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make laws
Austrian composer.
Red Russians
Favor Communism
George W. Bush
Iraq War
312 AD
Conversion of Constantine
caliph of Umayyad Dynasty, 661-680
Lord Cornwall surrenders
Battle of Yorktown
what was the universal language?
The US purchased Alaska from
payment for damages after a war
475 BCE
Etruscans invade, soldier called Horatius stopped them by holding them off when others cut the bridge, then jumping across the Tiber River in his armor.
unified polis, on attica, under control by aristocrats,
Logical Empiricism
Rejected traditional philosophy, from the existence of God and the meaning of happiness, as nonsense and hot air.
execution of approximately six million jews by the nazis
someone who enters mutual obligations with a monarch in exchange for land/something else, relief: fee that vassal had to pay to a lord to inherit the fief of his father
the blocking of another nation's attempts to spread its influence-especially the efforts of the us to block the spread of soviet influence during the late 1940's and early 1950's.
(German, literally lightning war or flash war) is a popular name for an offensive operational-level military doctrine which involves an initial bombardment followed by the employment of mobile forces attacking with speed and surprise to prevent an enemy f
Mexican American War
Manifest Destiny in action.Texas annexaton by US outraged Mexico.US sent troups to areas in dispute. At end US gained Texas, New Mexico, California, Utah, Arizona, parts of Colorado and Wyoming. Ended 1848
wrote the reports on public credit outlining ways to build a strong national economy based on industry and commerce
Populist Party
The political expression of farmers worried about their declining economic position in industrial America
dynasty that overthrew the Umayyad to rule the Muslim caliphate from 750 to 1258; for 150 years they maintained the unity of the caliphate and Islamic civilization and culture flourished
commander in chief, the latin origin of the word emperor
A scientist who examines bones, tools, structures, and other objects to learn about past peoples and cultures. 
What religion does Serbia and Russia share?What is their ethnic background?
a person who disagreed with the beliefs of the Anglican Church
Calvin Coolidge
won reelection in 1924. His administration raised tariffs to protect American buisnesses and overturned laws regulating child labor and wages for women
River marked the nation's boundary after the American Revolution
Mississippi River
machines and tools used in producing is known as what?
the pope forbade clergy to give sacrament to people of a region. people would put pressure on king to obey the pope.
process of secession
• Election lost, south hold convention to vote on secession, 7 states seceed and then after hostility begin and 4 more states seceed, (federal gov't is going to defend)
Railway that went west built by the ____
petition of right
Document prepared by Parliament and signed by King Charles I of England in 1628; challenged the idea of the divine right of kings and declared that even the monarch was subject to the laws of the land
A person who looks for bones, tools, and artifacts from people who lived long ago to find out how people lived then
manifest destiny
believed God gave them power to expand
Marshall Plan
an assistance program in which America would help needy European countries
Angel Island
West Coast center for processing Asian immigrants
Baron de Montesquieu
- early and influencial French thinker
- wrote The Spirit of the Laws on ideas about government
- believed that powers of government should be separated into branches to prevent one group from gaining too much power
Structure of Feudalism
Lords possessed landWould allow surfs to live on landGive surfs protection for service, labor, etc.
Black Panthers
late 1960s, armed, gave very fiery speeches
traditionalists view on immigration
fundementalists pushed for the assimilation of immaigrants
Fort bulit in southwest by spanish (P 40)
a person who believes in pacifism or is opposed to war or to violence of any kind.
underground railroad
a secret network of people who would risk their lives to help slaves escape
george whitefield
One of the preachers of the great awakening (key figure of "New Light"); known for his talented voice inflection and ability to bring many a person to their knees.
chiang kai shek
leader fo the nationalist chinese who was defeated by the communists
What 2 things couldn't the Germanic invaders do that the Romans for the most part could?
Read or write
Causes of Great Depression
1)lack of diversification in US economy2)supply/demand issues3)Credit structure issues4)Poor status in world market.5)War debts and reparations.
war breakdown
austria hungry was at war with serbia which made russia declare war on astria hungry which made france and great britian at war with germany and astria hungry.
the US would intervene in the middle east, if any government threatened by a communist takeover asked for help
eisenhower doctrine
steep rapids in a river; a very large waterfall.
who was against slavery and and the liberty party's candidate for president?
James Birney
Year of Shays Rebellion and how many farmers
1786 and 2,000
Peace of Augsburg
A treaty signed by Charles V stating you can be whatever religion you want
Pearl Harbor
biggest port of US, held all ships for Pacific Ocean, Japan attacked on December 7, 1941

