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Edna Pontellier
(The awakening)What is the main character's name?
Alcee Arobin
(The awakening)The heroine has a relationship with three men through the course of the novel. To which of the following men was her attraction exclusively erotic?
Mother women
(The awakening)A term is used to describe Madame Adele Ratignolle and others who share her family values. What does Chopin dub such wives?
Receiving guests on Tuesdays
(The awakening)The heroine's husband, Leonce, is a considerate husband for his day, at least most of the time. But she infuriates him when she refuses to keep up with a custom he considers important. What does she stop doing?
Grand isle
(The awakening)What is the name of the place where the family vacations every summer?
Attend Madame's childbirth
(The awakening)The heroine and the man she thinks she loves are reunited after he returns from a sojourn in Mexico. But, before things can really get hot, she is called away, where must she go?
The Pigeon House
(The awakening)The heroine decides to move out of her husband's home when he is away. She finds a place to rent. What is it called?
In church
(The awakening)During the summer, the heroine and her constant male companion take a day trip with some of the other vacationers. At one point, she becomes faint and has to run outside. Where is she?
(The awakening)The heroine learns a skill during her summer vacation. What does she finally accomplish after so many unsuccessful attempts?
Dont contradict her
(The awakening)The husband consults a doctor about his wife's behavior. What does the doctor tell him to do?
Montel, an old family friend
(The awakening)Who is Robert's business partner in Mexico?
The confederate Army in the Civil war
(The awakening)In what army and war did Edna's father, the Colonel, serve?
Edna's free spirit is caged by her family and society
(The awakening)How does the parrot symbolize Edna?
She gives her true opinions instead of being polite
(The awakening)Why is Mademoiselle Reisz disliked by almost everyone?
(The awakening)Which of the following items is an important symbol in The Awakening?
Edna is the only non-Creole and provides more diversion
(The awakening)Despite their differences, Madame Ratignolle enjoys Edna's company. Why?
He refuses to grant her freedom to be artistic.
(The awakening)Which of the following is not one of the causes for Edna to feel estranged from her husband, Léonce?
Concerned when the children are present, forgetful when they are gone
(The awakening)What kind of mother is Edna?
To spend time as her own person rather than as property
(The awakening)For what purpose does Edna pursue her art?
Leonce to Edna
(The awakening)Who said the following "We've got to observe les convenances if we ever expect to get on and keep up with the procession."?
She never says which one
(The Bell Jar)What college does Esther Greenwood attend?
(The Bell Jar)Which of the characters is nicknamed "Pollyanna Cowgirl?"
The Rosenberg case
(The Bell Jar)What contemporary event is a preoccupation for Esther Greenwood?
Laddies day banquet
(The Bell Jar)When is the first time that Esther has eaten out at a proper restaurant?
It shows that Esther often avoids problems instead of facing them.
(The Bell Jar)What is the significance of Esther's chemistry course?
(She tells her to find something so that she can offer more than the )run-of-the-mill person
(The Bell Jar)What advice does Jay Cee offer to Esther?
Philomena Guinea
(The Bell Jar)A fingerbowl triggers Esther's memory of which character?
He is a hypocrite
(The Bell Jar)According to Esther, why is she angry at buggy Willard?
Elly Higginbottom
(The Bell Jar)What pseudonym does Esther use when speaking to Lenny and Frankis?
It symbolizes Esther's inability to choose a single path for her future.
(The Bell Jar)What is the significance of the fig tree?
People who have had sex and virgins
(The Bell Jar)Into what two categories does Esther divide people?
(The Bell Jar)Which of the following does Esther not list as a skill that she lacks?
An ashtray
(The Bell Jar)What gift does Buddy Willard give Esther at the sanatorium?
She never wants to be married
(The Bell Jar)What reason does Esther give to Buddy Willard for refusing his marriage proposal?
(The Bell Jar)Which of the following characters does Esther designate a 'woman-hater'?
She spies on Esther
(The Bell Jar)Which of the following is not true about Dodo Conway?
Inability to write
(The Bell Jar)What symptom of her depression worries Esther the most?
He contracted TB
(The Bell Jar)Why is Buddy Willard staying in the Adirondac?
Jumping out a window
(The Bell Jar)Which of the following methods does Esther not use to attempt suicide?
Simon Wheeler
(Notorious Jumping Frog)What is the name of this old man with a proclivity for storytelling?
(Notorious Jumping Frog)What addiction or bad habit do we learn that Jim Smiley has?
Andrew Jackson
(Notorious Jumping Frog)What was the name of Jim Smiley's "small bull-pup" dog?
