8th grade american history - 1st semester exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
where do archaeologists believe that the first americans came from?
the ice age provided access to the americas through the:
bering land bridge - beringia
a society ruled by a religious leader
things left behind by early peoples
the movement of a large group of people
native americans made clothing from sealskins
inuit indians
historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity
1492 christopher columbus sailed to america with the nina pinta and
santa maria
invention helped marco polo's "travels" gain wider circulation
printing press
people who refuse to use force or fight in wars
religious settlements established in california by the spanish were called
labor for the southern rice feilds was provided by
enslaved africans
when colonists didnt consider unfair taxes a good reason for rebellion
colonist that wanted to fight the british for independence
a nations plan of government
the Rev. war brought into focus the contradiction between the american battle for liberty and the
practice of slavery
system that keeps one branch of the government from gaining too much power:
checks and balances
america's first constitution was called
the articles of confederation
another word for law
belief that all people have a right to life, liberty, and property was promoted by the philosopher
john locke
jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting
powerful group of combines native americans
iriquois confederacy
to search a colonists home, a british customs officer presented
a writ of assistance
the theory that holds that a nations power depended on expanding its trade
the treaty of paris marked the end of power in north america for
the leg of the triangular trade route in which enslaved africanns were shipped to the west indies was know as the
middle passage
the man who wrote the declaration of independence
thomas jefferson
which colonist didnt want to fight for american independence?
supplies and reinforcements couldnt reach the continental army because of
a blockade
when something has fallen in value
shays rebellion forced courts to close so judges couldnt confiscate
farmers land
the branch of government that is headed by the president
executive branch
congress is which branch of the government
how long do supreme court judges serve for
for life
how many amendments make up the bill of rights
first 10
which amendment provides for freedom of speech & religion
the president is elected by this, when the majority of the votes in a state go to one canidate?
electoral college
in what year was the declaration of independence from england
the intro to the constitution is called
what is the name of the building where the offices are for the branches of the military
the executive branch's power to refuse to sign a bill into law is
presidential veto
what did amendment 13 accomplish
abolished slavery
a court order allowing an individual or his property to be searched of seized is
when a king or queen rules is
how many colonies were the original ones established here from england
13 colonies
the colonist expressed their desire for peace in the
olive branch petition
the first president was
george washington
the name of the men who shaped the constitution
how is the membership of the house of representatives determined?
by the apportioned population of the U.S.
the following make up congress
house of representatives and senant
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