The History of American Funeral Directing Flashcards

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Roman Burial Practices
Expressed their social hierarchy in their funerals
Excercised strict domain over the right to embalm
Conclamatio mortis
The climax of their simulated sorrow, triple ceremonial farewell, rending of garments, and scratching their faces until they drew blood
Johnson A. Dodge
Trained in St. Louis medical schools where he served in the dual capacity of demonstrator and student
"end sealer" casket
Made like a safe-deposit box with a hinged door
Dr. F. Julius LeMoyne
Erected America's first crematory in 1876 at Washington, Pennsylvania
The right side of the church (as the congregation faces the altar) from which readings and prayers are often proclaimed
The left side of the church (as the congregation faces the altar) from which sermons are preached
frontier, farm, village, town
The larger cities
Great Migration
Large numbers of immigrants in the late 19th century who came to America
Stiff formality
Borrowed from England.
The folkways of American funerals
Unfiltered emotional release
More pronounced as one moved from the cities to the towns and villages
Funeral Parlors
Used for people who had no home or no one who would offer the facilities of their quarters
Corpse preserver
Ice-cooled corpse
Door crepe or badge
Attached in such a manner that the door bell or knocker was covered
Floral wreaths
Taken the place of door crepes
Portable "Cooling board"
Used to embalm the body in the home
Death Certificate
A legal document containing vital statistics,disposition,and final medical cause of death pertaining to a deceased human body
Burial Transit Permit
A disposition permit which is a legal document issued by a governmental agency, authorizing transportation/disposition of a dead human body
(first call or transfer of remains) from the place of death to a funeral home
Ziegler case
(liner) a gasket-sealed container that can be used as an insert into a casket or a separate shipping container
Noncontagious disease letter
Issued by the local health department where the death occurred stating there are no contagious diseases or epidemics in the city or county of the death
Embalmer's affidavit
Saying the remains were embalmed in accordance with the laws of the state where the death occured
Noncontraband letter
Stating the casket contains only the body and clothing necessary for burial
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