Short Stories Test (Authors, questions, quotes,etc.) Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Richard Connel
"The Most Dangerous Game" author
Shirley Jackson
"The Lottery" author
Alice Munro
"How I Met My Husband" author
Alice Walker
"Everyday Use" author
Edgar Allen Poe
"Cask of Amontillado" author
Nathaniel Hawthorne
"Young Goodman Brown" author
Who is the protagonist in "The Most Dangerous Game"?
"The Lottery" or "Young Goodman Brown"
Which short story has an allegorical meaning?`
Protagonist and dynamic
What kind of character is Edie?
Chris Waters, Alice Kelling, Mrs. Peebles.
Name a round character in "How I Met My Husband".
Name a symbol in "The Cask of Amontillado".
Yes, because he killed Fortunato; No, because Fortunato doesn't give him the satisfaction of answering him.
Is Montresor's plan successful?
verbal irony
"My dear Fortunato, you are luckily met." is an example of what?
We know something that Fortunato doesn't (Montresor is going to kill him).
How is dramatic irony used in "The Cask..."?
No, it is a blend of literary and commercial fiction.
Is "The Most..." strictly literary?
religious faith in God; innocence
Faith and her pink ribbons symbolize:
can have two meanings; indefinite
Whether Evil is the nature of mankind or not.
What is an example of amibiguity in "Young..."?
sin, depravity; temptation
The woods/forest symbolize:
evil, Satan
The serpent staff symbolizes:
inability to "see" goodness, hope
Black cloud/darkness symbolizes:
guide to hope and goodness
The path symbolizes:
naive; inexperienced, good, "everyman"
Young Goodman Brown symbolizes:
a witch
Who is Goody Cloyse?
Salem Village, New England; the forest
What is the setting of "Young..."?
How does YGB die?
narrator or Dee
In "Everyday Use", which character is the protagonist?
Which character in "Everyday..." is the dynamic character?
Which character in "Everyday..." is a round character?
What is a symbol used in "Everyday..."?
Ship-Trap Island
In "The Most...", what is an example of foreshadowing?
Montresor laughed when Fortunato was screaming.
An example of situational irony in "The Cask..." is when..?
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