Tin Pan Alley 
Tin Pan Alley was west of Broadway (1885) where the rent was really cheap and allowed musicians could find a place to live and work affordably. It became a popular place for composers to live and practice. The sounds of their practicing on upright pianos sounded like tin cans, and the area became known as “Tin Pan Alley”. The area also became the birthplace of ragtime music and the home of Irving Berlin.
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
the 1848 treaty ending the U.S. war with Mexico; Mexico ceded nearly one-half of its land to the United States
New York City
This town had the 1911 disaster at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, where workers died in a fire because the doors to the outside were locked.
With what country did the US sympathize in Asia, and what did we do about it (strategically)?
China; American citizens were forbidden to supply goods-oil
What was bloody sunday?
Tsarist troops opened fire on a group of protesters who were begging for the Tsar for help, 130 were killed.
European Contact with Native Americans
-Once Euro. Made landfall, it was a disaster for the Indians ( all the bad things we brought)ex: war (Powhatan war), banishment, disease (smallpox) and slavery. Positive=new technology
Prefect of the Seine Department
branch of French central gov't used to govern Parisused gov't $ to plan improvements
4 examples of British violations of international law during WWI
1. opened US mail2. interfered with American trade with neutral trade3. some britain ships flew american flag4. britain and france refused to allow central powers to use suez canal
What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?
Life or Liberty or pursit of happiness
naming system
Memory Location?
Change in behavior
M.D. = clinics
object we perceive (husserl)
Study of individual behavior
Hold subtests?
Vocabulary and information
facts like our first president
initial learning, of the stimulus-response relationship
intergrated statement of principles that attempts to explain a phenomenon and make predictions
Advantage of EDA
noninvasive, no discomfort
number of chromosomes in humans
Michael White
used Narrative Therapy Approach
Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging, a measuring technique in which the brain's magnetic properties indicate activation anywhere in the brain; fMRI helps locate neurological responses.
Does suicide run in families?
Ponzo illusion
horizontal rectangular objects are placed over railroad tracks in a picure, the far rectangle appears larger than the closer rectangle but both are the same size
studies how physical and chemical changes in our bodies influence our behavior
Operational Definition
standardizes meaning within an experiment, by defining a concept in terms of specific operations
Declarative Knowledge
Verbal information; facts; "knowing that" something is the case
the positive/negative quality of an emotion
Cognitive Development
-Three stages
-Basic sex role identity
-Sex role stability
-Sex role constancy

