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Terms Definitions
the fertile crescent got its name from...
it got its name from the rich soil thats good for farming
this area is home to the worlds first major civilization
what is a nomad
a person who moves place to place searching for food
what does polytheism mean
the belief in many gods
what are the laws of Judaism
the ten commandments
Ancient Egypt
Where was the Ancient Egypt civilization located?
along the Nile
what is silt
a mixture of sand and rock that is good for farming
is India polytheistic or monotheism?
polytheistic the belief in many gods
who is the universal being being in which is the source of all
The order of the universe
Ancient Greece
what is the geography of Greece
mountains that were hard for farming and there were no great rivers like other civilizations.
Greece was surrounded by what seas
The Mediterranean Sea, Ionian sea,and the Aegean sea
Who wrote the poem the odyssey?
The Greeks believed that most gods lived....
On mount Olympus
What did the Athenians mostly care about
school and learning
What did the Spartans mostly care about
war and conquer
What was the Hellenistic age
When a new civilization developed that blended Greek and Asian cultures
Ancient Rome
who did the Romans believe founded Rome
Romulus and Remus who the Romans believed were raised by a female wolf till a farmer had taken them to raise the boys
Who were the Patricians
the wealthy and most power full citizens
Who were the plebeians
all other citizens (farmers, soldiers, and merchants)
what is a Republic
citizens have the right to vote
what is a Representative
those who are elected to represent the people
what is the Senate
The roman governing body of representatives
what is a tribune
Men appointed to protest the rights of plebeians
what is a Consul
2 patricians who manage the government and army every year
what is a dictator
Someone who has control over the people
what is Carthage
a city-state located in North Africa
who is Hannibal
a Carthaginian General who attacked Rome
who is Julius Caesar
A famous general from ancient Rome, he conquered most of western Europe and became a dictator in Rome
what were roman roads like
were built out of concrete to be string and sturdy. roads allowed communication between different parts of the large empire.
what were aqueducts
they allowed water to be transported to different parts of the empire
what is the Colosseum
a stadium that could seat 50,000 people. Many witnessed gladiators fight each other or violent animals
Jesus started what religion?
what were mercenaries?
people who were payed to fight to defend Rome (witch they did not)
at about 455 AD who captured Rome
the Vandals
The Byzantine Empire
what was so "great" about Justinian
He collected and organized laws from ancient civilizations to form a legal system
The religion was revealed by what person?
were was the profit Muhammad from
What is the holy book of Islam
a Quran
who are Caliphs
are people who carried out the message of Muhammad after his death
What are the 5 basic duties
the 5 pillars
what does Jihad mean?
means to struggle. It is the religious duty of Muslims to work hard and struggle for there religion
The Middle Ages
what was the time period after the roman empire?
The middle ages
What were the large churches called?
many men and women became
Monks and nuns
Monks lived in
what is a Monarch
the ruler
what is a Lord
a person who pledged loyalty to the monarch to get control
what are Knights
were warriors trained to fight on horse back. Knights lived by a code of chivalry
what is a serf
servants and slaves who live on the land to farm it
what is the manor system
a system that organizes agricultural labor
what are guilds
as towns grew merchants who produced a similar protect joined together to protect their businesses
what were the Crusades
a series of wars between the Christians and the Muslims for control of Palestine
what is the Magna carta
this document limited royal power and stated that the king had to obey the laws of England
More stuff!
what does the G in GRETL mean?
what does R in GRETL mean
What does E in GRETL mean?
what does the T in GRETL mean?
what does the L in GRETL mean
what did the farmers do to get water to there crops?
they made irrigation systems
from 800-1100 the vikings did what?
they launched several invasions
the viking looted what countries?
England,France,Germany,Ireland,Italy,Russia,and Spain
Large Cathedrals were build will what windows
Stained glass windows
what did Augustus do to the Empire?
He improved the Economy
What did Augustus also do?
He also started the Pax Romana which lasted 200 years of peace
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