Greek Derivatives: Master List Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Aeido (to sing)
comedy, melody, ode, parody, prosody, psalmody, rhapsody, tragedy
Ago, eg- (to lead, bring)
demagogue, pedagogue, pedant, pedantic, stratagem, strategic, synagogue
Agon (contest, struggle)
agony, antagonist, antagonize 4. Algos (pain): neuralgia, nostalgia 5. Allos (another):allegory, parallel, parallelogram Angelos (messenger): angel, evangelical, evangelist
Anthropos (man)
anthropoid, anthropologist, anthropology, misanthrope, philanthropist
Archo (to lead, rule, be the first, begin)
anarchy, archaeology, archaic, archangel, archbishop, archipelago, architecture, architrave, archive, archon, hierarchy, monarch, oligarch, patriarch
Aster (star)
asteroid, astrolabe, astrology, astronomy, disaster
Athlos (contest)
Autos (self)
authentic, auto, autobiography, autocracy, autograph, automatic, automobile, autonomy,
Baino, ba-, be- (to walk, step)
acrobat, basal, base, baseboard, basement, diabetes
Ballo, ble-, bol- (throw)
devil, diabolic, emblem, hyperbole, metabolism, parable, parabola, parlance, parley, parliament, parlor, parole, problem, symbol,
Biblos (book)
Bible, bibliography
Bios (life)
amphibian, autobiography, biography, biology, microbe
Cheir (hand)
surgeon, surgery
Chronos (time)
chronic, chronicle, chronology, crony, synchronize
Demos (the people)
demagogue, democracy, epidemic
Didomi, do- (to give)
anecdote, antidote, dose
Dokeo (to think, have an opinion)
dogma, doxology, heterodox, orthodox, paradox
Echo, hek, sche-, och- (to have, hold)
epoch, eunuch, hectic, scheme
Ergon (work, action)
energy, lithurgy, surgeon
Gamos (wedding, marriage)
bigamy, polygamy
Ge (earth)
geography, geology, geometry
Genos, gon- (race, offspring, kind)
cosmogony, cyanogen, genealogy, genesis, genetic, heterogeneous, homogeneous, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen Gignosko, gno- (to come to know, recognize): diagnose, physiognomy, prognostic
Grapho, gram- (to draw, write, describe)
autograph, bibliography, biography, diagram, engraft, epigram, geography, glamorous, graft, grammar, gramophone, graph, kilogram, orthography, paragraph, photograph, telegram
Heteros (the other, different)
heterodox, heterogeneous
Hezomai, hed- (to sit)
chair, cathedral, chaise, shay
Hippos (horse)
hippodrome, hippopotamus
Histemi, sta-, ste- (to stand, to make to stand)
apostasy, ecstasy, rheostat, stadium, static, system,
Hodos (road, way)
electrode, episode, exodus, method, period, synod
Homos (one and the same)
anomalous, homily, homogeneous
Hydor (water)
carbohydrate, dropsy, formaldehyde, hydra, hydrangea, hydrant, hyrdraulic, hydrochloric, hydrogen
Idein, eid- (to see)
idea, ideal, idol, idyll, kaleidoscope
Kaio, kau- (to kindle, burn)
calm, caustic, cauterize, holocaust, ink
Kosmos (order, universe, ornament)
cosmetic, cosmic, cosmogony, cosmos, cosmopolitan
Krateo (to rule, control)
aristocracy, autocrat, bureaucracy, democracy, plutocracy
Krypto (to hide)
apocryphal, crypt, grotesque, grotto
Lambano, lab-, lep-, lem- (to take, seize, assume)
dilemma, epilepsy, syllable
Lego, log- (to pick, gather, speak)
anthology, catalogue, dialect, eclogue, lexicon
Logos (word, speech, reasoning)
analogy, anthropology, apology, archaeology, dialogue, logic, genealogy, monologue, syllogism,
Micros (little, small)
microbe, microcosm, microscope
Misos (hatred)
misanthrope, misogamy, misology, misoneism
Monos (alone)
minister, monarch, monastery, monk, monocle, monogram, monolith, monopoly, monotone, monoxide, monogamy
Nomos (custom, law, principle)
astronomy, autonomy, binominal, economy,
Oikos (house, household)
diocese, economy, parish, parochial
Onoma (name)
anonymous, antonym, synonym,
Orthos (straight, right, correct)
orthodox, orthography
Oxys (sharp, keen)
dioxide, oxidize, oxygen, peroxide
Pais, paid- (child)
encyclopedia, pedagogue, pedant,
Pas, pant- (every, entire, all)
panacea, pancreas, panegyric, panoply, panorama, pantheon, pantomime
Pathein (to experience, feel, suffer)
antipathy, apathy, pathetic, pathos, sympathy,
Petra (rock, stone)
parsley, petrify, petroleum
Phagein (to eat)
esophagus, sarcophagus
Phaino, phan- (to show, make appear, bring to light)
emphasis, fancy, fantastic, fantasy, phantom, phase, phenomena, sycophant,
Phemi (to say, speak)
blame, blaspheme, prophecy,
Phero, phor- (to bear, carry, bring)
metaphor, paraphernalia, periphery, phosphate, phosphorous
Philo, phil- (love)
philanthropist, philogyny, bibliophile
Phobia (fear)
acrophobia, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, xenophobia
Phone (sound, voice)
anthem, euphony, megaphone, phone,
Phos, phot- (light)
phosphate, photograph,
Polis (city, state)
acropolis, cosmopolitan, metropolis, police, politics
Poly- (much, many)
polygamy, polyglot, polyp, polytheism, polyglot
Pous, podos (foot)
antipodes, octopus, pew, polyp, trapezoid, pew
Sarx, sark- (flesh)
sarcasm, sarcophagus
Shopeo, skep- (behold, examine, inspect, consider)
bishop, Episcopal, horoscope, microscope, sceptic,
Sophos (wise)
philosophy, sophist, sophisticated, sophomore
Strepho, stroph- (turn about, twist)
apostrophe, catastrophe, strap, strophe
Teino, ten-, ta-, ton- (stretch out, strain)
attune, hypotenuse, intonation, monotony, tendon, tetanus, tune
Temno, tom- (cut, divide)
anatomy, appendectomy, atom, epitome, tome
Theomai (to behold)
amphitheater, theorem, theory
Theos (god)
apotheosis, atheist, enthusiasm, pantheon, theology
Tithemi, the- (to put, place)
anathema, antithesis, apothecary, epithet, hypothesis, synthetic, theme, thesis
Zao, zo- (live)
zodiac, zoo
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