Citizens and Government (3rd grade) Flashcards

Terms Definitions
common good
the good of everyone in a community
a person who chooses to work without pay
to reuse
A group of people who make laws for a community,state or country.
something that happens because of what a person does; result of breaking the law
time set aside for voting
lists all of the choices or candidates in an election
A person who wants to be elected as a leader.
A group of citizens (people) who sit in a courtroom and listen to the facts of a case.
public servant
someone who holds a government position (either by election or appointment). This person makes decisions and takes action for the community.
to name or choose a person to do something
government service
work that the government does for everyone in a community
The elected leader of a states government
A person chosen by a group of people to act or speak for them.
A day set aside for remembering a person, an idea or an event.
Ways of life
Written set of laws that tells how a government will work.
civil rights
Rights that give everyone equal treatment.
Cesar Chavez
Mexican-American civic leader who made sure farm workers were treated fairly.
3 main levels of government
2 types of local government
city and county
Howard Lee
Elected mayor of Chapel Hill, NC in 1969. He set up a program to help families borrow money to buy and fix up homes.
Milton Hunt
Mayor of Pembroke, NC. He has worked on briinging businesses to his area. He has also worked to make sure the Lumbee Indian tribe is treated fairly.
Bev Perdue
Current governor of NC (2009)
James Holshouser
Elected governor of NC in 1973. Improved NC schools and set up health clinics.
M. Zulayka Santiago
Head of the El Pueblo, Inc. Teaches people about Hispanic people, culture and history. Works with other state leaders to make sure all students in NC get a good education.
Sam Ervin
Senator from NC for 20 years. Expert on the United States Constitution.
Elizabeth Dole
First woman elected from NC to the US Senate. Worked to make workplaces safer, working conditions fair and improve education.
July 4, 1776
Independence Day. Remember the people who fought for our country's freedom.
September 17, 1787
Constitution Day. Remember the leaders who wrote the laws that tell how a government will work.
National holiday in late November. Celebrates harvesttime and to be thankful. First harvest celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January birthday of African-American leader who was against unfair laws & for civil rights of all people.
President's Day
Day in February that honors all United States Presidents.
Memorial Day
Day in May to remember the people who gave their lives for our country.
Veterans Day
Day in November to honor the people who have served in our country's military.
Columbus Day
Day in October to honor Christopher Columbus who shipped to America.
Celebrate Our State Festival
Festival held in High Point, NC celebrating NC music and culture.
Folkmoot USA festival
Started in 1984. Celebrates the cultures of countries around the world such as Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey, Mexico & India. Held in western NC.
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