Daniel Webster
(Notorious Jumping Frog)Jim Smiley's prized possession was his "jumping frog." What was its name?
3 months
(Notorious Jumping Frog)How long did Jim Smiley "educate" his frog in order to make him a championship jumper?
(Notorious Jumping Frog)What wager did Smiley make for the proposed contest with the stranger?
He pours quail-shot into Smiley's frog
(Notorious Jumping Frog)What cheating act does the stranger do before the competition?
I don't see no p'ints about that frog that's any better'n any other frog
(Notorious Jumping Frog)The stranger ends up winning the competition. What does the stranger say as he leaves?
He picks the frog and realizes that he weighs about five pounds
(Notorious Jumping Frog)How does Jim Smiley discover that his frog has been tampered with?
A one-eyed cow
(Notorious Jumping Frog)The story ends with the old man beginning to tell the narrator about what?
A nursery
(Yellow Wallpaper)The narrator believes that attic room where John installs her was once used for what purpose?
(Yellow Wallpaper)After long deliberation, the narrator concludes the wall-paper smells like
They believe that thinking makes her hysterical (and they do all they can to make her sleep and stop her from writing)
(Yellow Wallpaper)Why does the narrator feel she has to hide what she is writing from John and his sister?
(Yellow Wallpaper)which object has the narrator managed to smuggle into her room by the last page of the story?
Her infant baby, whose name is never given
(Yellow Wallpaper)The narrator believes she is saying which person from the influence of the yellow wall-paper by inhabiting the attic room herself?
the eyes and face of someone who has been strangled
(Yellow Wallpaper)The shapes she sees in the wall-paper first remind the narrator of
Prison bars in front, with a women locked behind them
(Yellow Wallpaper)After prolonged investigation, the narrator decides that by daylight, the wall-paper resembles "an interminable string of toadstools." But by moonlight, the wall-paper has two patterns, one in the front and a second one underneath the first. What are they?
For several months in the summer
(Yellow Wallpaper)For how long has the narrator's husband John rented the resort for her rest sure?
A massive bed
(Yellow Wallpaper)When she and John arrived, there was only one piece of furniture in the room, nailed to the floor. What was it?
(Yellow Wallpaper)What is John's profession?
The story does not say
(Yellow Wallpaper)What is the narrator's name?
He is a physician
(Yellow Wallpaper)What does the narrator's husband do?
(Yellow Wallpaper)What is the narrator suppose to avoid?
He likes that room best
(Yellow Wallpaper)What is not a reason the husband gives for refusing to use the first floor bedroom?
(Yellow Wallpaper)What has the narrator's room been used for in the past?
She shakes the bars
(Yellow Wallpaper)What does the woman do at night within the wallpaper?
(Yellow Wallpaper)With what diminutive does John frequently refer to the narrator?
(Yellow Wallpaper)Who officially decides what the narrator should do during the day?
(Yellow Wallpaper)What word does the narrator frequently use to describe the movement of the woman in the wallpaper?
By moonlight
(Yellow Wallpaper)When is the woman most visible in the wallpaper?
the butter churn top and dasher, a bench, and grandma Dee's quilt
(Everyday Use)Dee demands to take various household objects with her to decorate her apartment, including
the mother takes the quilts from Dee and gives them to Maggie
(Everyday Use)The climax occurs when
a greeting sometimes used by Arabic speakers
(Everyday Use) "Asalamalakim" is
All of the above(They are art objects, meant to cover the marriage bed; they represent family and the continuity of women's)
(Everyday Use)What do the quilts mean as objects central to the story?
Old South Georgia
(Everyday Use) "Everyday Use" is set in
Jonny Carson
(Everyday Use)Which late-night television personality appears in the story?
The mother
(Everyday Use)Who is the narrator?
All of the above(Alice walker was herself the daughter of Southern sharecroppers, walker was deserted by her older, educated sister, Mollie, the 1970's, when the story was written, were a time of black nationalism)
(Everyday Use)To understand the historical/biographical dimensions of "everyday use," it helps to know that
Maggie smiles
(Everyday Use)At the end, Dee tells her mother and sister they don't understand their "heritage," and departs with sunglasses on, what happens next?
Materialistic, complex, and modern
(Everyday Use)How would you describe Dee?
different; dissimilar
having a negative effect; insulting
impressive; showy; magnificent
to pollute; to corrupt
damnation; ruin; hell
to come forth; to send forth
flight; escape
a model; an example
strong dislike; bitter hostility
to retreat; to draw back
slight of hand; deception
to place side-by-side for comparison
complaining; grumbling
to lower oneself before an inferior
understanding and entering into another's feelings
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