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Townshend Acts
This country joined France
French and Indian War
George Washington
Leader for the colonists,
What country built Fort Duquesne?
What country built Fort Necessity?
An agreement between nations about peace, trade, or other matters.
Which French officer did Washington allegedly murder?
Americans who sided with the rebels
Who married very few Indian women?
Fort Duquesne
Virginia speculators bought land in Ohio Valley in 1749. Built a fort there to protect the investment. French drove them off land and finished building it. Controlled the waterway because it was at the fork of the Ohio, Monogahela, and Allegheny Rivers.
Year when Great Britian sends English General Edward Braddock to take back Fort Necessity and Duquesne
faught against the British and the colonists
the King, Parlament, and the English citizenry blamed the ___________ for starting the war and felt that they should pay
Patrick henry
Member of Virginias house of burgesses
What was the first settlement in France?
Name the settlers that charged less for trade goods to win favor with the Iroquois Indians.
Name the settlers that cleared the land for farms which angered Native Americans.
Name one Indian tribe that supported the British.
Navigation Acts Positives
Monopoly on tobbaco, Turned New England to ship-builders and manufacturers,
Ended the French and Indian War
Treaty of Paris
British leader in 1759 who ordered British to clime cliff at night and suprise French
General Wolfe
Lord Loudon
Who was the british commander in America for the English in the second phase of the war?
fighting was fierce along the pennsylvania border until 1763 what was signed;
the peace treaty
Stamp act
Law requiring all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing that a tax had been paid
George Washington lost the battle for the British at this fort in 1754.
Fort Necessity
The delegates at the Albany Plan of Union voted to unite against what country?
Who had forts scattered all over the Ohio Valley hundreds of miles apart and was hard to defend.
Name one of the Indian tribes that allied with the French.
shot during battle of Quebec
deaths of Wolfe and Montcalm
Spain gives up Florida.
Condition of the Treaty of Paris
The British
During the first two phases of the war, what side was majorly losing?
to unite colonies agianst the french, they had one government for how many of the colonies of the colonies;
all the colonies
Paul Revere/William Dawes
Boston silversmith who rode into the countryside to spread news of British troop movement
In the Treaty of Paris of 1763 what country got all the land east of the Mississippi River?
Name 2 Indian tribes that supported the French.
Hurons and Algonquins
Who thought of the Albany Plan of Congress?
Ben Franklin
7 year war
one part was the French and Indian War
They were forced into slavery
What happened to surviving Wamponogs after King Phillips War?
When the French saw the troops approaching Fort Duquesne
They burned their own fort.
the battle of Fort Necessity.
After which battle did Washington sign a paper in which he admitted to murdering a certain french officer?
The conditions on the slave ships
Slaves were crowded into these boats in horrible conditions.
to prect the trade what did they do;
built a string of forts
Explain why the British colonists didn't like the Proclamation of 1763.
British settlers could not settle west of the App. Mountains
Name 2 advantages the British had during the French and Indian War.
1. Colonies clustered along the coast 2. Navy ruled the seas
How did the French claim the Ohio Valley in 1749?
Nailed lead plates on trees
Name one advantage the French had during the French and Indian War.
Had Algonquins and Hurons as allies
Canada and Land up to the Mississippi river would go to the colonies.
Condition of the Treaty of Paris
Americans reacted to the navigation acts
They were angry and did not want trade regulated by Britain
What did the British do to anger the Indians so much?
Cleared the hunting grounds for farming
Name one reason the Indians liked the French and allied with them in the Ohio Valley.
Accepted the Indian culture and Indian ways
Fur trade and the British wanted the Ohio Valley and the French built forts and drove the British out
The reasons the French and Indian War started
How did the French use the land that made the Indians happy to ally with the French?
Use it for fishing, trapping and hunting
Name 3 jobs of the Grand Council.
1. Defend against the French 2. Raise taxes 3. Make laws for the British
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