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When the governor calls a special session of the Texas Legislature, he or she
stipulates the matters the legislature is to consider.
Gubernatorial vetoes
have rarely been overridden from 1941 through 2005
Which list of Texas governors contains only Democrats?
Connally, White, and Richards
The governor's only constitutional budget power is
vetoing all or part of the biennial legislative appropriations act.
What terms is applied to an appointment made by the governor when the legislature is not in session?
recess appointment
A direct law-enforcement power that may be exercised by the governor is
taking actual command of the Texas Rangers.
The governor appoints the
secretary of state, commissioner of Health and Human Services, and commissioner of Insurance.
The governor's staff
has been shrunk by Governor Perry to 266 persons.
Who is the principal elections officer of the state government?
the secretary of state
What results from receiving a full pardon by the governor?
Full restoration of right enjoyed by others who have not been convicted of a crime.
Which officials are in the line of succession to the governorship?
lieutenant governor, attorney general, chief justices of the 14 courts of appeals in ascending numerical order
What do we call the power to make a person vacate an office?
removal power
The Texas plural executive
is largely independent of gubernatorial control
Regarding the constitutional language relating to the removal of the governor, which statement is Icorrect?
A governor may be removed by legislative address.
In political terms, the principal function of the governor's staff is to
protect their boss.
How long does the state's chief elections offer serve?
a term concurrent with that of the governor
If an oil company wants to drill on public land in Reagan County, from whom would it secure the drilling lease?
commissioner of the General Land Office
The governor's power over judges extends to
filling vacancies arising in district and appellate courts.
Probably the most important executive power of the governor is that of
Who in state government is collector of the revenue?
the comptroller of public accounts
What constitutional official represents the state government in lawsuits?
attorney general
The comptroller of public accounts is constitutionally required to
certify all spending bills passed by the legislature.
Probably the factor that had most to do with the removal of Governor Ferguson was
an unsolvable conflict with the University of Texas.
The Highway Commission is an important state agency board. Of the factors listed below, which would be most likely to gain an appointment to that board?
a sizeable contribution to a successful gubernatorial candidate's campaign
What distinguishes a full pardon from a conditional pardon?
A full pardon restores civil rights.
What do we call the granting of a full pardon by the governor of Texas?
executive clemency
The governor may impose martial law and send in state troops
when he deems it necessary to restore the public peace in areas where civil authority has broken down.
Under what label do we classify the governor's State of the State address at the "commencement" of a legislative session and other speeches delivered in person?
message power
The governor may not make a vacancy appointment to which position?
member of the legislature
What term is applied to the action when a governor releases someone from prison but does not restore all their civil rights?
conditional pardon
The status of the Texas governorship created by the 1876 constitution is a reaction to
The salary of the governor of Texas in 2009 was
about $115,000 per year.
Governor Perry proposed to increase money for education in 2004 by increasing taxes on certain products including
What do we call the action of executive clemency taken by a governor that temporarily suspends the execution of a sentence?
Who has oversight and responsibility for the Permanent School fund?
commissioner of the General Land Office
The Texas governor who was constitutionally removed from office was
James E. Ferguson.
What is the term applied when more than one official is elected in the executive branch?
plural executive
Should the governor and lieutenant governor both be out of the state at the same time, how is the office of governor filled?
The president pro tempore of the Senate becomes acting governor.
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