Independent Variable
The variable that researchers manipulate in an experiment
Dan has been diagnosed with depression. After doing a PET scan, there was a finding of increased neutal activity in a particular structure. Which structure was this activity in?
Boys and younger middle school students are most likely to be affected, bullies often tend to have low grades in school, use alcohol &/or tobacco
The underlying process that initiates, directs, and sustains behavior in order to satisfy physiological and psychological needs is called:
high extroversion
talkative, bored easily, outgoing, likes meeting new people, and hates routine
object agnosia
the inability to recognize objects
a picture of the individual's chromosomes
ability to produce "poisons" that affect the body
The retention of information over time
Certain personality traits may evoke specific responses from others
positive feedback loop
change/deviation amplifying
used to promote change
variety loops
morphogenic feedback, change seeking
Type of Heuristics
1) availability heuristic
2) representativeness heuristic
3) anchoring and adjustment heuristic
4) simulation heuristic
A specified number of incorrect responses (indicates they have reached their peak performance)
E. B. Titchener's system of psychology, which dealt with conscious experience as dependent on experiencing persons.
76. The founder of psychoanalytic psycholgoy was
Sigmund Freud
self presentation
acting or presenting ourselves a certain way to create a certain impression
Color matching
obsrevers adjusted the amounts of three different wavelenghs of light mixed together in a "comparison feild" untill the color of the mixture matche the "test feild"
Who is most aroused/awake
10 year olds/before puberty
Personality Disorders
maladaptive or inflexible ways of dealing with others and one’s environment
an actual memory of a specific object
Preconventional Level
Kohlberg's lowest level of moral development, in which moral reasoning is based on the physical consequences of an act; "right: is whatever avoids punishment or gains a reward.
Gardner's Interpersonal
ability to understand and interact effectively with others-successful teachers and mental health professionals
Motor Cortex
Frontal Lobe responsible for voluntary movements.
the act of detecting external stimuli and converting them into nervous-system activity
the assumption that all behaviors have causes
in conditioning, the tendency for a conditioned reponse to be evoked by stimuli that are similar to the stimulus to which the response was conditioned.
4 types of memory
episodic, semantic, explicit, implicit
A method of self-observation in which participants report on their thoughts and feelings
crisis interview
an interview conducted fro the purposes of 1. defusing or problem solving throught the crisis at hand 2. encouraging the individual to enter into a therapeutic relationship at the agency or elsewhere so that a longer term solution can be worked out.
the dimension of color that is determined by the wavelength of light; what we know as the color names blue green and so forth.
Which of the following is NOT considered one of the Big Five?
This substance is a stimulant, which speeds up brain activity, and can be abused
A strong or irrational fear of something, usually a specific object or situation, that does not necessarily interfere with the ability to function in daily life.
top-down processing
a hierarchical model of pattern recognition in which information at higher levels of processing an also influence lower, "earlier" levels in the processing hierarchy
reproductive cells; sperm in males and ova (eggs) in females
shared environment
in behavior genetics, the environment that siblings have in common
A type of psychotherapy originated by Sigmund Freud in which free association, dream interpretation, and analysis of resistance and transference are used explore repressed or unconscious impulses, anxieties, and internal conflicts.
Describe reasons for heroin overdose.
High potential
Unexpected potency
"cut" adulterants --> respiratory problems, death
Intentional use of opioids + alcohol
Change of setting
schedule of reinforcement
pattern of reinforcing a behavior
Cognitive Processes
Mental processes such as thinking, knowing, problem solving, remembering, and forming mental representations.
Salvador Minuchin
1965: became director of Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic
faraway objects are seen more clearly - the image of near objects is focused behind retina
Own-race bias
-people are better at recognizing faces of their own race than of different races
-Mock witnesses more likely to falsely accuse a person from another race
Little Scientist
Piaget's term for the stage-five toddler (age 1 to 18 months), who actively experiments without anticipating the results.
father of psychology, establlished the first psychiactric lab in 1879
wilhelm wundt
7 types of Delusions
Grandeur, Control, Thought Broadcasting & withdrawal, Persecution, Reference, Erotmaniac & Jealous, Somatic
part of a widely prescribed class of antidepressants, the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Myelinates axons of the CNS (brain & spinal cord), myelinating several at once.
Interaural level difference
difference in sound pressure level reaching the two ears, high frequency sounds reduce in intensity
bystander effect
