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Terms Definitions
Jefferey Amherst
British general who captured Montreal
Gen. Braddock
British general killed at Ft. Duquesne
Iroquois Confederacy
sided with the British in the war
Fort Necessity
The small wooden fort built by George Washington's troops at Great Meadows.
Battle of Quebec
battle won by the British that ended the French and Indian War
Fort Duquesne
The fort built by the French at the place where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together.
French Ally
1759 Battle of _________
King Philip's real name
Stamp Act
a tax on paper
What country built Fort Duquesne?
What country built Fort Necessity?
Fort Pitt
British renamed Fort Duquesne to
George Whitefield
Who was an itinerant preacher
major occupation of the French
fur traders
Who married very few Indian women?
using the environment to one's advantage, sneak attacks
guerilla warfare
Half King
Native American that travels with George Washington
Style of fighting used by Native Americans and French
Quartering act
Act requiring the colonists to quarter, or house, British soldiers and provide them with supplies
Starts in Ohio River Valley but spreads and becomes world war.
Name the settlers that charged less for trade goods to win favor with the Iroquois Indians.
Name the settlers that cleared the land for farms which angered Native Americans.
Name one Indian tribe that supported the British.
what year did the Battle of Fort Duquesne take place?
The capital city in New France (head and heart of New France)
Navigation Acts
The King of England forced the colonists to trade ONLY with England and use only English or Colonial ships.
Paris Peace Treaty
also called Treaty of Paris 1763
George Washington
Led the British into the Ohio Valley
this was first war to ________ in north america and then spread to europe;
Crispus Attucks
Sailor of African American and native American ancestry who died at the Boston massacre
Who had forts scattered all over the Ohio Valley hundreds of miles apart and was hard to defend.
Name one of the Indian tribes that allied with the French.
The delegates at the Albany Plan of Union voted to unite against what country?
George Washington lost the battle for the British at this fort in 1754.
Fort Necessity
Name one Indian tribe that joined the British as an ally.
Proclamation of 1763
Issued by King George III after Pontiac's Rebellion to prevent colonists from moving into area west of Appalachian Mountains
edward braddock
a generalsent by King george the 2nd to command British forses in north america
How many colonisrs came to the Albany Congress meeting?
7 colonists
know as 7 yr. war;
the french and indian war
The French were aided by whom in their war against the British?
the Indians
Name 2 Indian tribes that supported the French.
Hurons and Algonquins
In the Treaty of Paris of 1763 what country got all the land east of the Mississippi River?
Who thought of the Albany Plan of Congress?
Ben Franklin
keep the English off their land
Native American motive for fighting
What did the colonies do about his plan?
They rejected it
Albany Plan of Union
First formal proposal to unite the colonies
Englands spoils of war
All the land East of the Mississippi River, Florida, all French lands in Canada, exclusive rights to Caribbean slave trade, and commercial dominace in India
Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands
Four countries that claimed parts of North America in 1753.
1st step Va. Government takes
Sends G. Washington to tell Fr. to get out!
Explain why the British colonists didn't like the Proclamation of 1763.
British settlers could not settle west of the App. Mountains
Name one advantage the French had during the French and Indian War.
Had Algonquins and Hurons as allies
Name 2 advantages the British had during the French and Indian War.
1. Colonies clustered along the coast 2. Navy ruled the seas
How did the French claim the Ohio Valley in 1749?
Nailed lead plates on trees
France gives Spain all land West of the Mississippi River.
Condition of the Treaty of Paris
Both France and England wanted to benefit from the fur trade in the Ohio Valley
Reason why The French and Indian War began
What did the British do to anger the Indians so much?
Cleared the hunting grounds for farming
Name one reason the Indians liked the French and allied with them in the Ohio Valley.
Accepted the Indian culture and Indian ways
Va. Government orders to the 1st group~
one group to build a fort but the English are run off by the Fr.
How did the French use the land that made the Indians happy to ally with the French?
