Sparknotes SAT: Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes Flashcards

Terms Definitions
a, an
not, without (apathy, analgesic)
ab, abs
away, from, separated (abdicate, abort)
ac, ad
to, toward (acclaim, accrete, adhere, adjoin)
ambi, amphi
both, around (ambiguous, ambidextrous, ambiance)
ante, anter
before, prior, in front of (antebellum, antechamber, anterior, antique)
ap, apo
away from, detached (apology, apostate, apostle)
cata, cat, cath
downwards, against, contrary to (cataclysm, catapult, catharsis)
around (circumscribe, circumspect, circumference)
co, com, con
with, together (cohabitation, comfort, collude, colloquy)
against (contradict, contrast)
down from, reverse, remove, out of, derived from (decapitate, declare, deface, delegate, delineate)
di, dif, dis
separation (disable, dispute, decrease, divert)
bad, difficult (dysentery, dysphoria)
ec, ecto, ex
outside of, external, away from (eclectic, ecstasy, excursion, excuse, explode)
em, en, ent
in, into, within (encourage, endemic, embryo, embargo, enchant)
over, above, around (epilogue, epitome, epidemic)
eu, ev
well, good (euphoria, eulogy, euphemism)
more, beyond normal, excessive (hyperkinetic, hypersonic)
less, under, below (hypochondria, hypothesis)
in, im, em, en
in, on, amongst, within (incarnate, insert, inspire, instruct, immolate, employ, enchant)
in, im
not (immeasurable, improper, inadequate)
men, ment
result, means of or product of an action (instrument, ailment, compartment, entanglement)
meta, meth
after, along with, transfer, changed (metabolism, metaphor, metaphysics, method)
worse, badly (mischief, misadventure, mistake)
ob, of, op
toward, against, face-to-face (object, obnoxious, occupy, oppose)
par, para
beside, near, faulty (paradox, parasite, parody)
through, thoroughly (perceive, permit, perpetrate, persuade)
around, near, beside (perimeter, peripheral)
before, in front of (precept, precede, prediction, predominant, pregnant)
earlier, before, forward (proclivity, pronounce, propose)
back, backwards (recant, recount, recur)
aside, away (secede, seclude, sever)
syl, sym, syn
united, together with, same (synonym, sympathy, syllogism)
tra, trans
beyond, across, through (transact, traverse, transport)
not (unable, undeniable, undone)
to hear, hearing (acoustic)
act, ag
to act, to do, to drive (active, agent)
agog(ue), agogy
to lead, leader, guiding, inducing (demagogue)
agon, agonist
struggle, content (agony, antagonist)
alg, algesia, algia
pain (analgesic)
am, amat
to love (amiable, amorous)
to walk (circumambulate, amble)
andro, andry
male (android, androgynous)
mind, feeling, life (animate)
man, human being (philanthropy, anthropology)
water (aquatic, aquarium)
first, ancient, rule (archaic, archive)
to hear, hearing, aloud (audible, audience)
aug, auct, auth, aux
to increase, to create (augment, author, auxiliary)
of, by, for, or in oneself (autobiography, autocrat, autodidact)
bene, bon
good (bonus, benefit)
brac, brachi
the arm (brachiate, bracelet)
cant, cent
to sing (canticle, chant, recant, incantation)
cap, capt, cep, cept
box, to take, contain, seize (capture, receipt, capacious)
capit, capt, cipit
head, chief (capital, precipitate, chapter, capitulate)
flesh (carnal, incarnate, carnivore)
caus, cuse
to cause (causal, excuse, accuse)
ced, cede, ceed, cess
to yield, to go (cede, accessible, necessary)
cern, cert, cret, crim
to separate, to distinguish (discern, uncertain)
chrom, chromat
color (chromatic, polychromatic)
time (synchronous, chronicle)
cid, cide
to kill (regicide, suicide, genocide)
cis, cise
to cut (excise, scissors)
cog, cogit
to think (cognitive, cogent)
glue, to stick together (colloquy, collage)
corp, cors
body (corporeal, corpulent)
universe, order (cosmic, cosmopolitan)
creant, cred, creed
to believe, to trust (credence, credit, incredible)
cruc, crus
cross, significant (crux, crusade, crucial)
de, div
concerning God or deities (divine, deity)
dic, dict, diction
to say, speech, word (dictate, indicate, edict, benediction)
doc, doct, dog, dox
to teach, learning (doctrine, dogma, orthodox)
house, master (domestic, dominate)
equ, qui
equal, even (equate, adequate, equinox)
esthe, esthesia
to feel, sensation (anesthesia, esthetics)
fid, fidel
faith, trust (fidelity, confidence, infidel)
fin, finite
end, purpose (infinite, definite)
flu, fluor, flux, fluv
to flow (affluence, fluid, superfluous)
for, fort
strong (fortress, enforce, comfort)
fract, frag, frang, fring
to shatter (fracture, fragment, fragile, refract)
gen, gon
birth, race, kind (genetic, gonad, congenital, gender)
ger, gest
to carry, to produce (gestate, gesture, digest)
grad, grade, gress
to step, a degree or grade (gradual, degree, progress)
gram, graph
a written record, to write (telegram, autograph)
