Earth Science Chapter 9 Study Guide (Water Resources) Flashcards

Terms Definitions
All of the Above
The hydrologic cycle includes water:
T or F: With regard to the hydrologic cycle, the bulk of precipitation occurs over land.
T or F: Most of the water that falls on the continents is derived from the oceans.
Rain, dew, snow, sleet
List four types of precipitation
Specially constructed gauges.
Precipitation is generally measured with.
T or F: It is necessary to place a windshield around a rain gauge because without it the amount of rain trapped by the gauge would be more than that which actually fell.
Potential Evapotranspiration
The amount of water that would evaporate or transpire if it were available is:
Precipitation that reaches Earth's surface penetrates the soil surface through a process called
The highest amounts occur in the Southeast and extreme South
Which of the following is true of precipitation in North America?
The outward movement of water from plant leaves is
Increased humidity
Which of the following would decrease the rate at which evapotranspiration occurs?
Evaporation pan
Which of the following can measure the potential evapotranspiration?
Weighting lysimeter
Which of the following can measure the actual evapotranspiration?
Potential evapotranspiration exceeds actual evapotranspiration
Which of the following is normally true of a hot desert?
A deficit
If precipitation and soil moisture are inadequate to meet potential evapotranspiration demands, the moisture condition is described as
Water detention on the surface is a form of
The water pressure in the soil is more that the water pressure in the plant
As transpiration occurs, water enters plant roots because
As soil moisture reaches _________ point, plant stops transpiration
A water-bearing rock stratum is called an
It is recharged by the downward flow of water under the influence of gravity
Which of the following is true regarding an unconfined aquifer?
Cone of depression
A depression in the water table formed by rapid ground water withdraw is called the
All of the Above
Which of the following is a potential consequence of groundwater over pumping?
The largest practical potential source of fresh water in North America is
T or F: If the water table reaches the surface of the ground, a spring could develop.
Water table
The upper limit of the water that collects in the zone of saturation is called the ____________
T or F: An artesian aquifer is a confined acquire containing ground water that will flow upward through a well without the need of pumping.
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