Aveda Earth Phase Final Study Guide Flashcards

Terms Definitions
The founder of Aveda is:
Horst Rechelbacher
What year was Aveda founded?
What does S.R.R stand for?
Stress Relieving Ritual
What is another name for Granular Pigment?
What is another name for Diffused Pigment?
What colors are found in Eumelanin Pigment?
Natural Black to Red
what colors are found in Pheomelanin Pigment?
Natural Red to Pale Yellow
What pigment is more difficult to remove from the hair?
what are the three Primary Colors?
Red, Blue, Yellow
What are the three secondary colors?
Orange, Green, Violet
Achromatic Colors are?
White, Black, and shades of Grey
Chromatic Colors are?
All the colors of the rainbow.
Black is the combination of all chromatic colors what?
Two complementary colors mixed together create a ____ color.
white/grey hair can have up to __ layers of cuticle.
The Aveda level system has ___ levels.
10 Volume Color Catalyst has __% of hydrogen peroxide.
40 Volume Color Catalyst has__% of hydrogen peroxide.
Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Creme hair color is __% naturally derived.
Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit-Only color treatment is __% naturally derived.
what is NOT one of the essential oils found in the Aveda Hair Color?
What levels in the Natural Series is Pure Tone NOT designed for?
levels 1-2
Light Pure Tones are used to costomized what levels in Aveda hair color?
Levels 7-10
Dark Pure Tones are used to customize what levels in Aveda hair color?
what Aveda product can be used the same day as a Perm or Relaxer service?
Full Spectrum Deposit-Only Color Treatment
what is the processing time for the 40 volume color catalyst?
45 Minutes
What volume color catalyst do you use for grey coverage?
20 volume
what full spectrum color is used for grey blending?
Deposit Only Color Treatment
when mixing for grey coverage you always mix the NN Pure Tone to STANDARD, true or false?
When mixing a STRONG at level 6 how many grams of pure tone do you add?
3 grams of pure tone
when mixing to a STANDARD at a level 8 how many grams of pure tone do you add?
6 grams of pure tone
when mixing to STANDARD at a level 3 how many grams of pure tone do you add?
8 Grams of pure tone
when mixing a SOFT at a level 4 how many grams of pure tone do you add?
3 grams of pure tone
When mixing an INTENSE at a level 6 how many grams of pure tone do you add?
4 grams of pure tone
how is enlightener mixed (what Ratio)
2 Parts Enlightener 1 Part Color Catalyst
What is the Ratio when mixing Shades of Enlightenment?
1 Part Color, 2 Parts C.C
what volume C.C do you NEVER use for an on the scalp enlightener application?
30 & 40 volume
what is NOT found in the Creme Booster that helps to protect and sooth the scalp?
When describing density and effect of a weaving application what does "density" refer to?
Amount of weaves per foil & amount of foils per section
a "fine" effect weave has ___ weaves per subsectoin:
A "strong" effect weave has ___ weaves per subsection:
A "Medium" effect slice has ___ back to back slices
on a Virgin going LIGHTER application where do you apply color first?
Mid-Length & ends
_____ is when all hair falls to the perimeter.
One Length
_____ Technique creates a beveled interior and provides a build up of weight.
_____ Technique removes the most amount of weight.
When using the One Length Technique you always use what scissors position?
Secondary Position
what tension do you use when cutting the One Length Technique in section 1&2
Minimum Tension
When applying a safety section the center point should be no more than ___ back from the front hairline.
2 1/2 inches
Long Layers are held at what degree?
90 Degrees
The graduated technique is held at what degree?
1-89 degrees
When you over direct the hair to create weight in a specific area you are..
Shifting out of T
When cutting hair where should you stand?
In front of the section
When cutting Long Layers how do you section at the beginning?
Six Sections
When cutting vertical layers where do you start if you are RIGHT handed?
Guests Right Side
By positioning the head away from me, I am creating ___
More Length
N R P at 10N
Pale Yellow
N.R.P at 9N
N.R.P at 8N
N.R.P at 7N
N.R.P at 6N
N.R.P at 5N-1N
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