Chapter 2 Tools of environmental science Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Scientific Method
Steps scientists use to answer questions and solve problems.
Ask question/ state problem, make observations, form hypothesis, test hypothesis, collect and analyze data, draw conclusions, and repeat/ communicate
Name all the steps in order for the scientific method.
Understanding the world around you/ systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation.
Use of senses to gather information.
Testable explanation or answer to a question/ educated guess.
Logical statement about what will happen if hypothesis is correct.
Controlled experiment
Experiment that tests only ONE variable at a time.
Factor being tested/ difference found between control and experiment groups.
Method of testing predictions by examining associations between two or more events.
What is the correlation method in experimenting?
Control Group
Set up in an experiment that does NOT contain the variable.
curiousity, skeptical, openness, intelectual, honesty, imagination, creativity
What are three traits scientists should have?
Experimental group
Set up in an experiment that contains the variable.
Branch of math that collects and classifies data in the form of numbers.
Information that is gathered during an experiment often in numeric form.
Number obtained by adding together all data for one characteristic and dividing by number of individuals.
Relative arrangement of members of statistical population/ least to most "things."
Representation of an object on system too small/ large to be observed normally.
Chance that something will happen (odds).
physical, graphical, conceptual, mathematical
Name the four kinds of models.
To be able to properly represent the population.
Why is sample size important in probability?
Physical model
A 3-dimensional model that you can touch.
Chance that an unwanted outcome will happen.
What is a risk in probability?
Graphical model
Model that shows positions or amount of items graphically.
Conceptual model
Verbal or graphical explanation of how a system works or is organized.
flow chart, atomic theory, big bang theory
Give an example of a conceptual model.
Mathematical model
One or more equations that represent the way a system or process works.
punnett square, weather forecasting
Give an example of a mathematical model.
model airplane, solar system, globe, DNA.
Give an example of a physical model.
Principle or standard we consider important.
map, chart
Give an example of a graphical model.
aesthetic, economic, environmental, educational, ethical/ mortal, health, recreational, scientific, social/ cultural
Name four values that affect environmental decision making.
Decision-making model
Conceptual model that provides a systematic process for making decisions.
1. Gather information 2. Consider values 3. Explore consequences 4. Make a decision
What are four steps in the decision-making model?
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