the tendency for any given bystanderto be less likely to give aid if other bystanders are present
A moment where a patient has just awaken from a hypnotic state and fells a significant emotional release.
Developmental Differences in Learning/Memory
Memory span, memory processing efficiency, and spee of processing
The _____ phase comes before the _______ phase in the sexual response cycle.
Excitement; plateau
task of humans is to understand their throwness and possibilities and understand possibilities that exists. where we get "thrown" into world
practical intelligence-Sternberg
ability to use, apply, implement and put into practice; street smarts
The part of the personality that is the source of the conscience & counteracts the socially undesirable impulses of the id is called...
Fetal Behavior: Swallowing
Drinks amniotic fluid which benefits tongue movement associated with drinking and swallowing, creating the development of a normal palate.
is the tendency of young animals to follow an animal to which they were exposed during a sensitive period
action potential
the sudden reversal of the negative charge or resting potential when positive ions flow into the cell which initiates the firing of the neuron
Basic Science
The pursuit of knowledge about natural phenomena for its own sake
Birth Order Oldest
often takes responsibilities for other siblings- takes responsibility in adulthood, gets a long well with authority figures, likely a high achiever, need to strive for perfection
vestibular sense
the sense of body movement and position including the sense of balance
_______ refers to the feelings of sexual attraction, desire, and preference an individual has toward others.
sexual orientation
Clinical social worker
Social worker with specialty in dealing with mental disorders Often employed by government MSW
dominant/recessive heredity
the process of genetic transmission in which one version (allele) of a gene is dominant over another, resulting in the phenotypic expression of only the dominant allele
strands of DNA that carry genes and associated proteins
Antidepressant Medications
Prescription drug that are used to reduce the symptoms associated with depression.
What neurotransmitters are affected by alcohol?
GABA (increase/facilitation)
Dopamine (increase)
Serotonin (decrease)
Flashbulb Memory
An extremely vivid memory of the conditions surrounding one’s first hearing the news of a surprising, shocking, or highly emotional event.
Joining and Restructuring
two general strategies of Structural Family Therapy
Restored vision
-What happens when someone is born blind, but gain sight later in life?
-Patients could distinguish figure from group and interpret colors
-But, they couldn’t recognize by sight objects they had learned by touch
Case Study
A research method in which one individual is studied intensively
what is intimacy + commitment?
companionate (family, best friend)
learned helplessness
a phenomenon in which experience with an uncontrolable event creates passive behaviour toward a subsequent threat to wll-being
affective forecasting
predicting what we are going to feel in response to a future emotional event
Texture gradient
elements that are equally spaced in a scene appear to be more closely packed as distances increases.
Self Regulatory Knowledge
knowing how to manage your learning, or knowing how and when to use your declarative and procedural knowledge
approach or withdrawal
initial response to new situations or experiences, either to pproach eagerly or to pull away and wait
adrenal glands
a pair of endocrine glands just above the kidneys. The adrenals secrete the hormones epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline), which help to arouse the body in times of stress.
A group of people born around the same time in the same place
Tom has just turned 15 and is noticing a few changes in his body. His voice changing, facial hair, etc. These masculine changes are stimulated by:
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorders
A sexual dysfunction characterized by little or no sexual desire.
Discriminative Stimulus
A cue that signals when a specific response will lead to the expected reinforcement.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
High powered magnetic stimulation to the brain Also effective for bipolar disorder
monocular depth cues
cues of depth perception that are available to each eye alone
Down syndrome
a condition in which children have a third copy of chromosome 21, one of the most common genetic causes of mental retardation
Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET)
A type of cognitive therapy, developed by psychologist Albert Ellis, that focuses on changing the client’s irrational beliefs.
What are the symptoms of amphetamine withdrawal?
Extreme tiredness, hypersomnia
decreased attention span, poor recall
muscle twitching
Stanger Anxiety
A fear of strangers common in infants at about 6 months and increasing in intensity until about 12 months, and then declining in the second year.
Definition of state?
a “right now” feeling that can change from moment to moment.
Deferred Imitation
A sequence in which an infant first perceives something that someone else does and then performs the same action a few hours or even days later.
Social Facilitation
The tendency for people to behave like the models around them
Ex. Comfortable interviewer= comfortable interviewee
Disorganized Speech (Thought-Form)- A.
