Chapter 10 Exam 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
depositional-type shore
barrier island, spit, tombolo
erosional-type shore
sea arches, wave-cut cliffs
exposed at low tide and covered at high tide
longshore current
flows parallel to shore within surf zone
low marsh
colonized by grasses; very productive
beyond the low-tide breakers
rip current
moves water from breaking waves back out to sea
The backshore is found between the normal high tide mark and the coastline.
The nearshore is equivalent to the intertidal zone.
A summer beach typically has more sediment on it than a winter beach.
The velocity of the longshore current will be higher when wave heights are higher.
The longshore current is caused by waves striking the beach at an angle.
Elevated wave-cut platforms in southern California are evidence that this coastal area is emergent.
Eustatic changes in sea level refer to changes in the volume of seawater or changes in the capacity of the ocean basin.
An increase in the spreading rate at a mid-ocean ridge will cause a falling sea level.
The Pacific coast of the US is an example of a coast where active erosion occurs.
Seawalls are quite effective at controlling beach erosion.
Groins are constructed for the purpose of maintaining or widening beaches that are losing sand.
The section of the shore that is exposed at low tide and submerged at high tide is called the:
The section of the shore that extends from normal high tide level to the highest elevation on land that is effected by storm waves is called the:
Eroded material in coastal regions is carried from high wave energy areas to:
low wave energy areas.
Winter beaches:
are narrower than summer beaches due to high-energy waves during the winter.
Sediment is supplied to the coastal zone by:
All of the above are sources of sediment in the costal zone.
Which of the following will decrease the velocity of the longshore current?
increased wave period.
Narrow currents flowing across the surf zone toward the open ocean are called:
rip currents.
The rate of wave erosion along a coastline is determined by all of the following except the:
direction of the longshore current.
If one were to walk from the ocean landward across a barrier island complex, in which order would one cross the following features?
beach, dune, barrier flat, high marsh, low marsh
The area of the barrier island complex that contains thickets and woodlands is the:
barrier flat.
The most biologically productive part of a barrier island complex is the:
low marsh.
Large deposits of sediment at the mouths of rivers are called
Which of the following landforms shows the greatest erosion rate along US coasts?
the Mississippi River Delta
Emergent coasts might have all of the following characteristics except:
drowned beaches.
Submergent coasts might have all of the following characteristics except:
marine terraces.
A linear ridge of sediment attached to land at one end might be called a:
Isostatic movement of a coastline might occur due to:
the removal of a large glacier that rested in that area.
Eustatic changes in sea level might include:
increased glacial ice melting due to the global warming.
When seafloor spreading rates increase
sea level rises
Which US coast is being most starved for sediments due to the damming of rivers?
Nor'easters affect which area of the US coastline during the fall and winter?
northern Atlantic coast
Which US coastline has the greatest average loss due to erosion?
Which of the following measures is designed to prevent or retard shoreline erosion?
All these measures are designed to prevent or retard shoreline erosion.
In terms of erosion protection from wave action over the long term, seawalls:
are ineffective.
Word Analysis. Examine the five words and/or phrases and determine the relationship among the majority of words/phrases. Choose the one option that does not fit the pattern.
barrier flat, tombolo, sea stack, uplifted crust
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