
Mass Society
a society in which prosperity and bureacracy have weakened traditional ties
Division of labor
For Durkheim modernization was marked by an increasing_____ or specialized economic activity
creates change as products, people, and information spread from one society to another.
social movements are the most extreme of all, striving for major transformation of an entire society
Political Economy Theory
a Marxist approach that claims that social movements (class conflict) arise within capitalist societies because capitalist economic system fails to meet the needs of the majority of the people
of a social movement occurs as people think all is not well
Organic Solidarity
or the mutual dependency between people engaged in specialized work
Ferdinand Tonnies
produced a lasting account of modernization in his theory of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft
Social Character
personality patterns common to members of a particular society
an event, generally unexpected, that causes extensive harm to people and damage to property
Claims Making
the process of trying to convince the public and public officials of the importance of joining social movement to address a particular issue
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