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Terms Definitions
cheap, economical
combining formsleep
leather; fur
rigorous adj.
easy, painless
combining formbelly, abdomen
il numero
number, issue
longer waves
have lower frequency
combining form mouth, opening
mere chance or accident
without any definite plan,purpose,or pattern.
Categorizations that are \t\t\t\tbeing examined when looking at information
without interest or significance; dull; insipid:
Who developed the study of algebra
Inceptive Verbs: inserted between the stem and the end of the Latin infinitive denote the beginning of an action
Switching behavior
consumer chooses competing choice rather than previously purchased choice costs-procedural, financial, relational
'decreases the size of an opening'
a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress; unfortunate event or circumstance
a tropical forest, usually of tall, densely growing, broad-leaved evergreen trees in an area of high annual rainfall.
"Understand when and why you would choose to use MS Access. "
French overture
The form came from ballet tradition.The first section is slow and stately, with a homophonic texture, and marked by dotted rhythms.The second section is faster, with some fugal imitation.The second section sometimes closes with a return to the tempo and figuration of the first section.
Jacques Bousset
(1627-1704) wrote a book called \"Politics Drawn from the Holy Scripture\" that described the rights and duties of a prince. \"princes are god-sent\"; \"the throne of a king if the throne of god himself\"
'name a bone with a Fossa marking'
'your word'
'name a bone with a Fossa marking'
to feel disgust or intense aversion for; abhor:
Fica bem na esquina.
It's right on the corner.
David Farragat
April 25, 1862, captured New Orleans so Union almost had compete control of the Miss. River
Phantom limb
a continuing sensation of an amputated body part
Global perspective
the study and consideration of other societies and the global community and our society's place in that community
Tone Color or Timbre
the quality that distinguishes them
to give publicity to; bring to public notice; advertise:
60 degrees north and 60 degrees south
High Pressure Band
knowledge and expertise
How well you convince your audience that your are qualified to speak on a topic
Who is Auguste Comte
First coined the term sociology. Believed that sociology could identify universal laws of human behavior.
when did photographs begin to be placed in photos
1900s NY Times
qual é o seu nome?
Comment t'appelles-tu? (Litt. Quel est ton nom?)
Parahippocampal place area (PPA)
neurons here are activated by pictures indicating indoor and outdoor scenes
what are some examplies of the one part hearing aid
changes in mineralogy and texture in response to heat and tress
Metamorphism, in broadest terms, involves __.
How are the hypotheses for a \tdirectional test different from the hypotheses for a two-tail test
The hypothesis for a directional \t\ttest is different because it tells us what direction, greater or \t\tless than, the mean.
How can we determine a stars surface temp?

We can
use the color of a star (its spectrum) to determine its surface temperature.

Why was Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) important?
SC held congress could not outlaw slavery, rather it was a state right. Also, Scott could not sue because he was property. Blow to national government
icy (adj.)
Combining Form/Prefixsix,sixth
il cinema
romper (se)
to break
compound suffix formexamination
Involuntary Manslaughter
Homicidio Culposo
additional sum of money

Solo madrigals and madrigal cycles had simple plots and expressed emotion.
Best-known was L'Amfiparnaso (The Slopes of Parnassus, 1594) by Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605).

comprometerse (con)
to get engaged (to)
Noun-Forming Suffix: agent or instrument
sustained long-term attention-problem with invention of radar
Dual Task
adj. with hanging head. dejected, downcast
annual cycles
humans may experience seasonal variations in appetite, sleep length and moods
delicate skill; tact and cleverness; to accomplish something by cleverness; good judgement or skillful evasionSynonyms: delicacy, subtletyAntonyms: clumsiness, awkwardness
The Himalayas are associated with...
a) continental-continental convergence
b) oceanic-oceanic convergence
c) oceanic-continental convergence
d) oceanic-continental divergence
a--continental-continental convergence
Graphic organizer
visual overview showing relationships of concepts
un día tan bonito
such a nice day
political elites
persons with a disproportionate share of political power
The group that doesn’t get the treatment but thinks it does.
social comparison
observing and assigning meaning to others' behavior and then comparing their behavior against ours.
-Hypothesis - People can rotate images in their heads-Refined
hypothesis: people rotate images at a
constant rate in their heads.Test:Method: Show people image pairs exhibiting various
degrees of rotation. Measure reaction
times (RTs) to answer “Same” or “Different”.
The outline of a shape or figure
The lesson in a story or novel
plate tectonics
the branch of geology studying the folding and faulting of the earth's crust
night terrors
a sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and an appearance of being terrified, occur during stage 4 sleep
a popular way of teens saying goodbye and talk to you later
Ethics or morality is no more than either an expression of our feelings or attitudes (subjective or emotive)
Journalism's Primary Purpose
to provide citizens with the information they need to be free and self-governing.to serve as an independent monitor of power.
the position or location of a town, building, etc., esp. as to its environment:
The amount of matter an object has per unit volume.
a broad flat area on higher than the ground landing
Deduction of information
hidden knowledge is produced based on existing knowledge through a set of logical steps has been used in the development of a large body of knowledge in the form of “theorems”
Certificate Authority
An authorized person or a company that issues and verifies digital certificates.
transform fault boundary
a boundary in which two plates slide past each other without creating or destroying lithosphere
multimale, multifemale pattern
group consists of many adults male and female and the offspring
is a picture you get in your mind as you read .
What does an outside source cleaning company provide?
maintenance/cleaning of exterior walls and windows. sometimes internal offices
Where is the yolk sac found

At 10 weeks the small yolk sac lies in the chorionic cavity between the amnion and chorionic sac.
An open system would be defined as _____.
a) not allowing fluxes in or out
b) permitting matter to escape
c) one where something, like heat energy, could enter or leave
d) a location where people must remain
c--one where something, like heat energy, could enter or leave
What must be done before you can create a full-text index?
You must first create a full text catalog that is mapped to a filegroup to contain one or more full text indexes.
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