a. Successive thoughts are so disconnected they impair communication - shifting topics w/o apparent logical connection
loose association (clear shift), tangential thoughts (obliquely related), incoherence/word salad (impcomprehnsible)
cranial nerves
There are 12 pairs. Vagus (X) is the longest and contains motor and sensory fibers.
A type of learning in which one learns to link two or more stimuli and anticipate events.
Classical Conditioning
basilar membrane
a tissue that runs the length of teh inside of the cochlea and that moves as the fluid in the cochlea vibrates
What is the olfactory system?
is the sensory system for smell.
Diffusion of Responsibility
A phenomenon in which the presence of other people makes it less likely that any individual will help someone in distress because the obligation to intervene is shared among all the onlookers.
Broca's area
the region on the left side of the brain dedicated to language or speech production
What are the symptoms of heroin withdrawal?
Irritability, anxiety, exaggerated pain response, nasal drainage, sneezing, severe bone aches, muscle spasms, hot/cold flashes, chills, fever, dilated pupils, tears, increased BP/pulse, flushing, N&V, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, insomnia, fatigue, etc.
Peggy Papp, Olga Silverstein, Betty Carter Marianna Waters
members of the Women's Project
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
A virus that gradually overwhelms the body's immune responses, causing AIDS, which makes the individual vulnerable to opportunistic infections.
what is an example of imagery?
the Loci Method (the house)
What happens when habits are not reinforced?
The habit will die.
Statement that reflects Piaget's theory about the stages of cognitive development
All people progress through the stages in the same order but not at the same rate.
General Adaptation Syndrome
A term coined by Hans Selye; the three distinct physiological phases in reaction to chronic stress: the alarm phase, the resistance phase, and the exhaustion phase.
Anxiety Disorders Psychological vs. Medical Treatment
Both can be effective Most effective is a combination of both
What are the long-term psychological effects of alcohol use?
Memory loss, blackouts, loss of control
Wernicke-Korsakoff's Psychosis
what effect led to major revisions in TLC?
the Semantic DIstance effect.
All parts of the triangle is a?
consummate relationship (complete) this is your life partner
Define "circadian rhythm".
The body cycles as related to the 24 hour rotation of earth.
Dasein believed no subject-object dichotomy
meanis that environment and we do not exist in separate pieces.
Does detoxification from barbiturates require medical supervision?
Strongly advised, yes. Results can be severe.
What is the two-factor theory of emotion?
proposes that all emotions involve physiological arousal and a cognitive interpretation of that arousal. (those sweaty palms and racing heart came from walking up the stairs, not the beautiful lady)
ways to get children to exercise more
encourage families to focus more on physical activity and encourage parents to exercise more
What is Primary Prevention?
Delay onset of 1st use - one of the biggest ways to reduce dependency.
three ways to an observer can evaluate behavior
record the precentage of times that two or more observers agree, kappa statistics
what did the suprem court rule in the case of Griggs vs. Duke Power?
Employees must provide evidence that a test used for selection of promotion of employees has a specific meaning.
Dorian mode
long U
Probabilistic laws
Statistical laws
:00 (for time)
essential or essence
soft c (like cell)
aristotle, poeticsrecognizable and distant
Tonnies: Gesellschaft factors: Life
the distance between two notes
Traditionally, the medical profession viewed mental illness as an absolute condition or status; either you are afflicted with ________or you are not.
Weber's big topics
-interpretive sociology-social action-protestant/capitalism-comparative religion-Class/status/power-power/domination-bureaucracy and state
movement for movement's sake, abstractionandre levinson
Emile Durkheim Social Solidarity: Mechanical: Suicide
A philosophical position emerging from the enlightenment that regards the individual as the most important element of society and that views individuals as self-seeking entities entitled to put their own interests above those of the collective so long as they don't harm other individuals along the way.
the main theme of a fugue
Cohen argues that lower-class children experience status frustration and strain, to which they respond by adopting one of three roles:In this role, he argues that people continually strive to live up to middle-class standards, but their chanc
College Boys
veblin's solutions:
economic regulation- oversightrule by engineers
\"Removal of positively valued stimuli\" (divorce of parents, death of close friend, suspension of school) and \"Presention of negative stimuli\" (child abuse, criminal victimization) These lead to anger and frustration, which leads to deviance\r\n(Robert
Strain Theory
Tonnies: Gemeinschaft factors: Relations
Family, close, instinctual
Yes, unconscious drives such as sex and aggressiveness
Culture (holistic)
all humans are culture bearing organisms
takes place when the motive is repeated immediately, exactly the way it was the first time it occurred
Biological trait theory

