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Eastern Europe-relatively__________,not full______________ thus many are___________,_____________ from us, and_______ very strong here
Earth's inner layer
Capitoline Hill
Rome's government palace
dealing with issues directly
freedom to governon the own
important government official in ancient Rome
an overwhelming victory; Jackson won in a landslide in the 1828 election against Adams
Culture with organized systems of goverment religion and learning
another term used by archaeologists which means dirt or earth
British practice of taking American sailors and forcing them into military service
what the Egyptians believed was the life source of everyone
policy of giving into aggression in order to avoid war
island hopping
during WWII, Allied strategy of capturing Japanese-held islands to gain control of the Pacific Ocean
Bank fishery
large vessels called schooners carried crews and dories to the bank
a system of organizing people into ranks, with those of higher rank having more power and privileges
a tall, four-sided pillar that is pointed on top
a divison of powers between the national government and the state governments.
Shays' Rebellion
uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt.
Music from the South
Zydeco, bluegrass and country western
Mexican Americans
Mexican land laws differed from U.S. land laws, which led to much confusion so many lost their land.
owner of a large estate in Dutch colony
social class
a group of people with similar background, customs, training, and income, such as farmers, crafts people, priests, or rulers
balance of powers
the distribution of power among members so that no single nation could dominate or interfere with another
Mexican cession
this land included the present day states of CA, Nevada, UT; it also included most of AZ and NM and parts of colorado and wyoming
new mexico territory
Mexican territory covering most of Southwest U.S.
first form of power used to run the machines in factories
Treaty of Versailles
the treaty that the allied powers forced to sign at the end of world war 1
Enforcement Acts
Helped the blacks not be terrorized as much
Positive +
Popular Sovereignty
allow voters in a territory to decide whether they wanted to ban or allow slavery
gam saan haak
a phrase meaning travelers to gold mountain
In the presidential election of 1800, how was the winner determined?
House of Representatives
The rebirth of the soul in the body of another living being.
The Confederate soldiers fired shots at Union forces at Fort Sumter.
How the Civil War began.
Daniel Shays
led a group of about 1,100 famers in a protest
statue of liberty
statue that is a symbol of hope and freedom given to the US by France
How did Celtic warfare differ from others in their day? How did they minimize casualties?
It was unorganized and reckless. By meeting once a week for 1-6 person battles, to death or first blood.
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