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Terms Definitions
socialist, libertarian
groups of voters
Abortion Rights
Generally: Liberals support
Conservatives oppose
Green Party 2000
environment Ralph Nader
J.S Woodsworth
Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation leader
Parti Rouge (reason)
wanted American-style government/hated Act of Union/support from French farmers and business people/more radical
A coordinated group of people intentionally organized to work together to achieve a common goal.
Interest Groups
Influences public policy, while political parties have traditionally existed to win elections.
andrew jackson
who formed the democratic party?
political party
organization seeking political power by electing people to office so its positions become policy
considered to be the first political party in the United States
split ticket
voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election
political position that hols that the federal government ought to play a very small role in economic regulation, social welfare, and overcoming racial inequality
Hard money
Political contributions given to a party, candidate, or interest group that are limited in amounts and fully disclosed. Raising such limited funds is harder than raising unlimited funds, hence the term "hard money
third parties
electoral contenders other than the two major parties
Those members of the general public who identify with a political party or who express a preference for one party over another.
Party machine
State or local party organizations based on patronage. They work to elect candidates to public offices that control government jobs and contracts, which, in turn, are used by party leaders (often denigrated as "bosses") to reward the sub leaders and activists who mobilize voters for the party on Election Day.
Republican party faction of the 1890s to the 1910s, composed of reformers who opposed patronage
doctrinal parties
third party that represents an ideology considered too radical by the mainstream parties, rejects the prevailing attitudes and policies of the political system
proportional representation
used in presidential primarites to elect delegates in proportion to their popular vote
A system in which several major and many lesser parties exist, seriously compete for, and actually win, public offices
open primaries
elections to select party nominees in which voters can decide on election day whether they want to participate in the Democratic or Republican contests
two-party system
an electoral system with two dominant parties that compete in state or national elections; third parties have little chance of winning
media consultants
chief movers and shakers in political campaigns, as opposed to parties
Libertarian party
A minor party that believes in extremely limited government. Libertarians call for a free market system, expanded individual liberties such as drug legalization, and a foreign policy of nonintervention, free trade, and open immigration
Responsible Party Model
party government when four conditions are met: clear choice of ideologies, candidates pledged to implement ideas, party held accountable by voters, and party control over members
Purpose of Representation
3/4 compromise- compromise of 1850; came from opposition of slavery, not pro slavery.
Spoils system
An informal system in which political appointments are rewarded on the basis of political considerations, rather than fitness of office.
Single-member district
Electoral district in which only one candidate is elected to each office.
Australian ballot
A ballot prepared and distributed by government officials that places the names of all candidates on a single list and is filled out by voters in private. First adopted in the United States in 1888, the Australian ballot replaced oral voting and party-supplied ballots.
Ideological party
A party that values principled stands on issues above all else.
TR, Taft and Wilson were all ___ presidents
One of the key inducements used by party machine. A patronage job, promotion, or contract is one that is govern for political reasons rather than for merit or competence alone.
Solidary Incentives
People who engage in politics for the fun of it and to be a part of an organization.
Media bias
Bias or slant in the selection of which news to report and how the news is reported.
Democratic-Republican Party
The party that was organized by Thomas Jefferson that made its appeal to agrarian interests, debtors, and frontiersmen was the..
Minor party
A small political party that rises and falls with a charismatic candidate or, if composed of ideologies on the right or left, usually persists over time; also called a third party
ideological parties
parties that are based on a particular set of beliefs; marxist, libertarian, communist
Line Item Veto
Permits a governor to veto single items (such as pork barrel projects) in appropriations bills. Has given governors enormous leverage with legislators as they can now remove pork barrel projects sponsored by members who oppose the governor's agenda.
What party dominated from 1932-1968?
Democrats - started by FDR.
national convention
held every four years to nominate a pres candidate, sponsors polls to keep party members informed of public opinion and manages issues or
Populist Part of 1890's
a party that consisted mainly of farmers and laborers
Populist Party "People's Party"
1887 & William Jennings Bryan & Free-silver
Shift in partisan identification... Patterns probably show that
Realignment (more willing to change professed party) and
Dealignment ( voters less willing to identify with either party)
Are occurring at the same time
2 reason why 2 party system
tradition- always had 2 party(adopted from english)
crossover voting
Voting by a member of one party for a candidate of another party.
2008 Congressional Election
Democrats won for 1st time in 3 years Electoral votes: 365 to McCain's 173 Popular vote: 53% to 46%Democratic majority in Congress strengthened
18 years or older, citizen of the Us, and a Pa citizen for 30 days
Requirements of people to register to vote in Pa
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