   Genes, biochemical conditions, and neuropsychological problems

          Genetic influences

  Traits associated with criminal behavior are inherited

  When an adoptive child still have the biological parent’s criminal traits

Biochemical conditions  

Diet, hormones, environmental contaminants
  “Twinkie defense”- man that killed Harvey milk said he ate so many sweets it got to him and he acted out (sugar high)

   XYY males- maybe have more testosterone

Neurophysiological conditions

   Brain damage or deficit, chemical imbalance, ADHD, arousal theory 

Arousal theory

  Need a certain level of stimuli to stay awake and at attention

  Some people have a higher arousal level may need more to get the pleasure
This person states that Human behavior is deviant to the extent that it becomes viewed as involving a personality discreditable departure from a group's normative expectation, and it slicts interpersonal and collective reactions that serve to isolate, tr
Kai Erickson
Marvin Wolfgang found that many victims actually bring upon themselves the attack that led to their murder.He coined the term "victim precipitation
Victim-Offender Interaction
Social Group?
Group of people with shared circumstances, interests, values, etc...
Social types according to simmel
poormiser and spendthriftadventurernobilitystranger
two kinds of gestures
significant- w/ meaningnonsignificant- unconscious
Nosocomial Infections
result from delivery of health services in a health care facilityoften transmitted by health care workers
Tonnies: Gesellschaft factors: Groups
Based on economic classes
Emile Durkheim: Integration Continuum suicide
1. Egoistic
2. Alturistic
The spiritual power that resides in a gift
Culture reconstruction
reconstruction of past life ways, use of analogy
Income statement shows
financial performance in terms of profit/loss
Based on Hirschi’s Social Control Theory. This part focuses on the informal systems of social control.
The Microsociological Perspective
This is a theory where, Eysenck claims that all human personality may be seen in three dimensions:i. Psychoticism: aggressive, egocentric, and impulsiveii. Extroversion: sensation-seeking, dominant, and assertiveiii. N
Conditioning Theory
simmel numbers in interaction- individ, dyad, triad
individual: isolation implies connection to societydyad: individuality, closeness, intimacytriad: power dynamics, new roles, small society
Two Directional
You receive meaning from the symbol and the symbol receives meaning from you
Focuses on status rather then wealth. Problems arise for lowe classes because they are often barred from rising to positions of status whichn can lead to \"DROPPING OUT\" of society and the formation of delinquent subcultures (where alternative staus syst
Strain Theory
Emile Durkheim Social Solidarity: Organic: Political structure
Contractural relationship of government to people
Comte: Unilinear evolution
Straight line progression without a lot of deviations
Symbolic Anthropology
Branch of anthro that is concerned not with explaining origins or causes of social phenomena but with interpreting the meaning of phenomena
Force Theory
people in an area brought under the authority of one person or group
Labeling theory has been crucial in calling attention to the way individuals are processed through what type of American system?
criminal justice system.
formal sociology, simmel
study of human interaction, main focus of sociology. looking for invariant forms of interaction
Sutherland's model is too mechanistic. Deviance will only occur if an indivuidual learns to identify with deviants. This is an important distiction for it allows more influences on behavior
Glaser and differential identificaion
What do red curbs indicate?
Fire zone - no parking.
They have more "brain" and a "helping culture." This is why they can move to the top.
Cultural determinism
This was a non-profit program, based on opportunity theory.It provided employment, social services, teacher training, legal aid, and other crime-prevention service on New York’s Lower East Side.Little was done to evaluate the pro
Mobilization for Youth (MOBY)
This is a theory of criminality which attributes delinquent and criminal behavior to at least three causes: a. A conscience so overbearing that it arouses feelings of guilt.a. A conscience so weak that it cannot control the indivi
The Psychoanalytic theory
rationalization of authority according to weber, how its done.
move from traditional to charismatic to legal authority
Searle's stages of conversion
Come to terms with you lifeSurrender obediently to the changeForm new relationshipsLife situations become clear
Kinloch's Definition: A set of _____1______ concerning ____2____ and _______3__________ in reference to their seperate societal reality. They attempt to _____4______ and explain relationships between social phenomenon.
1. Assumptions
2. society
3. social phenomenon
4. understand
Offender specific crimes

  If it is the for the offenders potential needs

  College student will break into a car, because they need the money to get things they need

  Motivation:  “how badly do I need ….”

  Personal traits
Four kinds of ideal types according to Weber
historical- describes historical phenomenon; slaverygeneral sociological- exists everywhere; bureaucracyaction- affectual action, based on emotions and feelings structural- characterizes social structure; traditional domination
Emile Durkheim: Assumptions: 8
A Salary Can Contribute Poorly Since Compensation Decreases
1. A collective consciousness exists; synergistic, whole is more than the sum of its parts (like group think)
2. Social facts are real (collective norms)
3. Cohesion comes from similitude
4. Cohesion from division of labor
5. Power is based on collective thought
6. Social facts represent societal needs
7. Changes in population size, social density, and division of labor
8. Deviance is functional for society (reinforces norms)
Buyer will recognise the asset when
the seller recognises the sale of machine (income has been earned)
Evaluation (E in the nursing process)
Should include analysis of whether the interventions have met the objectives for the patientOpportunity for reassessment and revision of diagnosis, goals and interventions
(1): Sociology as a (2)/ (3) theory in sociology is possible/ (4) deduction process.
1. Zetterberg
2. science
3. scientific theory
4. Axiomatic
how do you rationalize your actions through religion? according to Kahlberg but based off of Weber
A salvation religion puts salvation as a psychological premium. This premium is achieved through the salvation paths of prayer/ritual/saviors,etc. These paths cause a methodical rational way of life.
where does women's dependance on men come from according to gilman
men provide for women in exchange for material goods and sociability. grown to depend
When can you safely return to the driving lane after passing?
When you can see both headlights of the vehicle you just passed in your rear-view mirror.
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