Ancient China, Dhammapada, Chinese Philosophy Flashcards

Terms Definitions
a collection of religious texts
the path, pali for dharma, the teachings/doctrine
The three baskets, written in Pali, forming the canon for Theraveda Buddhists.
vinaya pitaka
the basket of discipline and the rules
sutta pitaka
The basket that has the conversations and things the Buddha supposedly said, the Dhammapada is part of this
Abhidhamma Pitaka
the basket of philosophical reflection, supposedly what the world looks like from the view of someone who has achieved enlightment
qualities and traits of a moral person
the thing that strays you from the path, kind of like the devil
the god of the dead
Chung Kao
What China called themseleves, the middle kingdom
Huang He River (Yellow River)
river flowing from north highlands to Yellow Sea, deposits loess downstream, the river on which the China civilization settled
fertile, powder like soil that the Yellow river left when it flooded
Gobi Desert
a large desert to the north of China, provided a natural boundary
capital of the Shang Dynasty, where oracle bones were first found
Xia Dynasty
first dynasty, the hereditary monarchy was established
The second dynasty, oracle bones, bronze and ancestral worship all happened in this Dynasty
the third dynasty, during the Axial Age, the three philosophies happened at this time (Confucianism, Legalism, Daoism), the mandate of heaven also came into being
Ancestor Worship
worshiping your ancestors as a way to communicate to the gods, if you please your ancestors something good will happen
Era of Warring States
(402-201 BCE); regional rulers made their own armies and fought for control; during this time Zhou Dynasty died
Oracle of Bones
bones used by rulers in Anyang to predict the future
predicting the future through a substance or material such as oracle bones
Yin and Yang
they don't oppose each other, they complete and compliment each other, a little bit of black in the white and a little bit of white in the black
Axial Age philosopher who taught that anyone could be a gentleman, you aren't born good, you cultivate good virtues
Confucious' writings
Fillial piety
children having respect for their elders and following the beliefs of their parents
a gentleman, Confucius says a gentleman should be in the government, a term created by Confucius to describe his ideal human.
appropriate etiquette
The Confucian virtue of benevolence and goodness
The Confucian virtue of filial piety, the virtue of reverence and respect for family
Five Cardinal Relationship
ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, brother and brother, friend and friend
Lao Tzu
The founder of Daoism
the way, the path, emptiness, the path to living a moral life
Tao Te Ching
the central text of Daoism
Wu Wei
go with the flow, inaction is better than action, just let things happen
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