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lobate scarps
Which of the following are not found on Venus?
The geology of Venus appears to be dominated by
all of the above
The surface of Venus has been studied
the atmosphere is rich in carbon dioxide.
The greenhouse effect keeps Venus hot because
planet has no detectable magnetic field.
Measurements of the magnetic field of Venus reveal that the
an optical illusion.
The canals of Mars were found to be
that the climate on Mars was different in the past.
The flow patterns found on the surface of Mars suggest
Venus and Mars.
Long, deep valleys resembling rift valleys have been found on
caused by rising convection currents in the interior of Venus.
Coronae on Venus are believed to be
Which solar system object listed below is most similar to Earth in terms of mass and density?
orbits Mars faster than Mars rotates on its axis.
none of the above
The crust of Mars is believed to _______________ Earth's.
captured asteroids.
The moons of Mars are believed to be
Ultraviolet radiation breaks the water molecule into less massive particles that can escape.
Mars has a sufficient mass and a low enough temperature that water molecules could exist in its atmosphere. Why doesn't Mars' atmosphere contain a significant amount of water?
Valles Marineris
_______________ is a very long and deep canyon on Mars.
a and c
The extreme size of volcanoes on Mars indicate that
The craters on Venus are randomly distributed in size and number across the surface.
Most terrestrial planets have portions of their surface that appear to be significantly older than other portions of their surface. What evidence suggests that the surface of Venus is all of the same age?
Venus' surface periodically goes through a catastrophic melting of the entire surface.
One hypothesis suggested to explain the uniform age of the surface of Venus is that
10 km/sec
Venus has a radius of approximately 6,100 km and a mass of 4.9 1024 kg. What is the escape velocity of Venus?
1.8 years
Mars is located 1.5 AU from the sun, what is its orbital period?
1.6 seconds of arc
Olympus Mons is 600 km in diameter at its base. At its closest to Earth, Mars is 7.8 107 km away. What is the angular diameter of Olympus Mons for an observer on Earth?
Venus is very hot because its atmosphere is rich in carbon dioxide.
Outgassing produces gas rich in carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor.
Radar maps of Venus show impact craters.
Valles Marineris is a long valley on Mars believed to resemble the rift valleys of eastern Africa.
The size of Olympus Mons suggests that the crust of Mars is very thick.
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