8th Grade US History--The American Republic To 1877--Unit 4:The New Republic, 1789-1825(pg.254)--Chapter 9:The Jefferson Era, 1800-1816(pg.276) Flashcards

Terms Definitions
1.Thomas Jefferson
2.Aaron Burr
Ran with Jefferson
3.Alexander Hamilton
Convinced one fed. in House of reps. not to vote for Burr
4.John Marshall
Adam's Secretary of state
5.James Madison
Jefferson's secretary of state
6.Napoleon Bonaparte
France's new leader
lived in Santa Domingo
8.Meriwether Louis
28 yrs old
9.William Clarke
Joined Louis
Shoshone women
11.Zebulon Pike
led 2 expoditions throught the west
12.Stephen Decatur
25yrs old navy captain
an Indian that wanted to build a confederacy with all N.A. nations
14.The Prophet
Wanted all N.A. to turn back to the old Traditions and stop plowing and stuff
15.General William Henry Harrison
he attacked Indians in the Battle of Tippecanoe
16.Henry Clay
leader of war hawks from Kentucky
17.John Calhoun
leader of War Hawks
18.General William Hull
led he Americans into Detroit (Canada) and Surrendered
19.Olver Hazard Perry
Commander of Lake Erie naval forces
20.Francus Scott Key
Wrote National Anthem
21. Thomas Jefferson
______ _________ was the United States' 3rd President.
1)1743, 2) Albermarle County, Virginia
22.Jefferson's Year____ and Place Born __________ ______, ________.
23.Jefferson's Year ____ and Place of Death __________, ________.
1)1826, 2) Monticello, Virginia
24.Jefferson Attended the University of _______ and ____.
William and Mary
25.Jefferson Drafted what famous document? ___________ of ____________.
Declaration of Independence
Strong Government for the States
26.What type of government did Jefferson want?
27.John Adams
Which president did Thomas Jefferson go up against in the election of 1800?
8 Years
28.How many years did Thomas Jefferson serve in his Presidency Office?
29.Did Thomas Jefferson run for a 3rd term in office? yes or no
30.What year did Thomas Jefferson step out of office?
31.What other place in office did Thomas Jefferson serve as before becoming president, vice president, and secretary?
The Governor of Virginia
32.What was Jefferson's first job after college?
A lawyer
33.North African Muslim rulers solved budget problems through piracy and tributes in Mediterranean, obtained fees from most European powers. Who is this group?
Barbary Pirates
34.Judges appointed to Supreme Court by Adams in the last days of his presidency to force them upon Jefferson, Marshall among those appointed. What is this called?
Midnight judges
35.John Marshall declared that the Supreme Court could declare federal laws unconstitutional. Which case was this?
Marbury v. Madison
36Two individuals sent by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory on "Voyage of Discovery"
Lewis and Clark expedition
On 1 March 1809, it replaced the Embargo Act, allowing transatlantic trade to resume. The act, which went into effect on 20 May, suspended trade with only France and England until one of them would "revoke or modify her edicts, as that they shall cea
Non-Intercourse Act
38. Was enacted by Congress on 1 May 1810, during the period preceding the War of 1812. The objective was to compel Great Britain and France to stop their restrictions against U.S. shipping. Designed as a substitute for the unsuccessful Nonintercourse Act
Macon's Bill No. 2
39.Legislation by the U.S. Congress in December 1807 that closed U.S. ports to all exports and restricted imports from Britain. The act was Pres. Thomas Jefferson's response to British and French interference with neutral U.S. merchant ships during the Na
Embargo Act (1807)
40.Eager for war with Britain (War of 1812). Who are we?____and________. What were we called?___ ____.
War hawks Clay and Calhoun
41.Aimed to make the US economically independent from Europe (e.g., support internal improvements, tariff protection, and new national bank). What was this called? Who authored it?
the American System Henry Clay
42.Opposed Polk's high-handedness, avid Southern slave-owner (right to own property, slaves as property). Who was this?
John C. Calhoun
43. military hero from War of 1812; elected president 1840, died of pneumonia a month later, gave presidency to Tyler. Who is this?
William Henry Harrison
44.decisive victory in the War of 1812 by Harrison over Tecumseh, used in Harrison's campaign for presidency. Name the battle.
Battle of Tippecanoe
45.December 1814, opposed War of 1812, called for one-term presidency, northern states threatened to secede if their views were left unconsidered next to those of southern and western states, supported nullification, end of Federalist Party. What was this
Hartford Convention
46. declared that US merchant ships could not claim protection under neutral rights when they took French or Spanish goods via American ports to a final destination; Federalist case leading up to Hartford Convention. Name the court case.
Essex case
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