Use it for fishing, trapping and hunting
Name 3 jobs of the Grand Council.
1. Defend against the French 2. Raise taxes 3. Make laws for the British
Died in battle
Braddock Documents
Winner of the 1st phase
French killed ______________ in a suprise attack
the ____________ allied with the alonquin and huron against the british
An army made up of ordinary citizens.
Groups or people that join together for a common cause
the native americans and who used guerilla warface;
Committees of Correspondence
Organization formed to exchange information about British policies and American resistance
Law of 1763
stated that colonists couldn't move west of the Appalachain Mountains
How many nations were in the Iriquois League?
The ENglish were interested in the US for
Samuel Adams
Leader of the boston sons of liberty
true or false: The War ended after the Battle of Quebec
boston massacre
a series of time when colonists threw snow balls and sticks at british soilders and colonista were killed
Ohio River Valley
What land did Rene-Robert Cavaelier de LaSalle claim?
Reasons English wanted ORV
Land Speculation(buy land cheap and and sell for more later.
Marquis de Montcalm
French general who died at the Battle of Quebec
Writs of Assistance
Search warrants used to enter homes or businesses to search for smuggled goods
Massacre of Jumonville Glen
the name of the killing of Jumonville, the French leader
only who remained on the north america colony;
spain and great britain
the Pequot and the Dutch vs. Mohegans, English, Narraganset
The Pequot War was between
french kept Haiti, British got control of Canada
Name two ideas of Treaty of Paris
Three reasons why the natives sided with French
Bad history with British, Fur trade with French, British ruin land with farming
Mohawks, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca of PA & NY, Tuscarora, Cayuga
Name the six nations that make up the Iriquois League.
Who killed Jumonville
Townshend Acts
tax on lead
Sided with the French
Oneida, Mohawk, Senacca, Onodaga, Tuscara, Tcayugon
nickname for General Edward Braddock was..?
British get more help from ______
the _________ allied with the iroqouis
Native American chief who led a rebellion against the British after the French and Indian War because he feared that the British wouln take Native American lands
Washington was in charge of protecting ______?
The money that a government collects from its citizens
west lines were what to the colonist;
Common Sense
Written by Thomas Paine; helped convince many Americans that it was time to fight for independence
Pequot War (1636)
Pequot and dutch vs. Narraganset, Mohegans, and English. English destroyed villages, people, and tribes. Other tribes scared into making treaties. English won.
Fort Duquense
French controlled fort that was also known as Fort Pitt and where Pittsburg Pennsylvania would later be
New Laws
The British felt that the Colonists should pay for the French & Indian War.
one general gov. for __________ of the colonies
A group of armed civilians trained to be ready to fight with "a minutes warning".
Who almost lost the French and Indian War because they fought where they stood and became easy tartets?
Huron and Algonquin
what Indian tribes sided with the french?
Fort Louisbourg
Fort on the St. Lawrence River that the British captured to cut off the French supply line
Treaty of Paris
The document ended the French and Indian War
Signed at the end of the war
Treaty of Paris
William Pitt helped in America
He encouraged the colonists and rebuilt the army into 50,000 soldiers.
To what fort did British soldiers go to tell the French to leave?
Fort le Boeuf
Land control after Treaty of Paris
Mississippi River Boundary-
West of river to Spain,
East of river to Britain
Florida to Britain
to pay for their military help
What did William Pitt promise to colonists?
_______ was up a high cliff so it was _____ __ _________
Quebec,hard to attack
Iroquois were their allies, had more people in colonies, had the best navy in the world, colonies were easier to defend because they were close together
what were some British advantages in war?
the entrance to the Gulf of the St. Lawrence river.
Where was Fort Louisburg located?
The Ohio River Valley because they wanted control over the Ohio River and there was great fur trade there.
What was the primary land fought over in the French & Indian War? Why?
The land Britain gained after the war
Florida and all the land east of the Mississippi River except new Orleans
French lost nearly all their lands in North America East of the Mississippi River
The results of the Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War
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