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every, all
combining form/prefixone
to applaud
an exaggeration
combining form[trumpet] tube
il cellulare
cell phone
a bifana
pork steak sandwich
grow, increase
deceptive device or stratagem
behaviorà something bad (decreases likelihood of behavior)
Respected aristocrat594 BCE, elected ArconReconciled common people and AristocracyProtected poorHelped create Boule - 500 citizen reps
inactive, not advancing or developing
What did Archimedes
invented the compound pulley
la botella (de vino)
bottle (of wine)
Randall Sussman proposed that primate traits were a response to the development of fruit-bearing angiosperm plants
Failure to Appear (FTA)
Fallo de Comparencia
injurious to health, harmful or injurious
United Nations
organization founded after World War II to promote international peace and cooperation
" 1."
"Computer � an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory unit that can accept data (input), manipulate the data (process), produce information (output), and store the results (memory) for the future use."
Who became the center of opera development in the 1820s?
transport linens and other items to housekeepers
'Appendicular Skeleton includes which bone groups?'
'Free Upper Extremities
'Appendicular Skeleton includes which bone groups?'
Free Lower Extremities
to soil by spattering; splash with water, dirt, etc.
Garçon, a conta, por favor!
Waiter, the bill, please!
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America
Cutaneous senses
skin senses, a.k.a. the sense of “touch”
Eagles hunt
primates that are more solitary than large grouped primates
What three stats have interoperability capabilities?
DelawareMichigan North Carolina
one of the bundles in which cereal plants, as wheat, rye, etc., are bound after reaping.
Quer deixar recado?
Do you want to leave a message?
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
enactment of federal regulations to restore public trust in accounting practices by imposing new requirements on financial activities in publicly traded corporations
Important characteristics of the primate order:
intelligence, variable diets, complex social behavior, and longevity
Mathew B. Brady
a famous photographer of the 19th century who took portraits of many well-known people of his day as well as Civil War battlefield photographs
What are some mental/ emotional effects of Uppers?
Increased alertness and attention, elevated mood, confidence, self esteem, high doses can lead to irritability, restlessness and paranoid thoughts.
Components of a computer
Unit 6 pp. 142-144, 146-154, 156-160, 163-164, 169-173

of a computer

(Primary Storage),
Processor, Hard Drive/DVD (Secondary Storage), NIC, etc

system, utility programs, application programs

components are important when configuring a client machine

of the mobile digital platform

scalability, cloud computing

•SaaS, outsourcing, insourcing, open source
1. It is probable a suit will be filed and it will have an unfavorable outcome.2. If the loss is reasonably estimable.3. If the cause for action is dated on or before the date of the financials.
possesses more rounded grains than breccia
The difference between breccia and conglomerate is that conglomerate __.
Question: Do breakpoints work in a Release configuration of an application?
Answer: Yes. Breakpoints work in Debug configurations or in Release configurations that have project properties set to generate debug information.
Describe the 4 functions of Actin Filaments or Microfilaments
1. maintain cell shape by resistng pull--makes ring under plasma membrane2. cell crawling--move cell: myosin head attaches and moves when ATP binds --> actin filament SLIDE3. cytokinesis--animal cell division: formed ring under plama membrane that slides to pinch membrane in 24. cytoplasmic streaming--moves organelles & cytoplasm: sliding stirs the cell content
Gas Giants: What gas giants have rings?
Gas Giants: How many moons are out there?
der Tau
Combining formfiber,filament
Ichthy, Ichthvoid, Ichthyology
Noun-forming suffixstate, condition
to go shopping
hacer las compras, ir de compras
to go shopping

first declension(female) nominative singular ending is____
refers to the gallbladder
lowest part of the entabliture
latin adjective forming suffixfull of
MeridiansEast and West360 degrees totalLines go vertically
What is my middle name?
Coax, persuade, cajole
Ex: The child tried to wheedle from her mother the place where the cookies had been cached.
pertaining or similar to a pigadj
Recovery of excitatory responding to an extinguished stimulus produced by exposures to the unconditioned stimulus.
Strengths of scientific method
Testing the hypothesis
a military service under the Department of Transportation, which in peacetime enforces maritime laws, saves lives and property at sea, and maintains aids to navigation, and which in wartime may be placed under the Navy Department to augment the navy.
served as Lewis and Clark's expedition guide and translator
"a segment of a chromosome that controls chemical reactions that ultimately direct the development of the organism; genes contain chemical called DNA, which controls the production of RNA, which controls the production of proteins"
Fan Kuan
Another Chinese landscape painter of the Song DynastyModeled his early work after that of Li ChengDecided that nature was only true teacher, spent life as a recluse in ShanxiAdmiration and love for viewing of mountainsBest known for Travelers amid Mountains and StreamsPainting focuses on the totality of nature
heyday in mid 1960s- Gordys music empire inc 8 record labels, management service, & publishing company.from 64-69, motown had 14 #1 pop singles, 20 #1 rnb singles, 46 add'l top 15 rnb singles.in 66, 75% of motowns releases made charts
Walt Disney
steamboat willie (mickey mouse). First synchronized sountrack (mickey mousing), 1928. Snow white and the seve dwarfs. First full length animated film. Cost 1.5 mill to make and earned more than 1.5 billion, 1937
derived from or guided by experience or experiment
basaltic composition
consist of mainly dark silicate and plagioclase feldspar and are rich in magnesium and iron
a person who directs and manages an organization
Retinal disparity
difference in apparent position of an object as seen by each eye
then 95% CI
79 +/- 5, 74 to 84
a website that lets anyone add, edit, or delete pages and content
noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style:
How many states are needed to ratify the constitution
Nine states
Townshend Act
tax on tea, paper, glass, & coloring for paints (1765)
Unlike physically precipitated chert, biochemical chert __.
black variety of replacement chert
sensory association cortex
those regions of cerebral cortex that receive information from the primary sensory areas
Pode falar mais devagar, por favor?
Can you speak slower, please?
Third Class Lever
Effort is applied between the load and fulcrum
Persistence of vision
Because we see images a split second longer than they actually appear, a serious of pictures in sequence appear to be one continuous motion picture
What to consider before selecting a forest harvesting technique
Habitat needsInventory Animals Feeding habitsCover needs Rotation timeRange of tolerance Presence of threatened or endangered species.
Describe structure & function of intermediate filaments
- structure: fibers wound into thick cables- function: maintains cell shape by resisting pull & anchors nucleus and other organelles
What does the presence of the amnion and yolk sac enable

The presence of the amnion and yolk sac enables early recognition and measurement of the embryo.
How should a company account for risks of loss resulting from uninsured past injury to others?
It is a contingency. Should not, however, establish a liability for expected future injury to others or damage to the property of others, even if it can reasonably estimate the amount of losses.
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