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why is Reverend John Hale summoned?
he is an expert on witchcraft and can help Salem
which of the following significant events occurs after the play begins?
a group of girls dances in the forest
the setting of the play is
salem,massachusetts, 1692
which of the following best describes john proctor?
intelligent and independent
according to miller, the reason the massachusetts colony survived was that the puritans were..
a tightly controlled,communal society
at the beginning of the play when his daughter,betty,falls ill, reverend parris appears to be most concerned about
his own reputation
arthur miller gives us valuable information about Abigail's character when he says in a stage direction that she..
has a great capacity for lying
betty is likely to be in a trancelike state because..
she fears punishment for being caught dancing in the woods
when abigail threatens betty, abigail is motivated by her
fear of the villagers knowing everything they did in the woods
giles corey says that his wife has been reading strange books because he
wants to ask about something he thinks is important
the people who have been accused of being witches by the court may save themselves from hanging by
confessing to being witches
which commandment does john forget when hale asks him to recite the ten commandments?
thou shalt not commit adultery
what is unusual about the doll that mary warren makes for elizabeth?
it has a needle stuck in its stomach
why does proctor say he is reluctant to go to salem and tell what abigail said to him?
he thinks it will be difficult to prove that abigail is lying
during act 2, mary warren has become
who is the leader of the accusers in court?
abigail williams
what does proctor say when hale questions him about not going to church?
he does not like the reverend parris
what is the most probable cause of the accusation of witchcraft?
a desire for vengeance and power
one of the chief conflicts established in act2 is between
john proctor and ezekiel cheever
mary warrens motivation for joining the girls in their accusations of witchcraft is..
that she is a lonely girl who craves friends and attention
deputy governor danforth
seems proud and does not like his authority challenged
in act3, the person who begins to have doubts about the rightness of the witch trials is
reverend john hale
what secret does john proctor reveal to prove the girls are lying
he says that abigail seeks vengeance
what does john tell the court about his wife
she will not lie
who is taken to jail at the end of act3
giles corey and john proctor
danforth suspects that proctor views the court mainly with
at the end of act3 hale is disgusted with
the court proceedings
danforth does not want to find out that the girls accusations are false because he
will be blamed for the deaths of innocent people
elizabeths motivation for lying about johns affair with abigail is that
she loves john and wants to protect him
what news does reverend parris give the court in act4
mercy lewis and abigail williams have stolen parris's money and disappeared
what does john hale urge elizabeth proctor to do
persuade her husband to confess to witchcraft
the final scene between elizabeth and john shows their
what does hale's description of the desolate countryside around salem symoblize?
the spiritual decay of the community
what does hale do in act 4?
he begs the accused to save their lives
proctors struggle is maily with
his own conscience
what does abigail do during this act4?
she flees salem
when john goes to the gallows and elizabeth says that her husband has his goodness now she means that
by tearing up his confession, he feels that he has regained his honor
why does elizabeth refuse to influence john's decision whether to confess or not?
she feels he must face his own conscience and make his own decision
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