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What does the MO Constitution say regarding gving public aid to a church or minister?
Absolutely no type of public aid to any type of religous organization
Name 3 rights that crime victims have in MO Bill of Rights?
1.) Right to be present at all criminal justice proceedings
2.) Right to be informed of trials and preliminary hearings
3.) Right to reasonable protection from defendant or anyone acting on teh behalf of the defender
A search warrant is required for any officer to enter and look for evidence. What 3 issues must a search warrant address or say
1.) describe place being searched/ person or thing to be seized
2.) probable cause
3.)written oath/affirmation
What is the official name of the MO legislative body
MO General Assembly
What is the official size of the MO house of Reps
Name 3 qualifications to be a representative
1.) 24 years old
2.) Qualified voter of state for 2 years
3.) Qualified voter of district for one year
What is the term of a representative
2 years
What is the size of the State Senate
What is the term of a state senator
4 years (limit 2 years)
What are the 3 qualifications of a state senator
1.) at least 30 years old
2.) Qualified MO voter for 3 years
3.) Resident of district chosen to represent one year before before election
What is the maximum number of years that a person can serve in one house?
8 years in Senate
8 years in House
What is the max number of years that a person can serve in both houses?
What vote of the General Assembly is needed to pass a bill over the govenor's veto?
2/3rds vote of both houses
What are the top priorities of state expenditures
For the purpose of public education; For public health and public welfare; For the expense of the general assembly
How many legal voters must sign a petition to amend the Missouri Constitution
8% of legal voters in 2/3 of districts
How many legal voters must sign a petition to initiate other laws or policies
5% of 2/3rds of districts
What 3 qualifications must be met to be governor
30 years old; US citizen for 15 years; lives in state 10 years before election
What is the term of a governor
4 years
What is the maximum number of terms that a governor can serve
2 terms
who is the current governor of MO
Jay Nixon
Name 3 constitutional powers of the lieutenant governor
Ex officio president of the Senate; debates questions in committee; cast deciding vote on equal division in Senate and on joint vote of both houses
Who is the current Lieutenant Governor
Peter Kinder
Name 3 duties of the MO Secretary of State
take over if governor is unable; chief elections official; administration of uniform commercial code
Who is the current Secretary of State
Robin Carnahan
Name 2 duties of the State Auditor
establish appropriate accounting system; audit treasury once a year
Name the current State Auditor
Susan Montee
List 3 duties of the State Treasurer
responsible for revenues, investments, and unclaimed property; state's college tuition and savings program; authorizes disbursement of state funds
Name the current State Treasurer
Clint Zweifel
When dealing with appropriations measures, how else may the governor use his veto?
line item veto (can sign a portion of the bill into law)
What else may the governor do to appropriations when actual revenues are below revenue estimates
can limit them by "withholding" funds
Who is MO's current Attorney General
Chris Koster
What are the terms of the lieutenant governor, treasurer, auditor, and attorney general?
4 years
Name the 3 types of courts in MO
Supreme, Circuit, and Associate Courts
How many justices sit on the MO Supreme Court?
What is the term of:
a.) Supreme Court Justice
b.) Circuit court judge
c.) Associate circuit judge
a.) 12 years
b.) 6 years
c.) 4 years
What is the maximum age for a Supreme Court Justice? The minimum age?
Max=70 years
Min=30 years
What is the jurisdiction of a circuit court
primary trial courts over all civil and criminal cases
Who is the state representative in Kirksville
Rebecca McClanahan
Who represents Kirksville in state senate
Wes Shoemeyer
Who represents Kirksville in the US House of Representatives
Blaine Luetkemeyer
Name MO's US Senators
Kit Bond and Clair McCaskill
Name 5 people who sit on the Kirksville City Council
John Swartz, Sand Richardson, Slocum, Carolyn Chrisman, Margaret Gregory
Candidates for US Senate
Repub: Roy Blunt
Dem: Robin Carnahan
Candidates for US House 9th District
Repub: Blian Luetkemeyer
Candidates for MO Senate Dist 18
Repub: Brian Munzlinger
Dem: Wes Shoemeyer
Candidates for MO House Dist 2
Repub: Wyatt
Dem: McClanahan
Candidates for State Auditor
Repub: Tom Schweich
Dem: Susan Montee
Candidates for Adair Co Presiding Commissioner
Repub: Stanely Pickens
Dem: Harley Harrelson
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