History Alive Chapter 25 The Great wave of Immigration Flashcards

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What caused the immigrants to come to USA?
From 1880 to 1920 "Push and Pull" factors, caused a huge number of immigrants to come to the US.
What are Push factors?
Push factors include poverty, political violence and religious prosecution.
What are pull factors?
Pull factors include economic opportunity in the US such as jobs, freedom, economic growth and abundant lands.
What are refugees?
People who flee their homes or countries because of war prosecution and other causes.
Why did most immigrants move to USA?
Most people immigrated to USA to find political and religious freedom. There were more opportunities in USA.
Where were the immigrants coming to US in 1890's?
In 1980's immigrants were coming to USA from southern and eastern parts of Europe.
How were these immigrants different from the immigrants that came before 1890's?
Compared to the earlier immigrants fewer of the new immigrants spoke English and tended to be poor and less educated. However there were more diverse than the previous immigrants.
Why did the Italian immigrants came to USA
Italian immigrants came to USA to escape poverty.
Where did the European immigrants arrive in the USA
European immigrants arrived at the Ellis Island in the New York harbor.
What are tenement buildings?
Tenement buildings are crowded and usually run down buildings with many small cheap apartments.
How many Italian immigrants returned to Italy?
Nearly half of all the Italian immigrants returned to Italy. One of the reasons was that they did not pass the immigration medical tests.
Why did the Jewish people came to USA.
Jewish people came to USA to escape religious prosecution.
What are pogroms?
Pogroms are terrible massacres towards Jewish in Eastern Europe and Russia. These were organized and often violent prosecution of minority groups.
Where did the Jewish immigrants settled in USA?
Many Jewish immigrants settled in the lower east side of New York City.
Why did the Chinese immigrants come to USA?
Chinese immigrants came to USA to seek gold in California and helped build the first continental railroad.
Since when the anti Chinese sentiment existed in USA?
The anti Chinese sentiment had been growing since the mining days in the USA.
What is Exclusion Act?
In 1882, congress passed an Exclusion Act that banned Chinese's from immigrating to USA and becoming US citizen because they were taking jobs away from whites.
Where did the Chinese immigrant came to USA?
Chinese Immigrants came to USA on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.
Where did the Chinese immigrants settle?
Most Chinese immigrants settled in china town near San Francisco California.
Who were the most Chinese immigrants?
Most of the Chinese immigrants were men.
Why did Mexican immigrants came to USA?
Between 1910 and 1920 about five hundred thousand Mexicans came to USA to escape the violence in Mexican revolution. Mexican entered the USA without any passport or money.
What is a passport?
Passport is a document issued by the citizen's home government that identifies a person and permits him or her to travel to other countries.
Where did the employers look for new workers after Chinese Exclusion Act?
After congress banned the Chinese immigration in 1882 the employers in USA looked to Mexico for new workers.
Where did most of the Mexican immigrants settle?
Most of the Mexican immigrants settle in South West.
What did all the immigrants suffer from?
Each new group of immigrants suffered discrimination from the people in the USA.
What is a Quota system?
In 1920's congress established a quota system. With this system only 150,000 Europeans were allowed to come to the USA each year. The US favored the immigration from the Northern Europe.
What is a Quota?
A limit based on numbers or proportions is called Quota.
What is a Visa?
A document issued by a government that allowed people from other countries to come to US temporarily.
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