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Terms Definitions
Study of the past.
Individual Past
Made up of experiences and events in your own life.
Collective Past
Is he History of people.
Family Tree
Gathering info on other family members
Forced military service
Women's patriotic association
Throughout nflnd womens organizations assited the troops and offered support to there family members at home. The womens patroitic association for instance made bandages kintted scarves socks and hats raised funds visited grieving families and cared for injured verterans.
Primary source
First hand.
Secondary source
An interpatation of an event based info gatherd from primary sources
Migratory Fishery
When people from england came here to fish then return home.
People who come from different places of the world to live
When people constantly move from place to place.
Seal Fishery
There are 2 types: Landsmans Hunt and,
Offshore Hunt.
Inshore Fishery
Took place near the shores of Newfoundland and labrador with fishermen operating out of small boats.
Volunteer aid detachment.
Love of ones country.
Information used to promote a political cause or point of view, was employed by both sides during World war 1.
Newfoundland regiment
This military organization was created in the late summer 1914 when a call went out for mean between the ages of 19 and 36 years.
Blue puttees
The first 500 men to enlist from NL.
The great war
World war 1.
Oral History
Historical information that is gatherd by speaking to people.
Bank fishery
Large vessels called schooners carried crews and dories to the banks. Rose blanche bank and st. pierre bank where they gathered on the seabed elevation to spawn and feed.
A popular Christmas activity was brought to newfoundland by English and Irish immigrants. Groups of people disquised themselves in outlandish costumes, paraded through the town and visited homes.
No mans land
Faught in Beaumont hamel in 1916.
Diseable person not fir to fish.
Boom and bust cycle
Times and proserity and depression.
Land basedindustry
Forestry and mining.
Economic diersification
jobs in different areas (mining, forestry, papermill)
Government alounce given to citizens (welfare)
Internal migration
Movement from place to place within your own country.
Grand fall job
A good high paying job
Those who advcated the right for women to vote.
You dont ave the right to vote.
The right to vote.
Danger tree
The furthest poit that a soldier got to in no mans land.
Spanish fu
Epidemic that killed 1000's of newfoundlanders.
Historical method
Method historians use when looking at the PSA.
Push actors
To push you from your home country.
Pull factors
To pull you to a new country.
Royal NFLD Regimnt
Award givento the NL Regiment by the king.
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