Forensic Anthropology Terms Flashcards

Terms Definitions
olecranon process
destroy bone
Pressure Points
flaring on end
Mass Fatality Incidents
between parietals over top
Elected Position
Investigates Sudden Death
Holds an inquest to the events and circumstances of death
coloration spreads after...
36 hours
separates us into from/back halves
non-fusion anomalies
spina bifida, metopism, spondylosysis
exit wound
larger hole on outside
Tertiary syphilis
Endocranial white dots suggest...
shredding and crushing of tissue
Collaboration (4 answers)
Entomologist: BugsOdontologist: TeethBotanist: PlantsMedical Legal Death Investigator: civilian who works for ME Office
complex, winged structure, outer wings anterior to temporals
median palatine
between both maxillae and palatines
Connective tissue that covers the diaphsis og long bones during life
Forms bone during life and development
Bridges the gap between broken segements of bone
achonroplastic dwarfism
endochondral (cartilage) growth ceases early -
intramembranous growth undisturbed
multiple fatalities
(unspecified number) that overwhelm the local infrastructure
Body Farms
University of New Mexico(Albuquerque) 2nd(no longer in use); 2nd in use Body Farms @ TSU in San Marcos(Texas State University largest in U.S); FARF Forensic Anthropology Research Facility; Western Carolina University:3rd Smallest facility (how to recover body research in various. Sam Houston State University(STAFSFS)-4 most high tech Lab @ facility
Auditory metus
Hole in skull for hearing
Rigor Mortis
stiffening. muscle glycogen converted into lactic acid (PH drops) muscle becomes acidic, stiffening of body.
Deneration of body tissues by digestive fluids
Biological Profile (6 answers)
human vs. non-humansexageracestatureunique pathology or condition and trauma; which may not always be documented
Foramen Transversarium
used to distinguish cervical vertebrae from thoracic. It carries blood vessels.
Decision Table
judge the importance of conflicting information to come to a single conclusion
immediate cause
the last event prior to death
Antemortem Trauma
Trauma before death. Bone shows evidence of healing
T. Dale Stewart
Consolidation Period. Curator of Physical Anthropology @ Smithsonian Institution. Essential of Forensic Anthropology, 1979. Consultant for FBI
mark of a skull being sawed open
Through Disarticulation swquences also...
vertebral column disarticulates weathering begins before vertebrae seperate
Spina Bifida
congenital abnormality that can cause death (and leaves the sacrum with separated right and left neural arches)
What is Biological Stature based on?
Actual measurement
at end of spine; it articulates with clavicle. part of scapula.
endochondral ossification
long and short bones (femur, humerus, etc.) - cartilage model that turns to bone (diaphyses and epiphyses)
Facial Reproduction Techniques
Restoration of damaged facial tissue, 2D artist's sketch, 3D model
What is the most reliable indicator of sex in adults?
to measure the shape of something, you might approximate by knowing its width and height. The nasal index, for example, is nasal height/nasal width x100.
Bloating of face and trunk is at...
36-48 hours
The science of the study of the origin, nature and course of disease.
Sesamoid Bone
Flat bones that develop in tendons. (e.g. patellae, pisiform)
Increase in the joint angle is known as?
Hyoid Bone
Only bone in body that does not articulate with any other bone
Frankfort Plane
lower border of eye aligned with upper border of ear opening.
Dr. Anthony Falsetti, DABFA
Took over Pound Human Identification Lab after Maples/ 2nd Director
Studying Taphonomy helps determine..
time since death, position color weathering erosion.
consistenet with where and how body is found
tip/testimony= what was done to body
movement of body= animal human gravity H2O
evidence altered added to lost
List 3 forms of complete fractures.
Transverse, Oblique, Spiral, Comminuted, Epiphyseal
Formative Period, 1849 (4 answers)
began with Parkman Caseskeletal collectionsThomas Dwight: father of forensic anthro.gave first forensic lecture
estimating ancestry from the postcrania
anterior curvature of the diaphysis, torsion of the neck, intercondylar shelf angle (x-ray)
Presumptive Identification
Provides a good idea of who the person is, but is not proof.
Monumenting points
Points on the skull which are easy to find and where setuses (sp?) connect; the ratio of these points are used to determine the sex of the skull
List 3 specialists that are present in typical CIL recovery teams.
Forensic Anthropologist (Archaeologist), Military Officer, Medic
Where do Forensic Anthropologists work
Most forensic anthropologists in the US are university professors who work on casework as it comes to their university
Special challenges of human rights violations
Often in politically unstable or dangerous countries where the government is often the cause of the HRV, Language barriers, less technology available for identifying bodies.
Describe the first layer of bone directly under the skin.

Periosteum: Fibrous layer. Atrophies with celluar death. Surrounds bone holding the skin and veins.
two standard errors
95% accuracy; ex: mean age is 45 SE of 4 yrs = 37-53 years of age (double it)
Define mtDNA. Describe the inheritance pattern associated with mtDNA.
Mitochondrial DNA; it is found in every cell of the human body; it is maternally inherited
List the 4 categories of information that we normally investigate in regards to Blunt Force trauma to the skeleton.
Type of Instrument (or skull most violated region), Number of Blows, Sequence of Blows, Point(s) of Impact
Distinguish between the causes of a parry fracture and a Colle's fracture.
Parry fracture is a fracture of the ulna that occurs during self-defense (holding their arms up to protect themselves). Colle's fracture is a fracture, usually of the distal radius, due to a fall forwayrd and the victim attempting to catch themselves.
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