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As posted, you may not exceed 50 km or _____mph in urban areas.
a. 31 mph
Any government ID card holder in Italy registering _____ grams per 1.0 ml of whole blood on a Breathalyzer Test or Blood Alcohol Test (BAC) can result in a 90 day mandatory suspension and have 6 points assessed
b. 0.5
If you are in a minor accident in a privately owned vehicle (POV), you must report it _________to the authorities IAW the Italian Road Code.
c. Within 72 hours
Italian law states that if you are the first or one of the first persons to come upon the scene of an accident with injuries, you must
d. Stop and render assistance
Implied consent provision states refusal to submit to a chemical test if requested by law officials will result in:
d. Loss of driving privileges
You should ______when approaching an intersection with a blinking yellow light.
d. Reduce your speed and proceed with caution
You are driving along the autostrada and you want to stop and rest for awhile. What should you do?
d. Pull into one of the areas marked by the sign which bears the white letter "P" on a blue background.
Traffic within a traffic circle:
b. Has the right-of-way over all traffic entering the circle unless otherwise posted.
You are driving on a city street approaching an intersection. The traffic light facing you at the intersection is yellow over green. This means:
b. The light is about to change to red. You may pass the intersection only if you are too close to stop safely before the intersection.
You are driving on the autostrada enroute to a city which you discover is in the opposite direction. You should:
d. Continue on to the next authorized exit, turn off the autostrada and cross over to the reverse traffic lane by way of the overpass or underpass.
Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit within cities and communities is:
b. 50 kph
When you see a vehicle with a supplementary flashing blue light and you hear alarm signals, you must:
b. Pull over to the right and stop
A blinking yellow light at intersections means:
a. Caution and reduce speed
The speed limit for sedans (POV) on the autostrada is:
c. 81 mph or 130 kph (unless otherwise posted)
You are entering the autostrada. Who has the right-of-way?
d. Traffic already on the autostrada
In tunnels, you are required to use your headlights
a. Always, whether the tunnel is lighted or not
You are approaching a railroad crossing when you see a blinking red light. What does this indicate?
c. A train is coming. Stop immediately.
In the absence of signs indicating otherwise (such as the "yield right-of-way" sign and the "priority road" sign), how is the right-of-way determined under Italian Law? (To include traffic circles)
b. Vehicles coming from the right have right-of-way at crossings and junctions.
The greatest hazard to city driving in Italy is:
a. The density of two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles, motorbikes and motor scooters).
At any time that you intend to turn left, right or stop, you should:
c. Signal, in advance, your intention to do so.
The continuous white center line (unbroken line) painted on the highway means:
d. Passing prohibited.
Any curb that is painted yellow usually means:
c. No parking.
Any curb that is painted red usually means:
c. Fire and Emergency vehicles only
The turning on of headlights is mandatory from:
d. One-half hour before sunset until one-half hour after sunrise.
In the absence of a special lane provided for scooters and bicycles, how is the right-of-way determined under Italian law?
a. They have the same right-of-way as an automobile.
All pedestrians in a painted crosswalk have the right of way.
a. True
Off base, Italian law requires you to stop for buses (school or other) that are loading and unloading.
b. False
There are no right turns on a red traffic light allowed in Italy.
a. True
You are required to use your headlights when driving through tunnels.
a. True
In Italy, as in most European countries, negligence resulting in injury or death to others constitutes a criminal offense.
a. True
You should rely only on watchman, gates or automatic warning devices when approaching railroad crossings.
b. False
An Italian Certificate of Insurance (white and yellow card) is required to be displayed on your vehicle at all times while in Italy.
a. True
All AFI (Allied Forces Italy) registered vehicles must have seatbelts mounted for every occupant in the vehicle.
a. True
Except in cases of immediate danger, the use of sound signals (horns) are prohibited in most inner city areas.
a. True
It is illegal to talk on cellular phones while driving except when using a hands-free device.
a. True
Your driving attitude in Europe may determine your accident status.
a. True
You are required to report to the MPs (or Airforce Police) any vehicle accident, however slight, which you may have IAW Army Regulations.
a. True
If you are involved in an accident which is clearly not your fault, you need not to stop to render aid to the injured or to identify yourself.
b. False
Italian law requires that halted, parked or wrecked vehicles which jeopardize traffic be made recognizable at a sufficient distance by a triangular reflecting warning sign.
a. True
In an effort to save wear and tear on your vehicle and to save gas, it is good practice to disengage your clutch or shift to neutral when going down long hills.
b. False
Fog is more likely to be encountered in low places.
a. True
Drivers must slow down well in advance of the curve or when making a turn.
a. True
Do not accelerate when you are being overtaken. Slow down, if necessary, to let the overtaking vehicle pass.
a. True
Your stateside license must be valid upon initial issue of your Allied Forces Italy License and it is your own responsibility to insure your stateside license stays current.
a. True
Unlawful parking at intersections, on hills, near tunnels or curves, may cause heavy fines.
a. True
During rainfall, the pavement is far more slippery after it has rained for several hours than it is at the beginning of the rainfall.
b. False
When approaching an intersection where directional arrows are painted on the pavement, move to the appropriate traffic lane according to whether you inted to go straight ahead or turn left or right.
a. True
In a collision between a car and a two-wheeled vehicle, the operator of the two-wheeled vehicle has a greater chance of being killed or injured than the driver of the car.
a. True
In passing a cyclist, on should allow a minimum clearance of one meter.
a. True
Automobile drivers are forbidden to cut across military convoys, troop or student formations or processions.
a. True
if you are in a minor accident in a privately owned vehicle (POV), you must report it ____________to the Military Police (MPs) IAW Military Regulations.
d. As soon as possible
Whoever, through negligence or omission, causes personal injuries to others may be punished with confinement up to three months or a fined.
a. True
Parking is illegal within 39 feet from the stopping sign for a bus or streetcar.
a. True
In identifying road signs, three sided triangle-shaped signs (red trim) mean:
c. Danger, actions happening ahead
In identifying road signs, Circular-shaped signs (red trim) mean a:
a. Prohibition
In identifying road signs, circular-shaped signs with a blue background mean an:
b. Obligation, mandatory action
In identifying road signs, four-sided rectangular-shaped signs with a blue background mean:
c. Information
You must meet the age requirement of ______to be licensed to drive any motor vehicle IAW USASETAF Regulation 190-2 and the Italian Road Code.
c. 18 years of age
You must meet the age requirement of _______to be licensed to operate any two-wheel vehicle over 350cc.
b. 21 years of age
You must meet the age requirement of _______to be licensed to operate any two-wheeled vehicle up to 350cc.
c. 18 years of age
It is recommended that you obtain an international driver's permit and an international green card (insurance card) when operating your POV across international borders.
a. True
A warning triangle must be placed _________ behind a disabled vehicle on the Autostrada.
c. 200 meters
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