Tom Sawyer Test Questions Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Mark Twain
Who is the author of Tom Sawyer?
Samuel Clemens
What was Mark Twain's real name?
When was the story written?
Hannibal, Missouri
Where does the story take place?
Resews his shirt
How does Tom try to get out of trouble with Aunt Polly for having played hooky?
Why does Tom pick a fight with the new boy?
reverse psychology
How does Tom get the fence painted?
work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do
How does Twain define work?
when the opposite of what one expects to happen happens
Tom gets rewarded even though he has not done the work
What is ironic about Aunt Polly's reward for painting the fence?
a pairing of opposites
pleasurable suffering
example of oxymoron
Barlow knife
What does Mary promise Tom if he remembers Bible verses?
trades things with other boys for tickets
How does Tom get enough tickets to earn a Bible?
dog sat on pinch
Why does everyone in church laugh?
toe has gangrene
Why does Tom say he cannot go to school?
puts fire near his face
How does Aunt Polly get Tom's tooth out?
dead cat in cemetery
What superstition gets rid of warts?
trades it for a tick
What does Tom do with his tooth?
he wants to sit with the girls
Why does Tom admit to being late?
draws a picture
How does Tom first try to impress Becky?
play a game with the tick
What do Tom and Joe do with the tick during class?
schoolmaster smacks them with a stick
What happens when Tom and Joe are caught with the tick?
What treat did Tom and Becky share?
Amy Lawrence
Who had Tom been "engaged to" before Becky?
Wishes he was dead
When Tom is unhappy what does he wish so others will feel sorry?
When Tom and Huck lose marbles, they throw one of them and believe the others will reappear in two weeks. What is this an example of?
good memory
What does it show about Tom when he and Joe play "Robin Hood"?
What does Huck do to call for Tom at midnight?
Where do Tom and Huck go at midnight?
Doc Robinson
Who does Injun Joe kill in the cemetery?
Muff Potter
Who does Injun Joe frame for the murder of Doc?
Where do the boys hide after they leave the graveyard?
keep mum
When the boys promise to stay quiet what is it called?
if a howling dog looks at you, you will die
What is the superstition about howling dogs?
struggle between two or more opposing forces
Muff Potter's knife
How does Injun Joe convince people that Muff Potter is the murederer?
They are afraid of Injun Joe
Why don't Tom and Huck tell what they saw in the graveyard?
talks in his sleep
How do you know Tom's conscience is bothering him?
He misses Becky and is sad
Why does Aunt Polly think Tom is sick?
pain killer
What kind of medicine does Aunt Polly give Tom?
What does the Mississippi River symbolize to the boys?
How do the boys get to the island?
Jackson Island
What is the name of the island?
2 a.m.
What time do the boys arrive at the island?
What noise do the boys hear when the townsfolk think they have drowned?
ferry boat
How does Tom sneak back home from the island?
What does Tom hear they will plan if the boys are not found by Sunday?
note on a bark
What did Tom almost leave with Aunt Polly before he returned to the island?
What does Huck teach Tom and Joe to do?
Tom, Joe and Huck
Who walks into church during the boys' funeral?
Tom tells her about the note
What does Tom tell Aunt Polly so she doesn't feel sad?
Cadets of Temperence
What group does Tom decide to join in the summer?
What sickness does Tom get over the summer?
got religion
What happens to everyone while Tom is sick?
Who goes to the witness stand in defense of Muff Potter?
jumps out the window
What does Injun Joe do after Tom tells what he saw?
Where are Tom and Becky trapped?
Tom finds an exit
How do Tom and Becky get out of the cave?
to keep the treasure
Why does Injue Joe kill the "other man"?
locked in the cave
How does Injue Joe die?
Judge Thatcher
Who had the cave sealed?
to look for the treasure
Why do Tom and Huck sneak back into the cave?
buried under a rock
Where do the boys find the treasure?
How much is the treasure worth?
to thank Mr. Jones and his sons
Why does Widow Douglas have a party?
Widow Douglas
Where is Huck to live now?
Has to stay clean, follow rules
Why doesn't Huck like it at Widow Douglas's?
won't be allowed to join the robbers group
How does Tom convince Huck to stay with Widow Douglas?
story of a boy
Why does Twain end the story?
Barlow knife
What does Tom use to dig up the treasure box?
Tells the truth in court
How is Tom's conscience relieved?
He does not like it
What does Tom think of all the attention he receives after he finds the treasure?
He has matured.
What has changed about Tom by the end of the story?
Who tattles on Tom throughout the story?
Why does Injue Joe want to harm Widow Douglas?
What does the number 2 stand for in the story?
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