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Terms Definitions
Platform resolutions
1. The purpose of the ___________________________ committee is to develop policy statements
Two Party system
2. The US has a __________________________ system because of single-member district elections.
3. The battle over the ratification of the _________________________ helped the two party system develop.
Andrew Jackson
4. _________________________________ (person) administration expanded voting rights for white males.
5. The _____________________________ party gained power in the 1930s by providing economic help during the Great Depression.
6. Since 1968 we have been in a era of ___________________________ government.
Single issue party
7. A new party is formed whose main concern is the environment. What kind of party would this be? __________________________________
ideological party
8. The Socialist Party is an example of a(n) _____________________________ party.
Local level
9. Wards and precincts are party election units at what level? _________________
Political party
10. The main purpose of a(n) _____________________________ is to control the government by winning elections.
local level
11. The party out of power criticizes the policies and behaviors of the party in power. What is this called? _____________________________________
federalists / Anti-feds
12. The main issue between the ____________________________ and the _______________________________ was how strong the central government should be.
Civil war
13. What event marked the beginning of a long period of Republican control? ________________________
14. The purpose of a major party's national convention is to select ___________________________________ for the presidency and vice presidency.
Political party
15. A(n) ____________________________________ is a group of people with shared ideas who seek to control the government.
16. The type of government found in a one party system is typically a ___________
Single issue
17. The Free Soil Party was primarily concerned about the spread of slavery. What kind of party is this? ___________________________________
18. Historically, ____________________________ parties have been most important in their roles as critic and innovator.
Major parties
19. Over time, the ideas first developed by minor parties are most often borrowed by __________________________________________.
Congress/ Presidency
20. The era of one party domination that began in 1968 was different from past eras of one party domination because one party controlled _______________________ while the other controlled the ____________________________________.
21. An increasing number of Americans today identify with ___________________ political party.
Ballot fatigue
22. The phenomenon in which fewer votes are cast for offices further down the ballot is called __________________________________.
Political socialization
23. The term ___________________________________________ can be defined as the process by which people formulate their political attitudes and opinions.
24. To prevent fraudulent voting, most states require voters to _______________
25. __________________________________ is unfair because it sets district boundaries to decrease one group's voting strength.
Non partisan
26. A primary in which candidates are not labeled by party is known as a(n) ____________________________________ primary.
27. The most costly items in a typical campaign budget today are _______________ advertisements.
28. The smallest geographic unit for conducting an election is a(n) ______________
29. The Constitution gives the power to set the date for holding congressional elections to _______________________________.
30. On which type of ballot are candidates listed together under the title of the position they seek? ________________________________________
Land ownership
31. Which voting requirement was the first to be eliminated? _________________
32. The ________________ Amendment says that states have to allow the right to vote if the voter is 18 years of age or older.
Motor Voter Act
33. The _____________________________________ law passed in 1993 was intended to make voter registration easier.
34. States require voters to ______________________________ to keep people from voting more than once.
Civil Rights 1960
35. The _________________________________ help enforce voting rights by allowing federal referees to investigate discrimination.
Political socialization
36. Family members who vote for the same political party is an example of ________________________________________.
civil rights act of 1964
37. The __________________________________________ outlawed unfair voter registration methods and literacy requirements.
38. The ________________ Amendment expanded the electorate by allowing women to vote.
39. The _______________ Amendment ended the poll tax as a requirement to vote.
Civil rights act of 1957
40. The United States Commission on Civil Rights was set up by what act of Congress? _____________________________________________________
Straight- ticket voting
41. What type of voting often results from strong loyalty to a political party?
42. ______________________________ requirements are meant to prevent changes in laws in order to dilute the voting rights of minorities.
Party identification
43. The single most significant and lasting predictor of how a person will vote is ____________________________________.
timezone fallout
44. The ____________________________________ problem is most likely to discourage voter turnout in the west.
45. According to the ____________________ Amendment, no state can require anyone to pay a tax as a condition for voting for the president.
46. In a ____________________________ primary, voters must be registered with the party holding the primary.
47. The major argument against a(n) _______________________________ primary is independent voters cannot vote.
Runoff primaries
48. _____________________________ primaries, used in 8 states, are used when a candidate does not receive a majority of votes.
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