LVA 9th grade government vocab: UNIT 1 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
A document that sets rules for the government and the people to follow by; it limits the government and states that we have inalienable rights
constitutional government
A government that is limited by a constitution
A form of government that derives its power from the people and the people make decisions
limited government
A government that is limited under a constitution
The law making body of the U.K
A form of government that has representatives that represent the people when desicions are made
unwritten constitution
A constitution that is not on one document, but is composed of several laws and documents that the government has.
written constitution
A constitution that is written; a single document
civic virtue
Putting the wellfare of the common good in front of our own personal desires
classical republicanism
An idea that centers around civic virtue; helping the common good.
common good
Society as a whole
consent of the governed
Agreement by the citizens to follow the laws and the government they create
divine right
The idea that a monarch derived his/her power from god
inalienable rights
Rights that everyone is born with and cannot be taken away
natural rights
Rights that everyone is born with and cannot be taken away
political legitimacy
Acceptance by the people that the authority is given to those who govern is justified
popular sovereignty
The natural rights concept thatt ultimate political authority rests with the people
pursuit of happiness
The inalienable right that allows people to gain their goals that will make them happy (as long as it doesn't infringe on anyone elses' rights
right of revolution
The right to overthrow a government that abuses the peoples' natural rights
social contract theory
The agreement by people to set up laws and a government and follow them
state of nature
A condition where people do not follow under any laws or government; living in anarchy
Free market; owning land, private businesses, and earning profit
A politicallly independent community that consists of a single city and the land surrounding it.
A system that was used in the middle ages where land and wealth had to be inherited
Ideas that influenced our founding fathers while making a constitution came from this group
A country or a big area of land that has multiple cities and follows under one government
private morality
An individual's ideas about right or wrong that is practiced in his/her personal life
public morality
The values and principles one shows in public
common law
Law that applies to everyone under that certain government
Magna Carta
A document signed in 1215 by King John when he abused his power; the document limited the power of him and all of the future kings and queens after him
Previous court decisions upon which legal issues are decided
redress of grievances
The right to petition against a certain law to amend it
rights of Englishmen
Rights that every Englishman is born with
rule of law
This states that the law is over everyone even government officials
stare decisis
Latin for "let the precedent stand" (see precedent)
writ of habeas corpus
Latin for "you shall have the body" (the right for a fair trial and a jury by peers; people can not be held without a good reason
A document written by a government or ruler that grants certain rights to individuals
A person represented by an elected official
An agreement between two or more people or parties
indentured servant
A servant that works for someone in America for an amount of time then in exchange gets a free trip to America
A lower level judicial officer that is in charge or minor crimes and infractions
Mayflower Compact
An agreement that was signed by everyone in the ship before they left to walk on the new colony Massachusetts; it made the colonists follow certain rules and have civic virtue and put the colony's common good before themselves
The right to vote
A formal contract or agreement between or among two or more paries or states
law of nature
Philosophy that was about natural rights; the belief that everyone should follow certain moral rules
The ultimate supreme power in the state
writs of assistance
A document giving a governmental authority the power to seach and seize property without restrictions
Seperation of Powers
The power of the government is split into different branches
legislative supremacy
A system of government in which the legislative branch has ultimate power.
The power of the executive branch that can reject laws or decisions
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