Chinese Kenpo Flashcards

Terms Definitions
law of the fist
definition of Kenpo
father of Kenpo
five animals
number of animals used in Kenpo
five aspect to being
physical strength, bone development, libido, chi development, internal spirit
bones, aggression, ripping, sun, lightning, fire
flexibility, distance, balance, smoke, shadow, wind
strength, precise, crushing, water, mirror, mercury
spirit, simple, whipping, mountain, heaven, clouds
chi, speed, soft-tissue, earth, rocks, roots
belt level
white, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, black
two hand lapel grab
attack for sumo
step left, circle elbows to strike down on wrists, two-hand finger thrust to throat, step forward with right foot into T-stance, right vertical elbow strike to solar plexus, pivot on right foot into soft bow stance, right hammer fist to groin, right rear kick, spin out
forearm strangle hold from behind
Japanese Strangle hold attack
Japanese strangle hold
step left into horse stance, right elbow to solar plexus, right hammer fist to groin, pivot on right foot, twisting hips to palm heel to the nose
rear headlock attack
headlock ABCD attack
headlock A
tuck chin, step forward with right foot into horse stance, right hammer fist to groin, left hammer fist to kidney
headlock B
headlock A, drop back knee, left ridge hand to groin, grab leg and left heel stomp to tailbone
headlock C
headlock A, left thumb and fingers to eyes, force head back with left hand, right palm heel to nose, attacker falls over back knee
headlock D
headlock A, drop front knee, right ridge hand to groin, right heel stomp to groin
shape of Pion 1 routine
two hand choke from behind
crash of the eagle attack
crash of the eagle
step left to 1:00, chin tuck, pivot 180 degrees, windmill right arm, drive elbow into attacker's forearm, right backfist, right claw to face, right knife hand, left knife hand
inside, outside, high, low, X
wrist grab
Pushing the Circle attack
bear hug from behind with pinned arms
rising elbow attack
two hand choke from behind
Dancer attack
hammerlock from behind
Passing the Horizon and Retreating the Horizon attack
Pushing the Circle
counter-clockwise circle with right arm, continue onto a step with right foot and a right horizontal elbow strike to ribs
Rising Elbow
tuck chin, step to right while bringing hands together, left elbow to ribs, left hammerfist to groin, move behind attacker with left hand into cat stance, left claw to groin to left elbow strike to jaw while you deliver a right hammerfist to groin
tuck chin and cross back with left foot into scissors stance, left knife hand to groin, spin into horse stance, right ridge hand to groin, cross out
Passing the Horizon
left foot back, left elbow to jaw, counter-grab attacker's wrist, step left to 1:00, pivot 180 degrees, left snap kick to rib cage
Retreating the Horizon
left foot back, left elbow to jaw, step to 1:00 with left food, pivot 180 degrees, pivot again 180 degrees, stretching attacker out, right snap kick to groin
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