Exam 1 Greek Mythology Test 1 Study Guide Flashcards

Terms Definitions
demeters nicknames
mother earth
demeters emblems
demeters bird
demeters victim
sow (pig)
etymology of demeters name
de= earth meter= mother
demeters daughter
demeters flowers
poppies and pomegranates
cronus and rhea
parents of demeter
leader of the titans and father time
sister and wife to cronus
daughter of demeter and zeus and was kidnapped by Hades and ate promegranate seeds so she must live there for half the year (winter)
what persephone was picking when Hades kidnapped her
nine days and nine nights
amount of time demeter was loooking for her daughter without eating or drinking
meteanira and demophon
demeter tried to turn the son immortal but when the mother walked in she thought demeter was trying to kill her son
pomegranate seeds
what perseophone ate and because she did this she wis kept in hades for part of the yar
eleusis and the eleusianian mysteries
it was a place whre they celebrated Persephone coming back to her mother because now demeter was happy and there would be a good harvest
barley water
what demeter drank and lived off of for nine days a nine nights
dionysus' nickname
god of wine and the vine
dionysus' mother
dionysus' childhood
zeus raised him in his thigh because semele died when zeus came to her in a lightening bolt he was under the wrath of hera
semele's sister
the nymphs of nysa
who takes care of dionysus as a child
the hyades
the constellation the nymphs become
dionysus' wonderings
tries to make his life terrible and while wondering he teaches people about viticulture
women followers that like wine
crazy party
wehre dionysus wanted to go but the pirates tried to take him somewerhe else
what dionysus turned the pirates into
after theseus left her on an island dionysus found her and married her
how to grow vineyards
how to make wine
he was against dionysus but his mother and sisters were not so they killed him after he tried to imprison dionysus
followers of dionysus
half man half horse
half man half goat who scare woamen because he was so ugly
evolution of theatre
cult song (dithyramb) to a leader (exarchon) to a dance with dialogue of peetry, to actors from Thespes, to different genres
three genres of plays
tragedy, comedy and the satyr plat
heacles/ hercules
completed the 12 labors, extremely strong
zeus and almene
parents of heracles
megara and children
wife and children who heracles killed because hera was mad that zeus cehated on her
apollos oracle where heracles went for advice after killed his family
delphi sent him for how he should clean himself from his mortal sins
the twelve labors
the tasks that Eurystheus sent heracles to fufill
heracles weapons
bow and arrow, club, sword, and a horse
heracles wife who eventually almost kills him
centaur nessus
flirted with deianeira so heralces kills him but before dying he gaive deianeira a vile of his poisonous blood to get heracles back if he is ever unfaithful
woman who heracles was interested in so deianiera use the centaur blood thinking it would strengthen their love but really it burns heracles skin
to become a god
heracles marries her in Olympia that he can be young forever
very talented sculpture who made the paalce of the King Minos and also made the cow that helped pasiphae cheat on minos
daedalus's son who was also very talented at sculpting
court of law whre the tribunal met on a hill west of athens
knig minos
offered daedalus and his sne a place on crete
the wings and wax
after being exiled Daedalus made he and his son wings so they could fly away
icarian sea
icarus flew to close to the son so his wings melted off and he drowned in what is now his sea
where daedalus flew to after his sons death
the mortal fathers of Theseus
the god father of Theseus
the palace of pitheus at troezen
where theseus grew up
mother of Theseus
tree bending criminal
feet washing criminal
bed criminal
married to aegeus
minos and pasiphae
married but paisphae cheated on minos with a bull
the product of pasiphae and the bulls coupling
daughter of minos and pasiphae; loved theseus and promised to help him
the ball of thread
used it to help Theseus go through the maze
place wehre trials are held
wehre ariadne was left
the black sails
theseus told his father he would change the sails on his boat but he forgot and his father then thought he was dead because of the color of the sales so he killed himself
the agean sea
where Theseus's father jumped into and drowned
good friend of Theseus
the amazon who fell in love with Theseus
son of Antiope and Theseus
next wife of theseus who commited suicide after she fell in love with hippolytus and he didnt return the love
theseus wanted to marry her so he locked her in a tower when he was traveling to the underworld to help his friend
throne of lethe
throw of forgetfullness; where peirithsus and theseus sat and forgot everything
hearcles resue
when heracles was gonig to slay the cerbus the three headed dog as part of his labors he saved theseus from the throne and bought him back to earth
theseus remains
after being pushed off a cliff in scyros his remas were brought back to Athens
phrixus and helle
son and daughter of nephele and athamas; they were abandoned as children
stepmother of phixus and helle who tried to make their life misrable
ram with golden fleece
phrxus and helle were going to be sacrafice but nephele rescued they by putting them on the ram
where helle leaned over and lost her balance and fell off the ram and drowned
wehre phrixus flew to
sone of helius and erseis and king of colchis
who phrixus married after giving the king the golden fleece
oak tree in the sacred gove of ares
where the golden fleece was kept
what guarded the golden fleece
son of polymels and aeson and was raised by the centaur chiron
the centaur chiron
gave jason a good education
half brother of aeson who was able to reign peacefully when aeson left but constantly worried because the oracle said he would lose his kingdom to a youth in a sandal
where pelias ruled and when jason grew up smart and strong he went there to win what was rightfully his
hera disguised as an old woman
what hera diguised herself as to test jasons generosity
assembled the bravest warriors in greece to go to colchis and retrieve the golden fleece from the ram that had been borne away by Phrixus
athenas help for jason
constructed the argo for jason for him to travel on
two tasks to get the fleece
yoke two fire breathing bulls and sow dragon's teeth in a feild and deal with the armed warrior who would spring up like plants
medea's help for jason
set a charm on the drage to make him fall asleep and slowed down the violet aeetes by sacraficing her brother
brother of medea whome she ripped to pieces to delat Aeetes
mdea's plot to eliminate pelias
convinced pelias' daughters that to help him regain youth they need to cut him into pieces and boil him but that just killed him
2 ends to jasons story
1. jason took the thrown
2. the thrown was taken by Pelias's son and jason was driven out
father of danae
danae would bear a child and then her son would kill Acrisius
prevention of the prophecy of danae
danaes father locked her up
how denae got pregnant
zeus came in as a shower of gold and impregnated her
chest set into the sea
Acrisius put danae and her son Perseus into this and sent them adrift
good fisherman whod rescused danae and perseus
king of the island who would marry danae unles he chopped off the head of medusa
gorgon who had snakes for hair and perseus choped her head off
three women who share one eye and one tooth who helped jason find medusa
perseus sout out them to get what he needed to dispose of medusas head and gave him a cap to make him invisible and a pair of winged sanadal and a magic bag for the head
perseus killed the monster and found her tied to a rock and saved her
perseus turns polydectes to stone
after showing the head to polydectes, polydectes still marries perseus mother danae so polydectes kills him by doing what
monster from the deep
tied andromeda to a rock or tree
discus throwing contest
perseus threw his discus and accidentally hit Acrisus killing him
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