pleasing, thankful (gratitude, congratulate, ingratiate)
society, group (aggregate, gregarious)
gynec, gyn, gynist
female (gynecologist, misogyny)
hier, hieratic
holy, sacred (hierarchy, hieroglyphic)
whole (holistic, hologram(
hydr, hydro
water, liquid (hydraulics, hydrant)
idea, philosophy (ideology, idol, ideal)
idi, idio
personal, private (idiosyncratic, idiom)
equal, similar (isometric, isotope)
ject, jet
to throw (eject, inject, jettison, projectile)
jud, jur, just
right, law (jury, judgment, judicious, injury, perjury)
jug, junct
a link, to join (juncture, conjunction, conjugate)
kine, kinesia, kinesis
movement, energy (kinetic, cinema)
lat, late, lation
to bear, to carry (collate, correlate, legislate, translate)
lect, leg, lig
to choose, to read (legible, intelligent, dialect, collect)
lev, lieve, life
to lift, light in weight (alleviate, elevator, relief)
lign, line
line (delineate, lineage)
locut, loqu, loquy
to speak, speech (locution, circumlocution, eloquent, ventriloquist)
log, logue, logy, lexico
speech, word, study of (logic, lecture, analogy)
luc, lumin, lux
light, to shine (illuminate, lucent, luminary, elucidate)
large (macrocosm)
bad (malady, malcontent, malefactor)
medi, meso, mid
in the middle of (intermediate, mediocre, medium)
small (microscope)
hate (misanthrope, misogyny)
mor, mort
death (mortal, mortician, mortify)
to deny (negate, neglect, renege)
new (neologism, neonate)
noct, nox
night (nocturnal, equinox)
nom, num
law (nomad, economy, astronomy)
od, odia
smell (odor, odious)
opt, optic
eye, vision (panopticon, optics,)
ov, ovul
egg, egg-shaped (oval, ovulate)
par, pare
equal (pair, parity, peer, compare)
part, patri
father (patriot, patronage, patriarch, paternal)
path, pathic, pathy
emotion, suffering )pathological, pathetic, sympathy, empathy)
pel, puls
to drive, driven (pulse, compulsion, expel, impulse)
phil, philia
love, fondness for (philosophy, philanthropy, philander, philology)
phob, phobo
fear (phobia)
plaud, plaus, plod, plos
to make a loud noise (applaud, explode)
plen, plet
to fill, full (plentiful, plethora, replenish)
prim, prin
first (primary, primate, premier)
pur, purg
to clear of guilt, to get rid of something unwanted (purge, pure, expurgate, purgatory)
quest, quir, quisit
to ask (request, inquest, question, acquire, conquer)
qui, quil, quit
rest (quiet, quit, acquiesce, acquit)
rad, radic
root (radical, eradicate)
rati, reas
to think, calculate (rate, ratify, rational, reasonable)
rect, reg, rig
to rule or guide, proper, straight (rectify, regal, region, regulate, rigorous)
to break, to sever (rupture, abrupt, disrupt, corrupt, interrupt)
salu, salv
safety, health (salubrious, salvage, salutary)
scrib, scribe, script
to write, something written (circumscribe, ascribe, describe, inscribe, prescribe)
secut, sequ
to follow, to ensue (sequence, consequence, execute, consecutive)
sen, senil
old, old age (senior, senator, senescence)
ser, sor
a series, attachment (serial, desert, assert)
solute, solv
to release, to loosen, to free (dissolve, absolute, insoluble)
soph, sophy
wisdom (philosophy, sophisticated)
spec, spect, spic
to look, to see (aspect, specific, spectator, spectrum, specimen)
spir, spire
to breathe, breath, spirit (aspire, expire, conspire, transpire)
stant, stat, stit
to stand, to stay, to state (assistant, consistent, constant, status, stance, destiny)
stru, struct
to build, a building or pattern (destructive, instruct, obstruct, structural)
tact, tang, teg, ting
to touch (tactile, taste, tangible, contact, contingent)
temper, tempor, temp
time, balance (temporize, temporary, contemplate, temperature)
ten, tain, tent, tin
to hold (tenable, tenacious, tenet, contain, detain)
tend, tens
to stretch (extend, distend, tension, tendril)
top, tope, topy
place (topic, topology, utopia)
tract, treat
to draw, to extend, to attract (extract, treatise, contract, retreat, subtract)
trib, tribe, trit
to rub, to wear down (tribulation, trite, attrition)
trop, tropic, tropy
to turn, a change or turn (trope, tropic, entropy)
troub, turb
confusion, whirling (disturb, perturb, turbine, turbulence)
vac, van, vast, void
empty, desolate (vacuum, vacant, vanity, devastate, avoid)
vail, val
to be strong, to be worthy (valiant, valor, validate, valence)
ver, veri
true (veracious, verdict, verify)
vit, viv
life, to live (vital, survive, viable, vivify)
voc, vok, vow
voice, to call or summon (vocalize, vociferous, avow, equivocate)
will, desire, wish (volition, volunteer, involuntary)
vor, vorous, vour
to eat, to swallow (voracious, carnivorous)
xene, xeno, xeny
foreign (xenophobe, xenogamy)
zoa, zo, zoo, zoon
life, living (zoo, zodiac, metazoan)
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