AP Euro - The Age of Imperialism (1870-1914) Flashcards

British East India
Terms Definitions
(Cecil) Rhodes
1890; The diamond mine millionare; British
(Charles) Darwin
"Came up with the ""survival of the fittest"" science"
(Commodore Matthew) Perry
1853; An American naval officer who led an expedition to Japan and convinced the shogun to open ports for trade with the US
(David) Livinston
Great Explorer of Africa who was found in 1871 by Stanley
(Dr.) Sun Yat Sen
"The father of modern China who proclaimed a republic and was named the new president; Three point program of nationalism, democracy, and livelihood"
(Henry) Stanley
The Anglo-American newspaperman who explored the Congo and established trade agreements with leaders in the Congo River Basin
(John) Hay
The American Secretary of State who proposed that equal trading rights to China be allowed for all nations and that the territorial integrity of China be respected
(Jules) Ferry
Premier of France who was considered the builder of the modern French Empire and arranged the Congress of Berlin
(Rudyard) Kipling
"The man who expressed the mission of 1890s imperialism' Soinced ""The WHIt eMan's Burden"""
Age of New Imperialism
Began 1870s; The time period where European states established vast empires (mainly in Afria) for the benefit of the colonial power
Boer War
1899-1902; The war where the British defeated the Boers and annexed the two republics (Orange Free State and Transvall)
The original Dutch settlers who resented British rule in Africa
Boxer Rebellion
1900; uprising of Chinese nationalists to drive out all foreigners and restore China to isolation; Failed
British East India Company
The British ruling power of India
Congress of Berlin
The meeting which established the principle that European ocupation of African territtory had to be based on effective occupation that was recognized by other states and that no single nation could control Africa
Ghe domination of one country or people over another group of people
Leopold II of Belgium
1879; Sent Stanley to explore the Congo
Meji Restoration
1867; The policy of Japan to reverse its isolation and replace the feudal rulers of the shogun and increase the power of the emperor
Old Imperialism
"1500-1800s; European nations sought trade routes with the Far east, explored the New World, and established settlements in North and South America and Southeast Asia"
Open Door Policy
The US policy twoards international trade
Opium War
The war in which the Chinese government tried to halt the British from exporting opium to China
Russo-Japanese War
1904-1905; The war fought over Manchuria where the Japanese beat the Russians
Sepoy Mutiny
1857; An uprising of Indian natives
Seven Years War
1763; The war in which the British took control of India after the French
Suez Canal
"1875; The canal between Egypt and Asia; British took contorl of the Canal, its lifeline to Asia"
Treaty of Nanking
"1872; The treaty, ending the opium war, which opened up five more ports for the British in China"
A native African group who fought with the Boers for contorl of the land
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