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What 19th century English actor managed the Lyceum Theatre in 1878-1898?
Henry Irving
What melodrama play about a man who confesses under hypnosis to the murder of a Jewish peddler is considered to be Henry Irving's most popular acting success?
The Bells
What American dramatist wrote ten plays, of which only 5 survived, including a comedy of manners play, Tears and Smiles (1807)?
James Nelson Barker
This riot, that took place in Manhattan in 1849, stemmed from a rivalry between two actors Edwin Forrest and William Charles Macready.
The Astor Place Riot
Who was Scotland's favorite poet as well as a pioneer for Romanitic movement?
Robert Burns
Which opium smoking English Romanticist was famous for penning his famous poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and his play Remorse?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Which western theatrical show featured performers with expertise in shooting, lassoing, and riding; it was also was one of the most ethnically diverse theatres of its time?
Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show
Which actress, originally trained as an opera singer, was the first native-born American to win international fame?
Charlotte Cushman
_________ was the most successful of the romantic poets in the theatre. Not only did he write more plays, but more were suited to the stage.
Lord Byron
This famous English actress came from a large family of actors. She was named Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1925. Known for her excellent sense of timing and a masterful command of movement and speech.
Ellen Terry
Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known by his pen name ___________, was an American author and humorist. He is most noted for his novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Mark Twain
Which English comedy writer worked primarily with Arthur Sullivan, and produced many popular operas, such as The Pirates of Penzance?
William Gilbert
_____________ is a stock character, usually portrayed as an Enlightened or civilized native, and was often used to help represent the true nature of man.
The Noble Savage
Who, though he was one the best poetic dramatists of the time, did not see his plays The Cenci and Prometheus Unbound acted until near the end of the century?
Percy Shelley
Which English manager played a key role in laying the foundation for the order and recovery of theatre in the 1830s, and was also influential in convincing Bulwer-Lytton to switch to playwriting and is partially credited for the success of Lytton's plays
William Charles Macready
Which group of people, wanting to create new dramas, was heavily influenced by Charles Darwin and his book The Origin of Species?
French Naturalists
Which American actress ran her own theater in New York and actually cradled President Lincoln's head as he lay dying?
Laura Keene
Which American actor, playwright, director, inventor, designer, and teacher started the American Academy of Dramatic Art?
Steele MacKaye
Sister of John Philip Kemble, this actress was a renowned classical actor and was the undisputed "queen of tragedy" until her retirement in 1812.
Sara Siddons
This playwright wrote a comedy of manners, Fashion (1845), that depicted the values of hardworking America as more honest than the social pretensions of Europe.
Ana Cora Mowatt
What song and dance was performed by white actor Thomas D. Rice in blackface?
Jump Jim Crow
Which Romantic-era American writer wrote the classic novel The Scarlet Letter?
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Which performance genre makes fun of opera or ballet by creating a comic parody, usually risque in style?
Which theatre was built as a place to showcase the comic operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan?
Savoy Theatre
Who was the only African-American, whose career thrived in England, who recieved a bronze plaque at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre?
Ira Aldridge
This man is considered by some historians the greatest American actor. He also founded a theatre that he named after himself. This man is ?
Edwin Booth
Who built the Savory Theatre in 1881 to house Gilbert and Sullivan's plays?
Richard D'oyly-carte
Frank S. Chanfrau spent the majorty of his acting career play what good-natured roughneck/volunteer fireman/popular and loveable city-boy?
Moes the Bowery Boy
Inheriting the throne at the age of 18, this monarch reigned for almost 64 years, longer than any other British monarch and longer than any woman in history. She is ?
Queen Victoria
When burlesque was taken over by comic opera in England, which composer was part of the duo that wrote Pygmalion and Galatea?
Arthur Sullivan
Which American actor managed theatres and later became the first major actor to play in California?
Junius Brutus Booth
Which American actor came from a line of famous actors and at age 17 had a debut role as the Earl of Richmond in Richard III?
John Wilkes Booth
Becoming an acting manager for Drury Lane in 1788, the English theatre maintained stability in the early 1800's largely due to this person.
John Philip Kemble
His play, The Borderers, was neo-Elizabthean in subject matter
William Wordsworth
One of the first notable American authors, he wrote the The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle
Washington Irving
This Broadway show, written by Charles M. Barras, is considered the "first piece of musical theatre that conforms to the modern notion of a 'book musical'".
The Black Crook
This actor, who portrayed blackface caricatures of African Americans, sheltered shunned actors in his summer house near Philadelphia after the assassination of President Lincoln.
Edwin Forrest
While visiting New York City in 1842, this writer lectured to gain support for copyright laws and attended a ball held in his honor at the Park Theatre in Manhattan.
Charles Dickens
What Scottish poet wrote Ivanhoe and popularized historical romance?
Sir Walter Scott
The leader of the Transcendental movement and author of the Concord Hymn?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Who is the American author known for his Gothic writing style that was a reaction to Transcendentalism?
Edgar Allen Poe
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